Signs She likes you only as a friend

You like someone and you would love it if you decided to be your girlfriend, but nothing else happens, read this

Has it happened to you that you like someone, misinterpret gestures and love you only as a friend?

This is much worse if you have been excited if you expected them to take the next step, it is difficult to know what the other person wants if we only try to read the look, the gestures, it would be necessary to speak it, but it can also be embarrassing to ask.

1. She told you

When we want something, we only want to think that we will reach it and maybe we will not listen or pay attention to reality. If she has told you that they are only friends, then accept it, do not get involved in thinking that she has double intentions, that she is doing difficult, that she wants to play a little. It has been direct and there is nothing to wait for.

you are my best friend

2. You are the one interested in talking 

When you call and do not answer, you do not return the call to see what you wanted, so several days go by, you are the one who has to call, she takes to answer the messages and does not have much interest in talking to you, when they talk, she only talks about her.

she likes only as a friend

3. Talk about other men

She tells you all about her love life, and she expects you to give her some advice, if she also tells you about her sexual adventures, do not think that she wants to make you jealous, she sees you as another friend.

4. It’s funny that people think they are a couple

As long as they see them together, other people come to think that they are boyfriends, she laughs whenever she listens to him. Or in case you mention that, as if to know your opinion, if you may be considering it, but if you take it as a joke, do not expect anything.

5. Ask you about other women

It does not bother you to talk to him about your prospects, she even asks you about them, and if you know them, he is able to speak in your favor. You can tell him about your sex life and it does not seem to bother him.

6. Innocent physical contact

You might think that you are touched from time to time you might like it, but not all physical contact is the same, it could be like touching a brother, I could even give you a spanking but in a joking tone, not as you would like.

7. They can sleep together and nothing happens

She has no problem sleeping with you, she lies down and sleeps like a baby, while you are watching her with her eyes open to see what can happen, she is only asleep, she can even stick to you naturally, you are like a big stuffed animal.

8. The last option when leaving is you

She only looks for you to leave when all her friends have other plans and then you have to be there to accompany her, she seems to be very confident, but it shows that you are not a priority. Do not let that change your plans, you have to keep in mind that he does not want anything with you, more than friendship.

9. Your family knows you very well

Your parents know you and they consider you a good friend, they feel safe if their daughter is by your side, before your eyes you do not represent any threat. The only one who fails to accept it is you, do not you find the situation strange? Do not show up to someone you like as your friend.

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