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145 INTERESTING Conversation Topics and Questions

A huge set of Interesting conversation topics with huge sets of questions in each. Dont miss them.

Here we present a series of interesting conversation topics that you can use in any context and with anyone.

Talk about their favorite hobbies, everyone likes to talk about themselves

When you discover a person’s interests and things that they are passionate about, you learn to know a lot about them. Hobbies are always an interesting topic to talk about since they are activities that people enjoy doing.

Whether sports, photography, literature or yoga, these are some of the most interesting questions and comments you can make on the subject.

1. What do you do in your free time?

Since it is an open question, give your interlocutor the opportunity to answer freely. It is simple, simple and direct.

2. Do you play any instrument?

3. Do you know how to dance?

4. Do you know how to draw, paint or some form of art?

5. Talk about technology, inventions, applications and programs

Work / Studies

This is a topic that could generate debate. There are those who consider that you should not talk about work, but it is not true. Most people spend a great time of their lives in their work or school, so it is an issue of importance to them.

In addition, your university career or profession can be topics for which you feel passionate and your co-workers or study can be quite important and close people.

6. What do you do for a living? What do you study?

7. What is your favorite subject? Which one do you enjoy least?

8. Do you get along with your co-workers?

We all like to talk about how we feel and our interactions with others. This question can help you know a little more about your interlocutor.

9. Do you love your job or do it for the benefits?

This question may be interesting in a social context, such as a date or with friends; In a work event, it is not appropriate.

10. What is your dream job?

You can accompany her or make her more explicit by asking something like: “If money is not important, what would you like to spend your time on?”

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Interesting topics on Travel

Most of the moments and memorable experiences in people’s lives come from travel. Visiting new places is always enriching, meeting new people, cultures and places. This will surely create a great impact on you.

Even if someone has not traveled much, surely they have dreams and desires of future trips, vacations, to establish a new life or as a retirement. Sharing these experiences, memories and desires is always an interesting topic of conversation.

11. What countries or cities have you visited?

If both have agreed somewhere, they can share their experiences on it. This would give them a topic to talk about for hours.

12. What has been the biggest “culture shock” that you have had visiting another country?

13. Which place in the world would you choose to live? Why?

14. What elements in common or different can you find?

This is an excellent question if you know someone who was born in another country.

15. What is the worst or the most curious thing that has happened to you on a trip?

16. Have you traveled alone? Would you dare to do it?

17. Do you speak another language?

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In any social context, you will always listen to people talking about movies, books, TV shows, singers or musical groups. Generally, we are passionate about talking about those things that give us a moment of distraction and entertainment.

If they have shared tastes they can talk about their affinity for a long time. If they are not so similar, you can learn from each other and make each other known new movies, series or books.

18. What is your favorite movie or series?

19. What movie or series do you consider your guilty pleasure?

We all have a movie or series that we are ashamed to admit that we like and it is always funny to talk about it.

20. Are you interested in any of the films that are about to be released?

21. What kind of books do you like to read? What was the last book you read?

This question helps you a lot if you are on a date and are looking for someone with the same intellectual tastes as you.

22. What kind of music do you like?

23. What was the last concert you went to?

24. Do you like video games?

If both have played the same, this question can be used to share experiences and difficulties.

25. Which book have you read several times? What movie don’t you get tired of watching?

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Food / Kitchen

Everyone enjoys food and everyone loves to talk about their tastes. Food is a light and fun topic that everyone can comment on. When you are meeting someone, do not try to know their purpose in life or their greatest fear. Ask him what he likes to eat!

26. What was the last restaurant you visited?

Ask him if he liked it, what he didn’t like, if he would recommend it to someone else and why.

27. What kind of food do you cook?

They can exchange recipes and talk about what they like to prepare. If the other person does not enjoy cooking, you can give him tips on how to make it easier.

28. Ask if you follow a specific diet or if you like a traditional dish from some country.

Past experiences

Depending on the moment and context, it can be a good topic of conversation. Not only does it allow you to know more about the person you speak with, but by sharing past experiences, they develop a bond.

However, you should take care not to be too personal, because instead of a conversation, it might seem like a therapeutic session. On a romantic date, some of these questions may be ideal.

In other contexts, perhaps the themes may flow more naturally.

29. Where did you grow up?

30. Do you have siblings?

31. What did you like to do when you were a kid?

If you are talking to someone contemporary with you, they may find common interests that can help them develop an instant connection.

32. What did you want to be when you grew up?

You can ask this question a little more fun, if the present formula: “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, Even if the person is an adult.

33. What was your first job?

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Observations of the present

Instead of striving to find topics of interest to talk about, you can simply comment on the environment, the environment or the reason why both are in that place.

You will always find some good topic to talk about in your environment. If you are at a concert, an art gallery or a restaurant or cafe, commenting on the place, people and commenting on your experiences there can be a good way to start the conversation.

34. Comment on the clothes or accessories that the other person is wearing

By flattering him, you are not only breaking the ice, but you are also opening the possibility of commenting on some interesting story about that garment.

35. Look at the people around you

They can comment on their surroundings and even invent funny stories about it. Try to be careful and not be derogatory, otherwise you will look like a critic or malicious person.

36. Is there anything different or unusual in your environment?

37. Pay attention to details beyond what can be seen

Any special aroma or sound you may feel will help you have a way to break the ice and start a conversation.

Future plans

Everyone loves to talk about the things they crave and hope to achieve. It can always be interesting to hear the ideas and plans of others, and get points in common.

Something important to consider is to avoid sounding like a job interview, with questions like: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

38. Do you have plans for the weekend?

It is a very good way to start conversation with someone you already know.

39. Comment on a local event you are looking forward to

40. For your retirement, would you rather live in the city or somewhere remote, such as a mountain or beach?

Human relations

The way we interact and talk is a fascinating topic. Much of our life revolves around the relationships and connections we establish with others.

Talking about these types of topics allows you to meet the other person and, without being very philosophical, to cover not so superficial topics (such as talking about a movie or a TV series).

41. Talk about men or women

An excellent way to connect with an interlocutor of your gender is to talk about the opposite. Mention those differences or similarities that exist between the two.

42. Ask about your friendships

Are they similar to each other or are they very different people? Since when have you met?

43. Ask him to talk about his family

It is a large or small family. How were your parents during your childhood?

44. Mention any psychological facts you know

It is always interesting to learn something new. By sharing your knowledge about an interesting topic a little, you could start a good exchange of knowledge.

45. Share an opinion on an issue that most people think otherwise

Without intentions to generate discussions, this is a good way to share a bit of yourself while opening the opportunity for a good debate.

Questions to break the ice

All of the above questions also serve to break the ice with the other person. But if you want to make it fun and be a little more daring, then try one of these:

46. What was your biggest mischief when you were a child?

We all have a funny story to tell and know yours will let you know how daring it is.

47. What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

48. Tea or coffee? Vanilla or chocolate? Earth or Mars? Sweet or salt? Cats or Dogs?

Pairs games are very fun. They can make rounds to respond and thus get to know each other more.

49. If you have the opportunity to change roles with someone, who would it be?

50. If you could choose another place to be at this moment, what would it be?

And so surely you can think of many more fun questions to have a great time and laugh at each other. These questions never fail.

Another 101 interesting conversation topics to talk about

These topics are just the beginning of the question you can ask. Create your own questions based on the other’s answers or from your own imagination.

Talk about your life

We all love talking about ourselves: what better way to start any conversation by asking the other about his life? Some questions you can ask are:

51. Do you have any passion or hobby?

52. How long have you lived here?

53. What do you do for a living? What’s your job?

54. What do you do in your free time?

55. What a coincidence! I like that too. Do you also like [insert something else here]?

56. Have you seen the new gadget that they released?

It is a conversation that you can apply with anyone, whether assiduous to technology or not, since it is a relatively easy and common subject.

57. What institute did you attend?

58. Is your day going as you expected?

Not only are you interested in that person, but from the answer I give you, you can ask other questions and give the conversation a long time.

59. What is your favorite band / singer?

60. What is your favorite color? What’s your favourite food?

61. Have you lived in another city / country?

In case you get to know the person, if he tells you that he is foreign, you can ask him questions about his culture and customs.


If they tell you that asking about work should not be done, I have to tell you that is not so. It is an excellent topic of conversation and it is something we all do.

62. How long have you been working here / there?

63. Would you like to work in another part of the world?

64. Would you do another type of work just to feel good about yourself?

65. If you could change your career, would you do it?

Therefore, you can ask him why about his answer.

66. What is the part you most love / hate about the job you currently have?

67. Would you change your boss / co-workers?

68. Would you like to have your own company? What would it be about?

69. Would you be able to have a non-profit foundation? Why? What would you do it about?


Talking about travel is as extensive a topic as you want to do. There is always something to talk about even if you have never done so, for sure they have some dream place.

70. What place in the world would you like to visit?

71. What language do you find most difficult to learn?

Even if you only speak Spanish, there are languages that seem more difficult than others.

72. Would you like to visit [somewhere you like]?

73. Have you ever camped?

74. Do you like the mountains or the beach better?

75. Have you traveled in large groups? What do you think of the experience?

76. Would you travel as a volunteer to a country? If you had the opportunity, which country would you choose?

77. Of the sites you have visited, which one has impacted you the most and why?

78. What food did you think was more / less tasty in the places you visited?

79. What do you recommend me to try in [the country / city that person has visited]?

80. If they gave you 3 places to visit and they paid you everything, what places would you choose and why?


Are you studying and want to meet your classmates but do not know how to start the conversation with interesting topics? Here we bring you some with which you can break the ice:

81. Can you help me with the topic of [a topic they have recently given and it costs you a little]? / If you want I can help you with [the topic].

It is a way that little by little you make friends, since those hours that are together studying can talk and get to know each other a little better.

82. What do you think of today’s class?

83. What other subjects are you taking?

84. Are you doing extracurricular courses?

Extracurricular courses are activities that are done outside of class hours to complement education. They can be language courses, arts, sports, music.

85. Do you belong to a club? / Is there a club I can join?

If you are new to high school, a good idea to make friends is to join a club.

Food / Kitchen

I know it sounds cliché, but the food unites friends and family, so it is an excellent topic to start a conversation. In addition, it is easy to speak and it is difficult to fall into disputes over it.

86. Do you prefer sweet or savory food?

87. What are your favorite dishes? What is your favorite restaurant? Which restaurant do you recommend?

88. If you had the opportunity to try something strange, what would it be? Would you do it out of curiosity, to experiment with new flavors or for money?

89. What is the food you hate most? Would you eat a whole plate of [that dish you hate], if they gave you what you most wanted in the world?

90. If you were to choose a dish to eat the rest of your life, what would it be?

91. If you are a person who is passionate about cooking or food, you can ask him if he would do that just for the passion of being all day doing what he likes.

Past experiences

Although it is a topic of conversation that can make things flow, you must be careful when choosing who, how and what to talk about, since not everyone is willing to talk about their past:

92. When you were a teenager, what did you like to do most?

93. What was your biggest dream as a child?

It is a subject that will bring nostalgia and surely some laughs.

94. Who was your childhood hero and why? / Who did you admire as a child?

95. What is your best childhood memory?

96. Did you see cartoons? Which ones did you like?

Here you may find points in common and that will lead you to continue talking.

97. Did you do any extracurricular activity? Which one did you like the most? Would you retake it if you had the chance?

98. What was your favorite thing to do as a child?


99. What do you think about [new news]?

100. Did you hear about [new news]?

In case you haven’t heard it yet, you can tell it and then talk about it.

101. How often do you watch the news? How do you find out about the news? By what means?

102. What do you think needs more coverage in the news? What do you think if we make a move to promote that?

Not only do you know their point of view, but they can even make a move to promote the coverage of that particular topic and spend more time together talking and getting to know each other.

103. What do you think they give too much importance in the news?


104. What sports do you like? / Do you like [a sport that you like]?

105. In case you like sports, ask about your favorite team / player, which stadium you would like to go to and if you practice it or just like to watch it.

106. What do you think about [a particular player / team]?

107. Do you play any sport?

If you are also interested in that sport, they can arrange an appointment to play or to teach you how to play.


108. Ask him about his favorite types of books, movies, music and series, and which ones he hates most.

109. What [book / series / movie / artist] do you think is overrated and why?

110. Would you recommend any [book / series / movie / artist]?

111. Do you like anime / manga? Have you seen [any anime / manga series you’re watching / reading]?

112. Have you seen [a popular series / movie of the moment]? What do you think of [that series / movie]?


This is an interesting topic, if both have children or like children. In case the person with whom you are speaking does not have children, consider skipping this topic.

113. To what degree do your children go? / What school do you attend?

114. Children are a whole world and what is easy for some is difficult for others. You can ask him for advice on how to make them eat certain things, how to teach them to go to the bathroom, brush, put on shoes … in short, a million ideas.


115. Do you have any pets?

116. What do you think about [some strange / particular animal] as a pet?

117. What pets have you had? What funny things have they done / do?

118. What pet would you like to have?

119. Interesting topics about current trends

This is a topic that will give you a lot of fabric to cut, as there are many trends: technology, fashion, news, cooking, design, architecture and a list that I would not finish telling.

In addition, they are usually issues that knowing how to address them do not generate controversy. Some ideas to start are:

 What are the trends you are currently following?

– Are you a person who likes to follow trends or are you more of following your own style?

– What social media person do you recommend that you keep up with trends?

– What are the trends that you think will be funny in 10 years?

– What means are most up to date to follow trends? Which ones do you recommend / follow you?

120. World of entertainment

If you are a person who is up to date with everything that happens in the show and the red carpet, you can use that in your favor as a topic of conversation. Some you can use are:

– Who is your favorite artist? It can be a singer, actor, actress, comedian.

– What comedies do you like?

– Is there a comedian that you like and that you recommend?

– What actor / actress would make you watch any movie no matter how bad they tell you?

– Which actor / actress did you like very much, but stopped being off the radar?

121. Interesting technology issues

Our lives are full of technology and, if you look at your surroundings, almost everything is technological: from the TV, the fridge, the stove, to the phone or the computer with which you are reading this article.

So looking for a technological artifact to talk about is quite simple: look at your surroundings and talk about it.

You can talk about the advances that the market has had, a new device and its characteristics and even how technology seeks to improve the quality of life all, without discriminating.

In case you see that the person does not show interest or encouragement in what you are telling him, it is better that you change the subject.

122. Applications or Apps

Most of us have smartphones and use applications daily. I assure you that you have tried applications that you like and others not; so … why not turn the use of the phone and its applications into a topic of conversation? Some interesting topics could be:

– What’s your favorite app?

– What application do you suggest that I should have on my phone?

– What is the application you use the longest?

– What applications would you like not to have to use?

– If you could create an application, what would it be about?

123. Internet

It is something we use every day and has become indispensable in our lives. Talking about it, even if you don’t believe it, is quite easy and you can ask questions like:

– What is the page that visits the most?

– Would you be able to spend more than 1 month without Internet and without connection to the world?

– What do you think is the best page? Which one would you recommend?

– What do you consider the Internet that is indispensable for you? Could you live without [social networks, news, YouTube]?

– What is the longest time you have been without the Internet? What have you done during that time?

124. Games, virtual reality and telephones

If you are going to talk to a person who loves video games, gadgets and everything related to the technological world, some topics you can use are:

– What phone do you have?

– What phone would you like to have and why?

– Do you like board games or video games better? What games do you recommend?

– What do you think about virtual reality?

– Do you prefer PC games or video game consoles? What are the characteristics you like about each one and which one do you recommend?

– What was the best phone you had?

– How much do you like your phone?

– What was your first phone?

– What do you look for when you buy a new phone?

– Have you tried virtual reality? What do you think?

– How often do you change your phone?

125. Social networks

According to many studies, we are immersed in social networks at least once a day. If you know someone who publishes a lot in their social networks or who is continuously involved in them, it is a good way to start a conversation with a topic that you will like.

– Ask him what his favorite social networks are and why. You will be surprised to know that many are inclined towards one in particular: Twitter, who like to read and express their opinion; Instagram, if they are visual people; Facebook, to share long stories.

– Ask about who is the person they like to follow the most and why.

– What is the person / account that they follow, although sometimes they publish annoying things, as many do they publish great things?

– What do you like most about the social network?

126. Friendships

Talking about the friendships of both you and the other person is also a good way to have a conversation. Some questions you can ask are:

– Have you kept in touch with your school friends?

– Would you rather have many or few friends?

– Since when do you know your best friend?

– How did you and your best friend meet?

127. Family

It may be a topic that not everyone wants to talk about, but if you find the opportunity and the right person can be an excellent topic for conversation. Some interesting topics to start the conversation could be:

– Would you like to have (more) siblings?

– Do you live near your family?

– Is your family your pillar of support? / Is your family everything to you?

– What family traditions do you have? Does any one in particular seem unique / strange? Which one do you like the most?

– Of all your family, who is your favorite person? Why?

– Would you like to change something about your family?

Interesting random themes 

These are interesting topics, but that you might consider a bit strange to ask someone that you are barely getting to know or just to talk to him from nowhere. But since they are good and give a lot to talk about, you can use them with friends or people you already know well.

They also work well if a person shows interest in this regard. Some are:

128. Cars

Talking about vehicles, especially if you are a man, is a great way to break the ice in any conversation. You can talk about:

– What was your first vehicle?

– What car would you like to have?

– How long have you had the current car?

– If I could choose any car in the world, which one would it be?

129. Holidays

– What holiday would you like to exist?

– What was your favorite holiday when you were a child and which one do you like the most now?

– What holiday date is the one that most means to you and why?

– Will you do something special in the next vacation?

130. Beverages

Drinks are like meals: we all drink them and have a particular inclination for some and from there we can bring up a topic of conversation. Some ideas are:

 What is your favorite drink? Mine is [here you say the one you like most].

– Do you drink coffee / tea? How do you prefer to take it? With [milk / sugar / cream / alone] ?.

– What drinks do you usually drink in the morning?

– Do you like any fruit smoothie or do you prefer those that come in powder?

– Do you know how to prepare [a drink]?

131. Aliens and conspiracy theories

They are a good topic and always someone has something to say about it. You can ask all kinds of questions like:

– What do you think about the existence of aliens?

– Do you really think there is area 51?

– Do you think aliens have visited or are visiting Earth?

– Do you think there are aliens living among us? Or that they are watching us?

– Do you think Hitler survived and came to live in Latin America as many say?

– What do you think about reptilians or the Illuminati?

– Do you think that the government is always watching us, spying on us and using all our data?

– What do you think of the arrival of man on the moon?

132. Change

– How comfortable do you feel about the change?

– Do you think change is healthy for people? Or do you think that change is bad?

– What do you think about the changes that are happening today?

– What do you think is the biggest change that has happened in the last 30 years?

– What changes do you think are necessary?

133. Talent and skills

– Are you good at anything? Something you do in an innate way.

– What would you like to improve / learn?

– What are the skills you have and do you think are very useful?

– What skills do you think we should all learn and that you have?

– Do you have any unusual / strange talents?

134. Shopping

You don’t have to be a woman to talk about shopping, although we are more easily given. It is a common theme and that almost daily we have to do. So it sounds boring, it could become an interesting topic, if you give it the special touch. Some ideas are:

– What do you most love / hate to buy?

– What’s your favorite store?

– Where can I buy [a particular item]? What store do you recommend?

– What stores do you usually go to?

– What do you think of customer service in [a particular store]?

– Would you rather go shopping at a store or do you shop online?

– Do you like to buy alone (or) or accompanied?

135. Habits and customs

We all have customs and habits, some instilled by our families, others learned through experience and many that are tied to our personality.

So talking about our way of doing and seeing things is a great way to meet each other. Try some of these ideas:

– What is your best / worst habit?

– Have you succeeded in breaking a bad habit?

– What good habit would you like to start?

– Do you have any custom that you would like to change?

– What things do you think you do by habit?

– Do you think that having so many paradigms regarding customs and habits is good?

– Could you change the way you do a particular thing for a whole day?

136. Objectives and goals

We all have goals and goals in life; some more than others. Some are easy and fast to reach and others not so much; Depending on what they want, it tells you a lot about the other person, so go ahead and ask him what makes him sleepy:

– What is your goal in life?

– What do you dream of doing in 5, 10 and 15 years?

– What is the dumbest goal you’ve had?

– What goals have you realized that they are unattainable?

– Have you regretted any objective you had before?

– What do you need to reach the goal?

– How can I help you achieve your goals quickly?

– Are you good at finishing what you start?

– How capable are you of putting into practice everything you plan?

137. Fishing

– When was the last time you fished?

– You like fishing?

– What is the biggest fish you’ve caught?

– Fishing in the river or in the sea?

– Do you like fishing alone or together?

– What is your favorite place to fish?

– If you had the opportunity, would you devote yourself to fishing as a way of life?

138. Blind Date

– Have you ever gone to a blind date? How did you go?

– Have you tried the sites for quick appointments?

– What do you think about online dating ?

– Have you used Tinder, Badoo or any place to meet people?

– Do you like traditional dating or do you prefer fast dating?

– What would you do to improve dating sites?

– What was your most awkward date?

139. Creativity

 How creative do you consider yourself?

– Do you do something in your life that requires your creativity?

– Who is the most creative person you know?

– How important do you think creativity is in life?

– Is creativity something that can be learned?

– Do you think that all professions require some creativity? Even the most technical?

140. Happiness

– What makes you happy?

– What do you think is the key to leading a happy life?

– Do you think we can all be happy? That happiness is something we are born with and that we just have to learn to express it?

– Do you think people were happier before or are they happier now?

– What do you think about the belief that the more we know, the less happy we are?

141. Advertising

– Is there any publicity or propaganda that bothers you? Which?

– What do you think is the effect of advertising for people to buy?

– What advertising form do you think is the most effective? Is it better to bombard users by all means or by one in particular?

– What are the advertisements that you liked the most?

– Do you think the Internet will survive without advertising and propaganda?

142. Withdrawal

 At what age would you like to retire?

– What will you do when you retire? Will you be a retiree who lives the adventure of his “second adolescence” or will you go to your family?

– Do you think you’ll adapt to stop working?

– Do you think that quitting work is good for your health (after a certain age) or does that only slow our brain?

143. Climate

– What is the worst thing you had to go through in bad weather?

– What is your favorite type of weather and why?

– What do you like to do on rainy / sunny days?

– Would you like to live in a place that has your favorite climate all year round?

– If you had to choose a station and live the rest of your life in it, what would it be?

– What is the best / worst of each season?

144. Outer space

– Given the opportunity, would you colonize Mars but on the condition of never returning to Earth or hugging your loved ones again?

– Do you think there is alien intelligence in our universe?

– If you had a spacecraft faster than the speed of light, would you be able to travel through the infinity of our universe?

145. Exercise

– What do you do to stay active?

– Do you like to exercise in the gym or do you prefer outdoors?

– Do you like doing cardio or lifting weights?

– What is your favorite outdoor activity?

– Do you do any extreme sports?

– Do you think that just exercising helps to maintain a good shape or should it be complemented with diet and good attitude?

146. Love

It will never hurt to talk about love. It’s up to you to make it more interesting, especially starting to talk about love to yourself and then how we love others. It is great to know what the other person loves the most and so we will know much more about its essence.

How to get a conversation topic?

There are two things you should do, if you want to have a conversation with interesting topics:

1. Take the panic out of your mind

I know that many times it can be difficult, but if you are calm, you can think better and that makes the words you say correct and consistent.

2. Meet the person you are talking to

It is obvious, but if you do not know the person very well, it is difficult for you to get random subjects out of nowhere. Start by knowing her, her tastes and interests, and then delves into more interesting topics that lead to long hours of pleasant talk.

How to hold a conversation?

Once you have solved the problem of what topics you can use during a conversation, you will have realized that you can talk practically about what you want. But sometimes the problem is to keep it, so I give you several tips to keep that conversation flowing:

1. Be scoundrel! 

Take off your grief of what they will say if I say this or that, if it is the right time, if you are the right person. Every time you start thinking about obstacles to talk about anything, you go around your mind with a large wall of censorship that ends up killing the conversation.

2. Link with the person you talk to

Find similarities with the other person. Anything you find in common is a point in favor of having a conversation. They can be such banal things as from which supermarket they go to share the opinion on important issues such as economics or health.

How to break the ice with a person?

Having interesting conversation topics in mind is not enough to break the ice. You also have to have attitude and be resourceful. The phrases you use, although they are important, the more important the body attitude; So some things you should do are:

1. Calm down. If you are calm, you think and act better.

2. Think carefully about what you are going to say. It may be some interesting fact or a simple “Hello! How are you?” But it has to be something that represents you.

3. Show yourself safe. Many times it does not matter so much what we say, but how we say it, so if you are sure of yourself, everything should go well.

4. Make eye contact.

What to do to be more interesting?

Some things you can do to have interesting conversation topics (without sounding forced) are:

– Read newspapers, books, novels, blogs. Read what you want, but the more knowledge you have, the better you will develop in all kinds of topics.

– Listen to music of all kinds.

– Learn an art or sport: music, painting, martial arts; Whatever you want to make you happy.

– Perform outdoor activities.

– Learn to trust yourself and love yourself as you are.

– Watch movies.

Tips for better conversation

– Be sure to ask follow-up questions related to the answers you receive. But remember that it is a conversation and not an interrogation, so answer in detail what you are asked.

– Conversing is a cycle of speaking and listening.

– Avoid the issues of politics and religion, since they are controversial and if they do not have the same point of view, instead of having a pleasant conversation they will have an argument.

– At least 2 people are needed to talk, so if you try to talk with someone who gives you short answers, does not look at you or evades you, you may not feel like chatting at that time and the best thing you can do is finish the conversation.

Final tips to have a more interesting conversation

1. Although most of the topics presented here are formulated as questions, avoid asking many questions in a conversation, as this would give the impression of being an interrogation.

2. Talk a little about yourself. You can consider these questions for yourself and start the conversation by telling your own anecdote that answers these questions. In this way, the person with whom you speak can know a little more about you and feel empathy.

3. Show that you are attentive to what the other person is saying, commenting on it or asking about certain aspects of their story.

4. Do not share excessive information and personal details. If you are meeting someone, do not overwhelm him with all your personal information.

In short, any topic of conversation can be interesting, if you find the appropriate approach and perspective, without fear of expressing your opinion regarding the topics discussed.

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Smrithi S

Smrithi was born in 1990 in Paris. She has a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Autonomous University of Greece ​​and speaks English and French fluently. She works as a translator in different digital media, some related to the world of fashion, which is one of her great interests. She is one of the most experienced writers in TruthQuestion.

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