The secrets of happy couples

In happy couples there are also conflicts and discrepancies. The difference is that these are always faced and resolved with mutual respect and empathy

Having a relationship is not something simple. There are always arguments, differences, and problems that can wear down the relationship. So, what are the secrets of happy couples?

Happy couples follow a series of guidelines that move a little away from different beliefs that make us think about how relationships should be. Myths and absolute truths of which we should always question certainty.

With all this, what are the secrets of happy couples? What do they do that others do not? Today we will see …

Happy couples show affection and respect

happy couple affection and respect

If in a couple there is no respect for the two parties, then that relationship is doomed to failure. Well, this is a fundamental pillar that, too, has to go hand in hand with another: affection.

One of the secrets of happy couples is that they are aware that when the infatuation phase is passed the relationship relaxes. There are no longer those butterflies in the stomach that make us so nervous because we have gone on to experience a more mature love.

However, that love is more mature does not mean that it falls into certain mistakes that many couples make, such as to stop giving affection.

With samples of affection, we refer to a caress, a kiss on the cheek, holding hands, a smile or a simple “thank you”. All these things are sometimes lost due to what we know as “accommodating” in the relationship.

  • Happy couples know that contact between them is essential. Because, without this, they would become mere roommates.
  • The signs of affection are necessary to approach the couple, connect with her and not let the relationship fall into monotony.
  • Without closeness and without caresses, sex, over time, can also be forgotten.

Manage conflicts with intelligence

conflict management with intelligence

Another of the secrets of happy couples is that they act with intelligence before certain problems that may arise in the relationship. One that can cause this to falter are conflicts arising from differences or different points of view.

However, happy couples know that their respect for each other is above all. Thus, they will know how to communicate what they think without attacking or imposing their position.

What they do is listen to each other, understand the position of the other and, with this, try to find a solution that satisfies both. That is, they try to find a common point.

Many couple relationships what they do is get dirty rags from the past, try to manipulate, rebuke their partner and carry out many behaviors that do a lot of damage to the relationship.

There are other ways to resolve conflicts. However, for this, we have to respect the other, listen to him and be able to empathize with him.

They create what we call “love maps”

they create love maps

The last of the secrets of happy couples are love maps, which are nothing more than a scheme that a couple is creating in their relationship.

In that scheme, they respond to questions such as: what things interest my partner? What is it that makes you happy? What motivates you?

The answer of all these questions is creating an outline of the relationship that happy couples always have very present.

Thanks to this scheme, each member of the couple build their daily life taking into account the dreams of the other, their aspirations and goals, the most important events, what motivates the other, what makes him happy …

All this makes the couple complement each other, get to know each other much better and know how to lead a much richer daily life.

Happy couples do nothing extraordinary to be happy. They simply try to ensure the welfare not only of oneself but of the other and of the relationship itself.

The communication, empathy and other elements already mentioned will be very important so that a truly fruitful relationship can take place.

Each problem is solved by speaking and listening to the other, and each difficulty must be solved both by the hand. A couple is a team.

Now that you know the secrets of happy couples, will you put them into practice?

Megha S

Hello, I am Megha has a degree in Psychology from the University of JNU, ​​and a Master's Degree in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychopathology from the University of LPU. She is an editor specialized in Clinical Psychology and childhood disorders.

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