The 15 Things You’ll Repent When You’re Elderly

Among the things that you will regret when you grow up, you do not especially highlight those you did, but those that you stopped doing. The idea is to take advantage of 100% as long as possible, without leaving waste margin.

We are all interested in how to make each day worthwhile and how to maximize the use of the opportunities that are within our reach.

Below are some experiences that must be lived in the here and now, there is no room for regrets!

The 15 things that you will regret when you are older

1- Give importance to the opinion of other people in your life

Do not let the comments or destructive criticism of others influence your decision-making process.

2- Do not value, take advantage of and enjoy every moment

Especially in the technological era, sometimes we stop enjoying a good company for thinking about work concerns or distract us with the use of cell phones.

3- Do not study more in school

Good study habits develop skills such as discipline and perseverance, applicable not only in the academic field but in life in general.

4- Do not exercise periodically

Keeping the body active is one of the healthiest habits you can adopt. After 40 your body will thank you.

5- Do not learn another language

At present pluriculturalidad is presented in the academic and professional. Mastering at least one language in addition to your mother tongue will bring great benefits to your career.

6- Do not do volunteer activities

Giving to others without receiving anything in return is one of the most satisfying experiences you will ever experience.

7- Do not promote a portfolio of contacts and networks

Social relationships are one of the keys to success both in the personal and in the workplace.

8- Do not learn to cook at least one special recipe

Special moments always go hand in hand with good food. Mastering a gourmet dish will make your family dinners a success.

9- Let fear overcome you

Do you want to launch in bungee ?, Have you always wanted to experience the parachute? So, do not stay with the idea: do it!

10- Being attached to a job that you do not like

If you are working on something you do not like, stop wasting time and look for another north.

11- Give priority to the dreams of others about their own

It’s okay to support others as long as it does not mean you do something you do not like, or leave your own desires aside.

12- Being afraid to express your feelings

Saying a “I love you” on time can bring wonderful rewards, and in case the answer is not what you expect, the experience will always be worth it.

13- Do not give importance to the advice of your parents

During youth we tend to discredit everything that our parents say, which makes us waste many interesting capsules of wisdom.

14- Give rise to negative feelings

Storing resentment, anger or resentment toward others often affects the person who harbors those emotions much more.

15- Not traveling enough

When we are young we have less responsibilities and more freedom to plan trips with friends. Do not waste that opportunity!

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