Signs a married woman likes you – knows the keys

Signs to know if a married woman likes you

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  • Eye contact with the married woman
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Surely on more than one occasion, you have been able to ask if a woman likes you. It is even more complicated when you are interested in a married woman. These are situations in which there is always the doubt of whether she feels interested or not. since she shares her life with another person.

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This fact can stop at the time of trying to conquer it because it is not usual to have indications of whether she is attracted and has noticed you. And how do you know if a married woman likes you? In TruthQuestion we give you a series of keys so that you learn to interpret the possible signals that you are throwing or give up trying because you do not care.

Eye contact with the married woman

One of the best ways to know if a married woman likes you is to see if she makes eye contact with you. The eyes are always a reflection of the interest shown by one person by another. In addition, it is one of the most discreet ways because it should not be forgotten that she maintains a commitment with another person and, unless they form an open couple, she will have to be careful to show a very obvious interest for someone, especially when you are in public.

Signs a married woman likes you

And how do you know a woman likes you who is married, through her look? It’s simple. She will frequently seek your attention and look at you continuously and insistently. A good test of fire is the crossing of looks. If she keeps it and does not turn her eyes away, there are possibilities of conquest. Otherwise, we will have to influence more in future meetings to see if this behavior is maintained or changed. If she still does not look, you have to stop trying.

In addition, it is also noticeable if a married woman likes you because, probably, she will be the one who starts the eye contact and does it frequently to make it clear that there is an attraction and that interest has been awakened by you.

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Attention to her body language

Another symptom that a married woman likes is her body language, through which she can give very obvious signals. For example, one of them is to walk in front of you in a very sensual way and make seductive gestures like touching your hair.

You can also notice that the married woman tries to approach physically, even if carefully, or is strategically placed to start a conversation, look at an object that is close to you or that you can approach to talk about it without raising any suspicion, feel close and move your feet in your direction, etcetera.

Remembering anecdotes

Even if you think you are in the “friend zone”, if she normally surprises you by remembering things, like conversations, or certain events that you did not even remember, it means that she keeps it positively in her mind. Here you can find two scenarios: either you are attracted to yourself (most likely), or you are exaggeratedly thoughtful (the least likely).

A different image of the married woman

The married woman will indicate that she is attracted to another person if, by having a conversation or exchanging a few words, she shows a side of her or aspect of her image that is totally different or unknown.

For example, if you are at a party and you have a very sophisticated and festive perception of her, she will try to reflect that she is calmer and that she is even getting bored and would be happy to leave and go somewhere else. Any change in the image she shows before you will be a clear signal that you are attracted.

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These indications are even more evident if a conversation is achieved, even if it is brief, or simply an exchange of words. It will be a good occasion in which, if you feel attracted, it will make that interest more clear.

She takes the first step

And, although we have left for the last place this advice to know if a married woman likes you or not, it is really the easiest to understand. Normally, she knows that she can not publicly attract attention if she is attracted to another person, so, on many occasions, she chooses to send very clear messages. And which one is it? Very easy. It is the married woman who decides to take the first step.

However, the most usual thing is that she does not do it quickly and just know you, but she will wait some time because she will also want to make sure that the other person is interested, so as not to make mistakes and cause a complicated situation that is difficult Go out with discretion. Therefore, it is important to make it clear that you have an interest in her so that she starts to take that first step without problems and with total normality and naturalness. If you do not know how to insinuate a married woman, this article on How to say that I like it may help.

Although they may seem very simple tips, they are really key to know if a married woman likes you. There may be many more signs, but if none of these signs are clear, it’s better to desist from the conquest.

How to know if a married woman likes you

  • Analyze her body language: It is one of the essential keys when it comes to finding out if she really can get to like you or not, you should make a detailed analysis about what her body can say when you are together, her posture, that It will let you know is there really a chemistry for you.
  • Visual contact: If she constantly maintains eye contact with yourself, it is a form of communication and, in particular, being married so as not to raise suspicion in front of others. That is why it is necessary that you are aware of what she is trying to tell you, since, because of her condition, she should not expose herself to society. This is to make the relationship more interesting, She may try to seduce you with her look, gestures. You should also see if your pupils dilate when you see her.
  • Study the frequency with which you maintain eye contact: If you do it repetitively, she smiles at you in a roguish way, for sure, if she likes it.
  • She will always look for a pretext to be near: For any meaningless reason, she will always look for an excuse to be close to you and spend a lot of time by your side.
  • She wants to know about you: Before planning any sexual encounter, she will encourage you to tell her more about you, you should consider that women do not live thinking only about sex, girls like to talk about other things, know about your personality, your tastes or just want to not only get to intercourse as a stranger, there should be communication, regardless of her married.
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  • When you see her run, where you are: When you see her coming to greet you, in an affable, sympathetic way, with a smile on the face, it does not matter if she sees you from far or near, this means she will look for a way to approach you.
  • She will always tell her friends about you: She will tell her friends about you, and that will be a sure indicator that she likes you. Why she will tell about you to her friends if she does not feel anything for you? that is an emphatic signal that she is fallen in love with you, captivated. And if you do not mind being with a married woman, you should hurry.
  • Special treatment with you: Although she is married, she does not mean that she can not give herself to you, she can have a very special relationship with you and tell you things that only you may be interested in. She will treat you more kindly, be in contact with you always.
  • Do not feel uncomfortable if you touch her: If you touch her by mistake and she does not show signs of being uncomfortable, it is a very clear signal that she likes you.
  • She will touch your shoulder or arm: This is a very old technique in which she can touch you sometimes in a subtle way if she likes you.
  • Claim your attention: If you are not giving the required attention, she can claim, because of your abandonment, pending if you like to have it always present in your day.
  • Feel admiration for you: If she is your classmate or coworker and if she likes you, she will feel admiration for your way of being, intelligence, deal with people, any aspect of your personality will be a reason for her to praise and feel proud of you.
  • Put emphasis on your hair: Generally, some guys do not realize this important detail, their hair. She will like to be always groomed, especially her hair will move it constantly, she will touch it with her hands, she will hold it with sensual, slow movements, especially being with you, through this hair movement she will emit pheromones that will make you feel, a special interest for her.
  • Cross the leg: When you are close to her, observe the way she sits and cross her legs, if she place one leg over the other is a sign that she likes you very much.

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