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Twister to play with children

Word game to entertain and improve the child's speech

The twister is used to exercise and improve the way of talking about children. Who has not ever played to repeat a tongue twister with the children? It is one of the most educational and creative games. The tongue twisters are a very used tool to improve the diction of the children, as well as their memory, at the same time they are entertained.

How to play tongue twisters with children

The tongue twisters are a game of words with difficult sounds and pronunciation, and they serve to test your skills. They are a game that is also therapeutic. They have a direct kinship, at least in a matter of form, to the  nursery rhymes

The tongue twisters have been made to unlock the language, without any hindrance or any decline and if any decline locks your tongue, with a tongue twister you can unlock your tongue.

To play tongue twisters with the children, start by reciting slowly each phrase and then repeat them more and more quickly.

When one is wrong in the correct pronunciation of the tongue-twister, it causes a very funny situation for everyone. Do you want to learn some tongue twisters to practice with your children? Remember that parents are the main and best stimulators of the language of children.

So … cheer up! Your children will love to play with their tongues.

Twister to play with children

  • Pablito nailed a nail. What little nail nailed Pablito?
  • As little coconut as, little coconut bought.
  • Erre with erre, guitar;
    erre con erre, lane:
    fast cars roll,
    fast rail.
  • Mariana Magaña will
    unravel tomorrow
    the tangle that
    Mariana Mañara entangled
  • The Cinderella hen in the ashtray is there,
    the one that will decend it, good descendant will be
  • The dog in the mud, raging rabea: his tail gets muddy
    when the mud sweeps, and the mud at arrobas burns his tail.
  • Three big tigers swallow wheat and choke.
  • Tajo brought me three suits, three suits Tajo brought me.
  • Hippo Hippo
    is with hiccups.
    Who removes hiccups
    from Hippo Hipo?
  • There was a caracatrepa
    with three caracatrepitos.
    When the caracatrepa climbs,
    the three caracatrepitos climb.
  • The ragpicker top with rags the gut of the foal.
  • The dog of San Roque does not have a tail
    because Ramón Ramírez has stolen it.
    And Ramón Ramírez’s dog, who the tail has stolen?
  • Maria Chuchena her shack roofed,
    and a roofer who passed there,
    you roof your hut, or roofs the other?

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