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How to write a love letter

Writing a letter has become much more romantic over time than in the past due to the technological age.

Writing a love letter can be a great idea to put on paper what your heart does not know how to say in spoken words. Sometimes, it can be hard to express what it feels like and when you take a pencil and a paper or start typing in front of the computer screen, the feelings can come out more easily because we feel the comfort of listening to our hearts.

Writing a love letter has always been a romantic gesture, but nowadays taking into account new technologies and the immediacy of email, Whatsapp or other means of communication, writing a love letter is even more romantic than in the past. But of course, a love letter should show a series of aspects and points so that it looks really good.

If you do not have much idea of how a love letter should be, do not lose any detail below.


1.The greeting

greeting in love letter

The greeting is essential to start a good love letter. Do not just write ‘Hello’ or ‘Dear (name). You can say something deeper like for example: ‘To my dear (name or pretty word you use to call you) or also’ To my true love ‘.

2. The first paragraph

The structure of the letter should make sense and it is important that you take good care of the first paragraph so that the person who receives the letter feels important from the first words.

You can start by saying why you are writing the letter. It could be something like: ‘I feel so full of love for you today that I just want to express my feelings.’ Or, ‘This will be our only Valentine’s Day as a committed couple. It’s unique, just like my love for you. ‘

There is no need for a special occasion to write a love letter. Moreover, a letter written on any given day can claim your love for that person and make it even more special than if you do it on a certain day.

3. The heart of the letter

After the first paragraph, you should describe your love, how you feel and how that person makes you feel every day. It is very important that in this part you be totally sincere, that you be yourself and that you do not invent anything. Let your heart speak at every moment.

If you are a sensitive and sentimental person, allow this virtue to be expressed in the words of your letter. If you are a fun person more than sensitive, do not be afraid to show your personality by adding a touch of humor within your romantic words. Remember that a love letter is a part of you that you give to another person, it is your words, your voice, and your heart.

You could write something like: ‘I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Every day you walk through the door and I see your smile lights up my world. I feel lucky every time I can hug you, that you give me warmth and that you tell me that you love me. Who was going to tell me that you would be able to make this love come from my heart for and for you? ‘

4. The end of the letter

In the last paragraph, which is just as important as the first because it is responsible for closing the letter and make that person sigh for you, you can look to the future and make clear your intentions in your relationship. You could say something like: ‘It’s hard for me to express everything I’m feeling right now, these words are only a small part of my love for you. So I’m grateful that I have the rest of our lives to tell you again and again how much I love you. ‘

Afterward, it is important that you sign with your own handwriting and write a short sentence of few words that put the final stamp on the letter, something like: ‘With all my love forever’ or maybe: ‘Always yours’. What if you put a touch of your favorite perfume on paper? That never goes out of style and always likes.

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