How to tell if a guy likes you -11 clear signs a guy likes you [by experts]

Different gestures together with the way of acting or speaking help us to know the interest which arouse

Are you confused about whether a guy likes you? if yes, you came to the right place where we explain how you can find your guy likes you through the expert signs and tips from senior psychology professionals.

Are you in love with someone and want to know if that love is reciprocated? Maybe you do not know if that friend you have, in reality, would like to have some other kind of relationship.

Do not worry. Today, we explain how to know if a guy likes you.

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How to tell if a guy likes you: Step by step

In the first place, how to know if a guy likes you is not easy, let’s see the steps that you have to follow and try to find out. Pay attention now, and pay attention to that guy to see if he meets what we say and when he relates to you:

Step 1: Does he pay attention?

pay attention to the girl

The first thing you have to look at, maybe it sounds a bit obvious, but it does not hurt to point out, it’s in the fact that he pays attention or not. What do we mean by “pay attention”?

Well, fundamentally, if you are with your friends or a group of people if he treats you in some slightly different way (however little). Surely you can verify that, when you go with two friends together and you meet him or his group of friends, he behaves differently with you than with your friends.

It is important to capture these nuances because they can be the first way to understand if he likes you or not. When you meet and both of you are accompanied, is he more directed to your friend than to you, or to you than to your friend, or indistinctly?

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Probably, if he is directed more to you than to your friend, he may be indicating that there is some interest in you. But beware! It may also happen the other way around. He may be interested in you, but he may turn to your friend more so that you may think he is not interested in you, and you are more attracted to him.

In this sense, this step is not decisive, but it is good that you take it into account because, in the end, how to know if a guy likes you is based on understanding many of these little things.

Step 2: How do he behave with you on Facebook and other networks?

chatting on facebook guy and girl

In our particular case, we can talk about Facebook and other social networks. We are going to focus on Facebook because it is the most used social network, but what we explain here can also be applied to others.

At this point, what you should look at is their behavior with respect to you and in comparison with others. It is something similar to what we mentioned in the previous point, but with the advantage that here you can measure more easily than the previous step.

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How to tell if a guy likes you is not that easy, having this information at hand can be very useful:

Do he usually like your photos, but not so much those of other girls? Does he comment more frequently in your statements than in those of other people? Those types of questions are very relevant.

Watch out! He may not give you many “Like” or do not comment on your statements much, but still give you more than others. Maybe, simply, he is not a big fan of social networks, but the little time that passes in them, you take care of it. So do not just look at how he behaves with you: Compare.

Step 3: Does he talk about yourself with his friends?

guy talking with friends

One of the clearest signs that a guy likes a particular girl is that he talks about her with his friends. He may not openly state that he likes the girl, but he will talk about her to find out what his friends think of her. 

In addition, it usually happens, when that happens, he tries to defend you in those cases in which others (or some of them) criticize you. And, of course, consciously or unconsciously, this is detected by friends.

To know if he talks about you with his friends, you can ask them directly. If you do not want to do it, you can also talk to his friends who still do not know you, as if by chance. If someone says something like ” You’re the friend of [the name of the guy you like], right? ” You can be sure that he talks about you with his friends.

Step 4: Does he try to match you in different places?

guy tries to meet a girl

Another good way to determine if you like it or not, is in the times you cross and coincide in different places. Many guys do not dare to meet the girl they like directly, but they try to match her so that, little by little and casually, they can forge a relationship.

That may be the case with the guy you’re interested in, so if you’re wondering how to know if a man likes you, pay attention to this point. Try to find out if you have changed the plan you had for that day and if he convinced his friends to go where you have gone.

It is one of the points that most clearly indicate interest on your part.

Step 5: Does he laugh with you?

couple laughing

One of the gestures and expressions that more easily and clearly demonstrate the interest of one person for another, regardless of sex, is laughter. When two people do not like each other, even when one of them makes a really funny comment, the other does not laugh.

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However, when two people who like to make funny comments, even if objectively they are not, both laugh and enjoy those comments. This is because smiling and laughing have served us, evolutionarily, to recognize friends and enemies.

So, if you notice that he is more smiling when he is with you than when he is in large groups or when he is with other people, pay attention because it can mean that he likes you.

Step 6: Is he protective?

guy protecting a girl

Another important aspect when determining whether or not your guy likes you is to check whether he is protecting you. How to know if a boy likes you is not an easy task, the best thing is that we go to the most basic and evolutionary, to those characteristics that we human beings have and that we can not get rid of, even if we want to.

One of those characteristics, which appears in men to be with the woman they like, is that of protection (you know, evolutionarily the male will always protect the female from dangers, predators and other males).

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Obviously, here we are not talking about hitting head butts with other guys. Humans have evolved and this protection is evidenced in a more subtle way.

Simply, is it about advising you on certain matters? If there is a situation that is a bit tense, does he try to assume the possible danger? This type of thing, where we can also include borrowing clothes if it is cold and others, indicate interest on your part.

Step 7: Does he work best when he stays with you?

men looking at

This is a pretty basic and obvious point, but we can not forget about him either. When he stays with you, does he dress better? Does he comb his hair more? Is collar thrown? these indicate the interest of him on you.

Some guys just like the girl as an attraction. When he tries to look best before you and try to look attractive before you, not all times but only when you are present at that place, then you can be clear that he is interested in you, and he is trying to please you.

Step 8: Looking for excuses or reasons to see you?

guy excuses to girl to stay with her

This point is also important. Previously we have indicated that, when it comes to answering the question of how to know if a man likes you, you have to check if he changes his plans so that you will meet in a “casual” way.

This point is the second part, so to speak. Is he looking to stay with you with an excuse? For example, to help you with an exam, accompany you to someplace, or to help you to make some kind of management.

In general, those behaviors are indicating that he wants to stay with you, but he can not ask for a date openly (unless you have a friendly relationship).

Step 9: Does he try to maintain physical contact with you?

Smiling couple having tea outdoors
Smiling couple having tea outdoors

Finally, we have to talk about physical contact. In general, physical contact is a way of approaching and measuring “how receptive the other person is”. If a guy touches your arm with dissimulation and if you do not respond negatively, he will continue, making those contacts more frequent.

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The same also happens with approaches of different parts of the body, such as the legs, arms, hands or head.

If you realize that type of approach, you can be sure that there is interest in you.


1. He sends you messages in the night

Why at night? Because it is the perfect moment to know if there is reciprocity. If he sends you a message, the conversation flows and they arrive until dawn, it means that you are interested. Do you think that he gets up late talking with his friends?

2. He asks you to go to a cafe

A man who really cares about a woman will do everything possible to know her in a quiet place and only the two of them. Unlike when the first exit is to a bar, maybe you like it but just to hang out. Your intentions can be known if depending on the place you want to take you.

3. He is a retailer

Chocolate, a rose or even the “good morning” written on a piece of paper, believe me, that it’s not because he’s just a gentleman, but because he wants you to remember him even if it’s just a little while in the day. If you were a friend more, it would be a retailer with all but it is not like that.

4. He asks for your opinion for certain things

It takes a short time to meet you and he seeks to have something to talk about with you. We all have certain problems or confusions in our lives but when you ask about something to advise or to say “whatever” believe me you want to interact with you.

5. Search and learn about your interests

We are human and we like different things. Maybe he and you have opposite tastes, but if you perceive a particular effort in him to know what you like, it is a clear sign of the interest he has over you. Do not turn a blind eye either!

6. Look at your mouth more than usual

It is normal to see the face and with it, the lips BUT there is a notable difference between seeing them subtly to look at them exclusively and repeatedly in a short period of time. When you “catch” him on the spot, he stops doing it for fear of being discovered.

7. He takes out his chest and gets as straight as possible

Pretend that you feel like a peacock. His intention is to look bigger, corpulent and with that to call your attention completely. In short, the body is the first thing that stands out. Let’s say this point is key.

Tips to know if a guy likes you

We have seen what are the steps to follow when it comes to knowing if a man likes you we are going to give some advice to know if a guy likes you, because it may not always be easy for that man to show what he likes. previously mentioned:

  1. Take advantage of having friends and tell them to ask the boy directly the opinion he has about you.
  2. Try to create some situations a bit uncomfortable (without bothering him) to see how he responds and if his answer fits into any of the steps.
  3. After reading the steps you think that he definitely likes you … then you won Go!

How to know if a man likes you: Warnings

Finally, we will give some warnings about whether a man likes you or not, because, in the previous sections, we have explained very relevant information, but it can lead to errors if the warnings we are going to give are not taken into account. they are as follows:

  1. Keep in mind that sometimes the steps outlined above can mislead you. Try to be subtle so as not to look bad in the case of making a mistake.
  2. Keep in mind, too, that you may like a boy, but this one does not want to be unfaithful to your partner.
  3. Do not show yourself very “investigative”. No boy likes to be studied. You have to attend to what we have mentioned in a disguised way.

As you can see, the answer to how to know if a man likes you is not that difficult, once you know the data and the behaviors indicated here. We hope that this article has been useful and will help you to have a good relationship (or not, depends on what you want) with that guy.

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