Signs that your partner loves you more than you

Have you felt the need to agree with him when he says “no, I love you more”?

No, love is not a competition, but we must accept that there is always someone who works harder than the other. Without realizing it, someone tries to give their best so that the relationship comes up or simply stays in a state of peace and love that people only understand when they see it face to face. This is how great couples are maintained or re-united; based on effort and unconditional love.

your girl friend loves you more

But beware, this does not mean that those who do not try so hard are not giving enough time or attention to their partner, the truth of this apparent lack of interest lies in the effective capacity – the same in each individual is completely different. It is probable that this person has a cold nature and therefore his feelings look a little more distant, but there they are waiting for someone much warmer to come to show them that it is possible to love someone without any ties or impediments.

when girl loves you more

So if you notice that your partner shows some of these signs you should not torture yourself thinking that you do not feel as much in love as she or maybe everything is going very fast. It is likely that the only thing you need is that you realize that you finally found that person who complements you from that emotional side that you thought was nonexistent.

Signs that your partner loves you more than you 3

Even if their schedules do not allow them, they will always take the initiative and try to open a space for them to have an appointment.

She likes to see you smile, so she will constantly do things that make you happy.

Maybe you’ve noticed that every time you get angry he prefers to avoid the subject, that does not mean he does not care; he’s just waiting for you to calm down so he can talk about it and fix things.

When you are far away you can feel how much you miss you. In fact, you can begin to feel it just when you say goodbye and he tries to keep you at least a few minutes longer

signs a girl loves more than you

Because both know that not everything is love, he will do everything possible to satisfy you during sex. This does not mean that you will put aside your own comfort, however, it will try to find the maximum point of pleasure.

You are in what you think when you get up and before you go to sleep, although maybe you already noticed that because you never forget to send you a message of good morning or good night.

He has understood that when entering a relationship not only feelings and emotions are shared. All those goals that you have set, he assumed them as his own and will do everything to fulfill them together.

Although your support towards you is unconditional, before helping you solve your problems, it challenges you to face them to become a safer person.

It does not matter if you had a difficult day, believe that every minute will be worth it just to meet your eyes again. So he will try to take advantage of all the time he has by your side.

He will put aside some personal matters just to be with you. However, that does not mean that you stop taking time for yourself, but that you have accommodated your work and hobbies so that your arrival is the best moment of your day.

When two people decide to be together is because they both feel exactly the same for each other, perhaps it was a mistake to have hinted that someone felt something more than the other. Although if you suddenly feel this way, it is best that you look for a way to solve it – if that is what you want – in any case, it is always better to talk and know if it is worthwhile to continue feeling that way or finish everything definitely.

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