The 16 Signs That You Went to College in a Small Town

If you went to school in a small town , you lived the experience of growing up in a safe place, full of familiar faces and common activities related to your environment.

Below we mention some experiences with which you will surely feel identified if you studied in a small town.

You went to school in a small town if …

1-Everyone in the town knew each other, each face was familiar to you and everyone has “seen you grow”.

2-If you had tastes outside the norm, such as heavy rock or dressing in a particular way, surely you were judged as a person of “peculiar tastes”.

3-The options for friendships and possible partners were limited. You probably had an appointment at some time with the ex of one of your friends, given the few options at your fingertips.

4-As the vast majority of people knew each other, it was much more difficult to get away with friends. Everyone knew you: they knew where you were going and with whom.

5-The schools were full of green recreation areas, which helped considerably to reduce stress levels and away from depression.

6-The expectations about the future were uncertain, since the possibilities of study in the town used to be limited and the horizons of academic growth were glimpsed towards the big cities.

7-There were fewer recreational options; Cafeterias, cinemas or theaters were limited. In spite of that you always found a creative way to distract yourself with your friends.

8-You and your brothers studied with the same teachers and shared the textbooks, despite the age differences between you.

9-If you wanted to renovate your wardrobe you should look for options at least 30 kilometers around. Otherwise, it was very likely that the person next door had the same sweater design as you.

10-The school trips were in places extremely close to the school. They were places previously known by you, so the excursions outside the classroom did not produce any emotion.

11-It was easy to spend hours just walking around the town, without a particular plan. The parking lots were your favorite places to hang out with friends.

12-Surely you participated by force in some charitable event, in a garage sale, verbena or as promoter of food.

13-As the night progressed you had to go running home, since in the town a sort of curfew was induced after 10 o’clock at night.

14-It was always uncomfortable to match your neighbors or your teachers in activities outside the neighborhood or school.

15-On Friday nights you had a fixed date with sports, at your school or in your neighborhood. In addition, each tournament or sports day was a fixed title in the school newspaper.

16-You could go to school on foot, and if you moved by bike or car, traffic was not a problem. Unlike the cities, in the villages the transfers are very fast.

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