How to surprise your partner boyfriend or girlfriend:Romantic and best ideas

Here are the best ideas to surprise your life partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend which raises love on both sides and adding life time memories.

Your partner is one of the most important people in your life. They are your main support and you are probably planning or already have a life together. To keep the relationship healthy and love alive, it is necessary that you often show how important it is for you.

Don’t you know how to surprise your partner? It is not necessary to wait for dates indicated in the calendar as the day of the lovers or their birthday to show your affection, it can be any day of the year.

Although love is demonstrated day by day with words and acts of responsibility and care, the truth is that planning surprises for your partner from time to time is a detail that will make you feel even more loved.

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here are many ways to surprise our loved one, here we present an anthology of ideas and proposals so you know how to surprise your partner both on special occasions and on a day to day basis.

Ideas to surprise your partner

If you want to know how to surprise your partner, continue reading this article and get inspired to become the happiest person in the world.

Bring breakfast to bed

Bringing breakfast to bed is the best way to make sure the day starts well. Not only getting rid of the hassle of having to leave between the sheets to go prepare breakfast, but also the person who brings it is the one you want most in the world.

Bring surprise breakfast to bed

This is a pretty and effective way to show you how much we care. In addition, it is something that is not going to cost us any money and very little effort.

Send messages love

We are not referring to normal messages of love since it is quite common for a couple to send messages with the word “I love you” several times in a day. We refer to something meaningful and profound, such as “Today I was remembering the day you accepted to be my partner, I felt like the luckiest person in the world”.

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A day of relaxation

Surely this surprise loves him and leaves him with his mouth open. Whether your partner comes home exhausted after a long day at work or stays at home doing housework, a most relaxing and satisfying idea may be to prepare a day spa. And if it can not be a full day, let it be at least a few hours.

A day of relaxation

You could prepare a bathtub with hot water and lots of foam, candles, aromatic oils, moisturizers, a glass of champagne, etc. Later, invite your partner to enter the bathroom to see the romantic surprise you have prepared. Success is more than guaranteed.

Fill the house with romantic notes

This is a very good idea especially for those couples who, due to mostly working conditions and incompatibility of schedules, cannot be together most of the day. Fill the house or one of the rooms with romantic notes or beautiful texts so that when your partner arrives you will be surprised how much you remembered her.

leaving surprise romantic notes

It is a nice gesture because it shows that even if we are not with our partner as long as we would like, we can not stop thinking about her for a single moment.

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Spend a day outdoors in the countryside with food that you carry in a basket can be a very original idea that refreshes you a bit of the heavy routine.

A romantic dinner at home

romantic dinner at home


To make this an original surprise, it must be an elaborate dinner at home. And is that many couples do not have the time or economy to go to restaurants or other places.

Nothing happens, because with this plan, your partner is equally amazed, and even more, for all the effort you put into the dinner.

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The effort is always going to be much more valued than the economic capacity, and if the problem is time, the fact that your partner can see that the little you have used to make dinner for her will be something that values ​​a lot.

Plan a Gift for your partner

plan a gift for your partner

However materialistic it may be, the truth is that detail or a small gift that we can make at a specific moment is something that will please our partner. This gift will depend, of course, on the economy we have.

If we have a high economy, we can consider giving it a quality jewel. If on the contrary, we can not afford it, a nice bouquet of flowers and some chocolates, or a big stuffed animal.

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Relive the first date

An ideal plan for the most romantic. Reserve a day to devote to return to the place where you went on the first date may be one of the best ideas to surprise your partner.

Make a photo album

surprise photo album gift

If you are still wondering how to surprise your partner, this original idea will appeal to you whether you do it manually or contract with a personalized photo service. In this way, you will have all your memories at your fingertips and you can relive them at any time.

Bakery Day

Give your partner a surprise by making him a delicious cake or cake that your partner likes, or spend a special day in which you make baking. This can be an activity that brings you closer, and serves to spend some time together, something that always comes in handy.

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Dinner in a restaurant

Look for a good restaurant with a romantic, elegant or sophisticated atmosphere. If you really want to surprise with a dinner at a restaurant, do not invite him to a restaurant where you always go or to a mediocre one. Dedicate some money to your partner to see how much you care.

Surprise your partner with a trip

Surprise trip with your partner

This is a very good idea that will delight anyone. Whether it’s a trip to a nice and close place, or something more elaborate and that consists of going to other countries, really abandoning the routine to visit new destinations will leave your partner with a very good taste in his mouth.

Romantic t-shirts

If you are one of those very sensitive and affectionate couples, a good and economic idea can be to make matching shirts or with romantic phrases. Also, it’s pretty fun.

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A call

If your partner and you do not usually make phone calls, a good romantic surprise can be to make a call in which you only tell him how much you care. Nothing more than that. It will be enchanted.

A passionate night

passionate night with partner bedroom

Sometimes, rekindling the flame of passion is the best of surprises for your partner. You could create a romantic atmosphere with candles, champagne, rose petals, etc. Sometimes, the best surprise is yourself.

A walk in some romantic place

If your partner and you do not have much free time, maybe a good walk in some nice place in the city to free you from the daily stress and so that you can talk about you is an idea that your partner is quite missing.

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Tickets for shows

If you still wonder how to surprise your partner, an original and beautiful idea may be the acquisition of tickets for comedy shows, concerts, movies, theater or opera to distract us breaking the routine.

Playing Music with an instrument

men playing music for his partner

If you play an instrument, a very good idea to surprise can be to compose a song that, finally, turns out to be your song. This can not leave indifferent even the coldest hearts.

Strong experiences

If your partner and you like strong experiences, buying vouchers for a parachute freefall can be a very good option to live together. This creates great complicity between them and it sure turns out to be something unforgettable.


There are all kinds of crafts. From romantic letters written by hand, to boxes with small romantic surprises or candy inside. Your imagination is the limit and on the Internet, there are many good alternatives for you to be inspired.

The important thing is that you always think of simple but very significant gifts that make it clear to your partner that they are still your priority.

How to surprise boyfriend

Many people think that only girls will expect Gifts and surprises, but the truth is that this is not true at all. The boys also enjoy the gifts and surprises, so here we present some ideas on how to surprise your boyfriend/boy.

how to surprise boyfriend

Get dressed in a special way for no reason

There are dates when it is necessary to dress in a special way. During Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, it is important to look good. That’s why you can surprise your partner by dressing special. It can be a daily appointment or an informal dinner. Dress with special care and you will be amazed. Use the colors that he likes the ones he told you to look better. He will notice the gesture and be very pleased.

Invite him for his favorite dish

Few things are more tender than a person who takes the time or trouble to cook our favorite dish. You do not have to be a great cook or an expert in gastronomy, you just have to cook the dish with love. In addition, on the internet, you can find countless ideas and tips that will let you know everything you need to make the dish wonderful. Whether it’s to celebrate a special day, or just to remind you how much you love it, it’s a very good idea.

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If for any reason, your thing is not cooking, invite him to a dinner at his favorite restaurant. It does not have to be a romantic dinner, expensive and very elegant, any place where both enjoy the food and have a good time will be wonderful. Find a day when you know that both are free and make a reservation if necessary. Get dressed and ask him to follow you to the restaurant. I assure you that he will be very pleased with your invitation and the surprise you did for him.

Frame a picture of both and give it to them

Surely they have many pictures of what they have experienced over time. And in the age of digital photos, it is rare that we have printed photos. A nice surprise gift will be to print a nice photo and look for an elegant frame to place it. The framework does not necessarily have to be expensive, there are some very good ones in import stores at very low prices.

surprise both couple photo frame gift

You can also make a frame for yourself using recyclable materials. As a final detail, you can add a small note with a loving message. We assure you that it is a very good idea to surprise your boyfriend.

A variant of this is to change the photo of your wallpaper for one of both. It can be your computer or your mobile. In the photo, you can write a romantic or commemorative message. It is a very nice detail, but remember that there are people who are jealous with their personal items, and if you do not know the password of your mobile or your computer it is better not to force things to change the image. Just do it when between both there is enough confidence for this kind of thing.

How to surprise your girlfriend

how to surprise girlfriend

There are times when it is much more difficult for men to find ideas or ways to surprise their partner. It was believed that women are much more demanding and difficult to please, but the truth is that they are happy with any gift that is given from the heart. Here we present some ideas for you to learn how to surprise your girlfriend/girl.

Write a love letter

A love letter is a detail that may seem very simple, but the reality is that expressing such a complex feeling in words is not always easy, especially if we are not of the people who often write. If this is your case, here are some simple tips that you can use to write a love letter:

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  • Start by writing your girl’s name. If you have an affectionate nickname, you can also use it. Now write an adjective that describes it followed by a colon. Examples are: “Beautiful Cristina:” “My beautiful love:”
  • Now write the things you feel when you are with her
  • Mention funny moments that you have lived together
  • Includes lyrics that you both like.
  • Thank you for the effort, dedication and love that you have with you.
  • Write how much you love her.
  • Say goodbye with a flirtatious phrase like “Always yours” followed by your name.

men writting love letter to surprise his girlfriend

You can deliver this letter in person, or leave it in a place where you know that she will see it. It is a very good gift that will value forever.

Give her a bouquet of flowers

The flowers are a detail that most girls find fantastic and make them feel special. You can hire a delivery service to surprise you while you are at home. You can also ask that the delivery be at your school or at work.

This will make her feel spatial, because it is a way of noting not only how much you love her, but also how much you want to shout to the world your feelings towards her. To make it even more special, you can follow the following tips:

  • Includes a card with a handwritten dedication and signed by you.
  • Include a plastic flower and add the phrase “I will love you until the last flower withers” showing that you will love her forever.
  • Investigate her favorite flower and make sure the gift includes it
  • Includes a box of chocolates or some other treat that she enjoys.

Take her to serenade

Wearing serenade is one of the most wonderful and romantic details. Imagine how much your girlfriend gets excited when you dedicate a song to her. Now think of the multiplied emotion that will cause the music to be live. You do not have to be a great singer or musician. You can hire professional musicians to play the music and you only appear with a bouquet of flowers. If you decide to interpret the music by yourself, you can ask friends to help you in the process to make a better performance.

romantic serenade truthquestion

At the end of the day, what matters is the feeling generated by having someone dedicate a song to your window in a surprising way , so it is up to you to appear with a guitar or an entire orchestra, the most likely thing is that she enjoyed the detail you organized to let her know how special it is.

Hide small gifts in their pockets and suitcases

It is something easy that you can do to remind your girlfriend that she is always in your heart. Buy her favorite candy and stick with tape or paper note with a simple but meaningful message like “I love you, I hope you have a good day” or “I will always be there for you, enjoy your day”. Instead of treats, you can also include other types of small gifts, the important thing is that it is something that fits in her pockets and you know that she will enjoy a lot. Now you can hide this retail gift in places like:

  • The pockets of her coat
  • The toiletry bag she uses for her cosmetics.
  • Her handbag
  • Her school backpack
  • The cup holder of her car
  • Her bedside table


As you may have noticed, there are many ways to surprise our partner with gifts, and these should not necessarily be expensive or very large. The most wonderful thing about the gifts is that they are a way of reminding the person that we are attentive to them and what matters most to us is their well-being, that is why we want them to feel happy and loved.

All the ideas we describe can be adapted to meet the tastes and needs of each couple. It is always beautiful to give a personal touch to the details, including phrases, images or symbols that represent them as a couple. There is nothing left but to encourage you to surprise your partner, you will see how you will make both of them have a very good time.

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