Signs a coworker likes you

Work is one of the places where we spend the most time each day. The affinity and the bond we create with our coworkers is very strong because we spend more time with them than with our own family. Thus, it is very easy for feelings or attractions to arise between two members of an office, first for the time we spend together and second for the security and tranquility that we feel that tomorrow we will see again. There are several clues that can lead us to know when they are flirting with us and when they are not. If you want to discover Signs a coworker likes you, We are going to give you some signs to find out.

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Steps to follow:

1. If they smile at you continuously something could be happening. The smiles are part of a cordial relationship, and more among coworkers, but when that smile becomes repetitive and for any reason, or even without it, we can believe that your co-worker likes you.

2. If you detect that your coworker is nervous about your closeness, it may be that your presence generates expectation and anxiety. A clumsy movement of hands or change of position continuously while you are in front will show interest in you. When your coworker gets nervous, they will also blush at any comment from you, this happens because of nerves and not knowing how to act before you because they like you.

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3. They usually wait for your look or your contact, this could be a sign of there desire for closeness. If you work physically in the same space, you will see that your coworker look with an insistent gaze, which will denote that you like. You may also find a more physical contact to establish a conversation with you about any excuse.

And we all know that in a workplace it is easy to meet in the corridors, in the dining room or in the vending machines having a coffee, so you will see that coincidentally you always coincide with that person when you take a break. The touch with any excuse will also be a clear indication.

4. You will find excuses to be near you

Even after you have finished doing a job, he/she will make sure to go to your desk and go talk to you about the same topic they had already worked on, all with the excuse of being close to you once again. This seems to happen not one, but many times. When you can not find any excuse related to work, you will invent something else to be close to you.

5. He will ask you about your personal life

A sure sign that a co-worker is interested in you is that you are going to inquire into your personal life. He will ask you about your boyfriend or partner. If you are in a relationship and he subtly will seek to know how things are between you two.

6. Your Coworker behaves differently with you

Have you ever seen a comrade losing his wit around you, even though he is famous for his gift of eloquence? This is a sure sign that he likes you. People are different, some may have other characteristics. Men who are very sociable can lower their tone in front of you, that is, they become shy. These are telltale signs that you feel something for you.

7. You will know that a coworker likes you when they imitate your actions or opinions, that is, when you see your coworker reflected in you as if they were your alter ego. It is not enough to see the same movie lately but to coincide perfectly with an opinion or that you find the same occurrence funny.

You will see that your coworker is a faithful imitator of your actions because, undoubtedly, he/she wants to please you and that you think he/she likes you, that you have a great affinity to share.

8. Another good way to determine if a co-worker likes you is to look at your coworker postures. Listening to there head, for example, is an unequivocal sign that you are listening attentively and more if it is a work conversation that in itself might not seem so interesting. Another position would be to put your hands on your hip, an attitude that denotes self-confidence and flirtation.

9. Your Coworker always gives you a hand

If you’re stuck, come to the rescue. If you have to take a day off, volunteer to relieve your workload and, so you can leave. He/she brings you coffee as you like it. Unless that also do with someone else, if so, then it’s not sure he/she likes you, but if it’s different with you, my friend let me tell you that your coworker likes you.

10. Your eyes will be on you

Eye contact is essential in a professional relationship. But there will be a difference every time they look at you. It is likely to be a happy and gentle unconscious look. If he or she is shy, he could look elsewhere as soon as you catch him looking at you. A person who does not like you, will not care, will not look away and may even be serious with you, but if your coworker likes you, a smile will come out spontaneously.

11. Finally, look if you ask a lot about your private life , not only for the work aspects but an interest in your life outside that environment. It means that you want to know about yourself much beyond what you already know, know what you like, maybe to surprise you, to invite you to something or give you what you discover is your passion.

If even above you see that you coincide with an event outside of work after knowing where you are traveling, you can guess with certainty that the answer is affirmative and that you like your co-worker.

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