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Mistakes you should avoid if you are going to paint your house

If you are going to paint your house yourself try to choose quality materials and spare no expense. Also, it is essential to respect the drying times so as not to ruin the finish.

With the passage of time, the walls can cry out for a coat of paint. Therefore, it is important to know how to paint if what we want is to do it ourselves and that it does not involve a large outlay of money.

There are many techniques to get a good finish. You have to take into account some guidelines before performing this task, as well as some previous steps and during the painting process.

Painting can be a playful and even relaxing activity. We can find in it an opportunity to evade or to do something in the family because both children and adults can lend a hand.

If we do not know or if we do not take into account some issues, it is likely to become a nightmare, because there is nothing more annoying than trying to do something for yourself and the result is disastrous. We want to help you and we do not want you to give up on your intent. Therefore, we tell you how you can paint your house and what things you have to focus on to have a good result.

Errors that you should avoid when painting your house

color boxes with brushes and rollers

Then we tell you the most common mistakes people make when it comes to painting the walls of your home.

Do not make a bill of materials

Launching yourself to paint your house without any planning can be very bad because, surely,  when you are in full activity you are missing some important tool or material.

Therefore, we leave you a standard list of what you might need:

  • Paint, calculate the meters and ask for advice in the store to buy the necessary paint.
  • Rollers suitable for the type of wall.
  • An extendable handle.
  • A safe ladder or any stool that will help you get anywhere.
  • Bodybuilder tape or painter’s tape.
  • A large bucket
  • A specific brush for the corners.
  • Protection for floors and doors, with plastic or newspaper.
  • Old clothes that you do not mind that gets dirty.

Skimping on expenses

Even if you see a much cheaper offer or painting, do not buy poor quality. Always try to aim and buy quality for your paintings, the finishes will be much better and, if you opt for a low quality, you may not get the desired effect.

If you are looking to save on the amount of paint, you can opt for cheaper alternatives, such as painting a wall and another place wallpaper.

Use plastics or newspaper for the floor

If you are looking to protect the floor when painting your house, we do not recommend placing plastics or newspaper papers. These can be moved to the first change and, later, we can step on the paint stains that fall on the floor without realizing it and dirty other areas.

To protect the surface the ideal is to cover the floor with blankets and old rags and fix them well to the corners.

Do not think about furniture

Maybe your intention to paint a wall is simple and, therefore, when dealing with a single wall do not worry about covering a nearby piece of furniture. However, you have to protect the furniture from possible stains, so it is best to cover them with plastic. Do not skimp on these details.

In the same way, it covers windows and doors. In short, any object and surface that can be stained. Keep in mind that we are not professionals.

Choose the colors that we like

wall painting with all ready

Maybe your favorite color is red or fuchsia, however, they would not be a good option to paint our bedroom or dining room. The ideal is to do a color test and look for the tone that best fits our decor and our furniture.

The ideal is to always take a sample and make tests so as not to err with the choice. There is no problem in making mistakes and changing your mind, we just have to be sure when we make the decision.

Choose white as the only option

It usually happens that people do not take chances and directly decide to paint their house with the color white. This may be a good choice when we are not professionals because with white paint we do not need large finishes.

The white color helps to add light to the rooms of your home, although it can be a poor option and low risk. Try looking for another, a light yellow or one that gives a more personal touch to your home.

Think that the wall will be fixed

Many times we think that with a coat of paint the humidity of our house will disappear or the crack will recover. However, it is a false belief; First, we would have to fix the wall from the inside and, once ready, paint it.

It is advisable to give the first coat of priming paint, although it seems a more expensive task or we are lazy.

Start painting in the middle

If it’s your first time, do not make the mistake of starting to paint in the middle. The paint always drips, so the ideal is to start from the top corner and stop at the baseboards. Once dry, we can continue on the wall with up and down movements.

Not respecting the times

Painting a white wall and changing its color is not the same as transforming a wall of color into a much lighter shade. The ideal is to respect the drying times and not be in a hurry because, if we do not wait long enough or if we do not have patience, the finish may be very bad.

It is better not to run and have a good job done. In the same way, it happens with the masking tape: it is usually removed once we have finished and many times when taking it off, the painting jumps and many imperfections remain. For this reason, it must be started at least 24 hours later and in parallel.

Paint the roof in white

There is a false belief that the roof has to be white. It may help to make the room look or feel wider, but you can use another tone that combines perfectly with the wall and thus give a personal and original touch to the ceiling.

Paint each room a different color

It is possible that, if you have small children and you choose a color, ask for blue, green, purple or pink. However, a good idea is to let your imagination come to light and a different one, to paint the whole house in a different color.

Let’s say that children’s rooms are an exception. On the other hand, it would be convenient that the rest of the house had a harmony to maintain a cozy and neat decoration.

These are some of the failures that are usually committed at the time of putting us to paint your house. From now on pay attention to the details, times and above all, to the materials: a quality painting will assure us 80% of the work.

Do not hesitate to share with your acquaintances these tips so they do not fail either.

Sai Kiran S

Degree in Psychology from the University of JNTU. Master in Human Resources and expert in business communication and coaching. Especially interested in wellness and sports.
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