Tattoos for couples: 19 designs ideal to share with your partner


Which shape is more beautiful and unique to express the love between your boy and girl, which tattoos to choose, for couples? Many have already decided to make this type of body art as a means of expression and a symbol of trust and love with their partners.

To have on your own body a symbol that reminds you of that wonderful story that exists between the two of you with a little bit of ink. It is a very special and different way of celebrating love and bring close to each other and stay always with you. If you like the idea, here we leave you these 19 tattoo ideas for couples to be inspired and go for yours.

9 great tattoo ideas for couples

Be inspired by these spectacular tattoos for couples, all very different and with different styles for all tastes, but with a great element in common: to be a sample of love and mutual trust.

1. Rings

Whether they are married or wanting to take their courtship symbolically to another level, the rings represent the alliance between two people. Also, who said that the rings have to be made of diamonds? With these tattoos for couples, you can choose the style that best represents you.

couple tatoos1

2. Some date in Roman numerals

It can be the date of the day they met, the first time they said “I love you” when they went to live together or at some very important moment for the two of you. Tattooing this outstanding date for the two with Roman numerals will give it a very different and stylized look.

dates couple tattoos

3. The initials of their names

Here you can do two types of tattoos for couples; either tattooing each the initial of the name of the other or make a tattoo that has the two initials.

name initials couple tattoos

4. Words

Some very romantic tattoos can be as simple as writing on the skin that word they want to be with them forever. Some ideas can be “I love you”, “with you always”, “you and me” … The one that represents them better!

couple tattoos always

5. Phrases that complement each other

You can also choose to tattoo some romantic phrase, part of a song or even a dialogue. Something that perfectly defines what they feel for each other. The best, if you write one part and your partner the other so that when you join the tattoos you can read the phrase. Some ideas: “you with me and I with you”, “to infinity and beyond”, “neither time nor distance”, “always and forever”.

complement couple tattoos

6. Crowns

The crowns are very nice elements that speak of loyalty and love in the couple, and in turn, enhance the other. Your boy can make a king crown tattoo and you a queen crown.

Crowns Couple Tattoos

7. King and queen of hearts

This is one of the most iconic couples’ tattoos and they look great, especially if you want a discreet tattoo. Do you remember the deck of cards? Well, the K of hearts for your boy that represents the king and the Q of hearts for you that represents the queen.

king queen cards couple tattoos

8. The sun and the moon

These two fundamental elements for the life of planet earth are beautiful tattoos to express love and that complement each other because there is no day without night or night without day, there is no moon without sun or sun without a moon.

sun and moon couple tattos

9. A two-part design

There are more risky couples who prefer to make a specific design of something they like and take each apart, such as tattoos for couples that complement each other when they come together. For example,Mandalas are very popular, wings and some geometric tattoos or blackwork that extend into the body of the other.

two part design tattoos

10. Emblematic couples

They can also decide to get a tattoo that is of a couple or emblematic character. The ideal is to tattoo a cartoon that you like both, such as Pacman and Mrs. Pacman, Minnie and Mickey Mouse or Mr. and Mrs. Potato.

emblematic couple tattoos

11. Couples of animals

The pairs of animals are very useful to represent love and loyalty as a couple. They also look great in realistic or geometric tattoos. In this case, if your partner is male you can tattoo the male figure of that animal and you the female figure. They can be pairs of lions, wolves, dogs or the animal that best represents you.

animal couples tattos

12. A cake or a pizza

Another idea of tattooing for couples is to choose a meal that they like and that is served by portions, such as a pizza or a cake. In this case, one of the two makes the tattoo of the pizza without a portion and the other makes the tattoo of the portion of pizza that is missing. This can represent how they complement each other.

cake pizza couple tattoos

13. Hearts

We could not leave them out of this list, because the heart is the symbol of love par excellence. The best thing is that you can mix them with words, other symbols or also make them part of a much more elaborate design.

hearts tattoos

14. Infinity

Many couples decide to wear the infinite symbol on their skin to represent the eternal love between the two. This symbol can be tattooed under many different techniques and if you prefer you can also accompany it with other figures.

infinity couple tattoos

15. Heartbeat

They look very good as tattoos for couples since they can be made complementary so that when they are put together they can see a continuous line of the beat of their heart.

Heart beat couple tattoos

16. Birds and flowers

Birds and flowers are one of the most emblematic designs for tattoos, especially those of old-school style. Well, they say that the interaction between birds and flowers is similar to what we have with our partner and how we need each other and complement each other. That’s why we like it also as a tattoo idea for couples since one can have the bird and the other the flower.

birds Couple tattoos

17. Constellations

Also if you like stars, or better yet, if you believe in them, you can decide to each make the tattoo of the constellation of the day of birth of each. Another option is to find out the zodiac sign that was ruling the sky on an important date for you and that the two share that constellation.

stars couple tattoos

18. Figures that complement each other

There are several objects, figures or symbols that are formed by two parts that complement each other. What better analogy to talk about love as a couple, do not you think? Well, there are several tattoos for couples that refer to this.

Love Key Couple Tattoos

Choose the element that speaks more of who your partner and you are so that each one of them carries one of the parts that make it up. It can be a bow and arrow, a ying and yang, a lock and a key or a white and a black element.

19. Something that identifies them as a couple

If you have a hobby in common or a special taste for something specific, be it a food, a music style, a toy or your pet, you can tell yourself to use that element as your couple tattoo and always take it with you.

Couple tattoos

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