The 23 indisputable behaviors that indicate that you are in a healthy relationship

It is important to recognize which behaviors are toxic within a relationship and which make it a healthy relationship

When you started with your partner it seemed that you were so for which. All the time together sharing unique experiences and unforgettable moments. You believed that the situation would be like this forever, that nothing would happen that would cause the magic to break. So until, overnight, the first rare situations began to appear, uncomfortable moments in which your way of thinking did not agree at all with yours. This should not be a problem, all couples have their pluses and minuses. Now, when these situations lead to toxic behaviors, we can not allow continuing on that path. The relationship, at the moment when it starts to be toxic, it must either be fixed or finished. And to reach that conclusion, it is also essential to know what the symptoms of a healthy relationship are.

List of behaviors indicate you are in healthy relationships

1. Both of you think that your ideas are good.

2. Even when in a discussion you do not agree, you can accept the other arguments.

3. You trust each other and do not question this trust.

4. You enjoy the way your partner has changed and grown since you met.

5. Both you and your partner are enthusiastic when something goes well for one of the two.

6. When you see them at the end of the day you share the best thing that has happened to you (the worst, if it is not urgent, better leave it for tomorrow).

7. You know the objectives of each unit.

8. You both feel comfortable talking about the things that make you feel vulnerable.

9. You have your own ‘language of love’ (words, sounds, nicknames or particular symbols).

10. You feel proud of any achievement of the couple.

11. If you think about having children together, you can list some qualities of your personality that you would like your partner to transmit to you.

12. You enjoy supporting the dreams and personal goals of your partner and you know that he or she feels the same.

13. When you argue, you know that your partner cares about your feelings and opinions.

14. Your partner lets you into your internal emotional world, makes your thoughts and feelings accessible.

15. Often you show appreciation.

16. You often express admiration for one another.

17. You feel that the relationship is like a team.

18. You have the feeling that your individual strengths complement each other.

19. Both you and your partner have reacted with kindness in the face of some trauma or a critical moment that has lived some of the dx.

20. You respect your partner’s relationships with family or friends and see them as important, as well as your partner for you.

21. You have a lot of fun.

22. When you are worried or upset, you approach your partner to share your worries , instead of walking away or isolating yourself.

23. You like to explore your partner’s body and you feel comfortable expressing your fantasies and making them come true at your side.

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