How to talk to a girl and questions to flirt with [by experts]

What to talk to a woman to make her vibrate

In this article, you will learn seduction techniques and tricks that you can apply in your next conversation with a girl to make her vibrate. Do you find it difficult to talk to a girl, maybe it’s because you have trouble finding conversation topics that motivate you.

First, you should determine which topics are prior to talk with a girl and which should be avoided.

A few years ago, when I was talking to a girl, I did not know what to say either.  I did not know what to talk about to arouse her interest.

I saw other kids talking non-stop while I did not dare to start a conversation with the girl. I did not know what to say. Over time, I realized that it is not that complicated.

I will explain how to do it.

I’ll give you tips and tricks that I would have loved to know when I started.

What to talk to a girl

In seduction, there are good topics of conversation and others that should be avoided. Your goal is to take a good time with the girl.

what to talk to a girl

You must make her feel good in your company. Getting her to feel positive emotions that produce good mood and make her smile.

Discussion topics

You will wonder what are the topics of conversation that can put a girl in a positive emotional state. There are many, fortunately. You simply have to talk about positive things.

Examples of conversation topics that work well with a girl:

  • The trips.
  • The vacations.
  • Hobbies and passions.

Ask her, what she likes to do (passions, music, sports, movies, etc.).
And, also, what were your most pleasant experiences and what are your plans for the future.
A tip: do not center the conversation on you. Center it in her.

Be curious

Show her that you are interested in her and her personality.
Ask open-ended questions, that means, questions that she cannot answer with yes or no.
Use your imagination.

Make her relive pleasant memories.

Conversation topics to avoid

As you can imagine, you must avoid that the girl you want to talk and flirt feels negative emotions (you should not associate with such emotions).
Therefore, avoid talking about matters that are too serious.
Avoid talking about the misery of the world. In short, do not alter your state of mind.

Avoid talking about:

  • Politics.
  • Religion.
  • Death.
  • Stories that are not fun.

Also, avoid talking about soccer, cars …

conversation topics to avoid while talking with a girl

You have to talk about topics that arouse her interest, even if it is minimal.

These tips on conversation topics are important at the beginning. Once she feels comfortable with you and trusts you, you can talk about deeper issues.

My three tips to chat with a girl

Here are three tips to make the girl you like vibrate.

Tell good stories

Tell stories that add value.

  • Tell stories that make her feel confident in you. To feel that you must know how to attract girls, take care of them and protect them.

Talk to her, for example, about your sister or your friends:
“This weekend I took my little sister to the movies”.
“Last night we celebrated a friend’s birthday.”
You will feel that you have an active lifestyle and, above all, that you have friends, girls like her.

Try to tell something interesting:

  • Tell stories about your trips and vacations with friends. If you have no story to tell about a trip, mention that you were there.
  • Do not hesitate to talk about events that highlight your passions and favorite activities.

An effective way to project in the social

Use the opportunities that allow you to demonstrate your social value.
For example, if the girl you’re chatting with says she went to this or that place, tell her that you and your friend were there too.

If she says she practices classical dance, tell her your cousin too.
It is very simple and effective.

The technique to avoid staying blank during a conversation

Are you terrified of staying blank during a conversation?
Would you like to be able to avoid it easily?
It is a simple technique to implement. Use the disagreement technique

This technique consists of not agreeing with your interlocutor.
Try to argue and defend your point of view because if you agree with the other person in everything she says, the conversation will quickly lose enthusiasm. You can even appear submissive and unable to impose your views.
However, be careful not to turn the conversation into a confrontational debate.
Remember: you are there to have a good time with your interlocutor.

That’s why you should avoid talking about politics (it’s not fun).
Many people have very strong positions and defend them at any price.
Anyway, you will rarely seduce a girl talking to her about politics.

Examples of topics in which you can contradict the other person without coming into conflict with her:

  • The discussion of a friendly couple.
  • The gift you should give to a friend.
  • Whether you like the character of a movie or not.
  • A song (if it’s good or not).
  • A restaurant (whether it is good or not).
  • A holiday destination.
  • A clothing brand, etc.

There are many themes. Take opportunities.

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Talk to a girl: what you should remember

Questions to linkThe girl likes to talk about her in a conversation.
Listen and participate in the conversation.

You must know how to defend your point of view.
If you do not like something, say it. If you like something, do not hesitate to express it.

Seven topics of conversation to make a woman vibrate

Conversation is necessary to provoke attraction.

The girl should find a pleasant conversation to agree to go out with you.

You may be afraid of losing her interesting on you. Not having enough conversation points to lose interest and captivate.

Like a campfire on the beach, it is necessary to keep stored firewood in reserve. But who says you should throw all the wood on the fire?
Who says you have to do all the work at a time?

Prepare some conversation topics to make you look interesting.
Use themes of everyday life. Issues that any seductive person can use when having lunch with colleagues.

The concept is very simple: you should ask open questions (which are not answered with yes or no) and start interesting conversations.

Of course, to multiply the power of the conversation topics and the questions, you should think about the answers that they will give you in the conversation.

What is the most spontaneous thing you have done in your life?

Buy plane tickets for a trip with a stranger? Running a sprint for ten minutes to kiss a friend you’ll see in a short time?

You must talk about moments of emotion and emphasize spontaneity and fantasy. She will love you talking to her like that.

What city of the world do you want to visit?

The city, the country, the continent …, you have many possibilities. In a conversation, do not limit yourself to the probable, keep in mind everything that may arise. Make the trip in your head.

Another question: “If tomorrow you would go to live somewhere else, what would you take with you?”

Which people are the ones that have inspired and influenced you most in life?

Artists, politicians, scientists, teachers, your parents, etc.
Investigate the subject. Ask her which person was important to her?

For your part, also prepare an answer. You have to find coherent stories that are congruent with your personality and character traits.

What is your greatest quality?

How can your interlocutor resist that question? You are interested in their qualities and one is always interesting to speak well of themself. You are giving her that opportunity.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

A classic question. So to be more original, you must complete it with the following proposals:

• While doing housework?
• When waking up in the morning?
• Under the shower?
• In your car?
• On the iPod in the subway?
• In bed at night?
• How to wake up on Sunday morning?

If it’s the first date and you do not know anything about their tastes, check out their Facebook.

Ask her to tell you about an experience that changed her life

Once again, if you make her talk about strong emotions, she will associate you with these emotions.
Write down in a notebook the strong emotions that changed her life (you can use them to activate her emotions when the time is right).

If I could make a dream

Imagine that you are the genie of the lamp. Ask her for a wish. She will talk to you about positive things and will open the way to the land of her dreams.

She will answer you, the emotion will be reflected in her eyes, and she will feel comfortable for the joy you provoke in her.

Fifty Questions to flirt a girl on the first date

What to talk to a womanHere are fifty questions you can use to flirt during your first date. You can use them according to the profile and character of the girl

1. Do you like this place?
2. What do you like to drink regularly?
3. Have you been here before?
4. How was your day?
5. What kind of music do you listen to?
6. What is your favorite dish?
7. What kind of movies or TV series do you like to watch?
8. What is your favorite restaurant?
9. Do you work at home?
10. What do you do to have fun?
11. Where did you study?
12. What is your passion in life? What do you dream with?
13. What is the route you most like to do?
14. Do you like more day or night?
15. Who is your best friend?
16. How is your perfect day?
17. What is your favorite song?
18. What are the moments that have marked and changed your life?
19. What is the stupidest thing you have done?
20. What is the best way to relax?
21. What would a romantic night be like for you?
22. What is the plate of food that you prefer to prepare?
23. What are your plans for the next three years?
24. What is your favorite movie of all time?
25. What is the worst movie you’ve seen?
26. What was the best concert you were in?
27. What places do you want to visit?
28. What is your favorite vacation destination?
29. What is your most fun memory?
30. What is the dumbest purchase you’ve made?
31. Do you play an instrument?
32. What caused you greatest joy?
33. What was your most fun and most embarrassing moment?
34. If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which would you choose?
35. What is your full name?
36. What is the date of your birthday and where were you born?
37. Do you have a nickname?
38. What is your favorite artist?
39. What is your zodiac sign?
40. Do you have brothers and sisters? How many?
41. What is the book you would read again and again?
42. Do you have a tattoo? Where are they?
43. What do you expect from me?
44. What is your favorite flavor?
45. Do you practice a sport? If so, which one?
46. Do you like to dance?
47. Do you remember anecdotes from when you were little?
48. Do you like to smoke?
49. How were you as a child?
50. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

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