Writing workshops for children to increase there creative side

For all the benefits they offer, writing workshops for children are a perfectly recommended choice. Their abilities will be greatly benefited if they decide to venture into the wonderful world of books, poetry and stories.

If you are looking for extracurricular activities for your children, we present an excellent alternative that you probably had not analyzed: writing workshops for children.

Its goal is not to train the Shakespeares of tomorrow, but to stimulate the different abilities of the children through a creative approach.

Writing workshops for children are usually taught in the same schools, generally as extracurricular activities. However, there are also private academies or institutes that offer these classes.

One of the advantages of these workshops is that they are highly inclusive: they do not distinguish between ages, sexes, races, and much fewer capacities. Everyone can join and share the beautiful experience of feeling a writer or prepare to be one.

Benefits of writing for children

Writing is an extremely advantageous activity in this stage of life. These are the main virtues that develop in children:

Language learning

Despite the advantages offered by technology, many times today language is not used in the best way. Incorrect abbreviations and spelling, grammar and syntax errors abound. The writing encourages this good treatment of the mother tongue.

Especially when sharing the work with a teacher or a senior, this can make the necessary corrections to implement in the next creation.

Stimulates communication and expression

Whether by hand or in a digital device, writing remains one of the communication methods par excellence. It is important, therefore, to develop and practice it from an early age.

Creative writing allows to structure the reasoning and to shape the thoughts to transmit them to others.

Expand the vocabulary

The child or young person who writes knows more words than others of his age. In addition, you can vary its use according to the context and also communicate implicit messages.

In times of poor messages in terms of the linguistic and the variety of expressions, someone with a wide range of vocabulary can make a difference. It will also be – or at least appear – a more cultured person, which will improve the perception of others towards him and, consequently, his self-esteem.

Cognitive development

Like any other learning ability, learning to write creatively is a challenge that demands work from our brain. Therefore, the child should appeal to memory, concentration, and attention to focus on the product you want to generate.

Writing workshops for children: a door to creativity

First, it should be noted that writing workshops should not be seen as an obligation for children. On the contrary, they should be interpreted as a recreational space, where the children do what they like.

In addition, having a tutor or guide to guide them in the way of writing and teach them to enhance their skills will be extremely beneficial to discover all their talent.

In this way, their enthusiasm will increase, they will be encouraged to exhibit their productions and, why not, to do it as a hobby with greater assiduity.

A place to interact with others

Another aspect that can not be left aside is the social level. Writing workshops for children offer a favorable environment in which to share with their peers the passion for an activity they have in common.

Personal relationships often find in these spaces an ideal opportunity to start or strengthen. Unlike the school or sports institutions, for example, there are no obligations, pressures or competitiveness that can spoil the interaction.

Also, we can list other advantages of writing workshops for children that will help them in the present and in their adult life:

  • They foster empathy: not only to produce but also to listen to the other, evaluate and value their creations. Sharing moments and skills in these spaces is a very rich experience for the little ones.
  • It opens opportunities for the future: the possibilities of being considered for a position or of having success in the workplace increase when a person knows how to express himself in an appropriate manner. Not only in writing, since writing also favors oral expression.
  • It will be reflected in their school performance: by encouraging reading and the incorporation of knowledge, writing also favors the habit of studying and learning new things. This, logically, can be applied at school.

For all the above, writing workshops for children are a perfectly recommended choice. It is not necessary for your child to be an ace of the pen and the paper to register it: over time he will learn and, mainly, he is likely to make new friendships and could even find a passion until then hidden from him.

Andy Johnson

Degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. Master in Human Resources and expert in business communication and coaching. Postgraduate in Nutrition and Sanitary and Social Feeding by the UOC. Especially interested in wellness and sports.

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