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How to organize a wedding banquet

When it comes to organizing the wedding banquet, some modifications can be made to the grooms' taste, but there are some issues that are common to all types of links.

To organize a wedding banquet there is a protocol that serves as a guide to leave nothing to chance. It does not mean that they should be strictly limited to their standards, but it is a great help for newbies in events.

It is clear that, later,  each couple personalize the key moments to their liking and remove or add details. However, the basis for organizing a wedding banquet is always the same.

Keys to organize a wedding banquet and not forget anything

After the ceremony and the oaththe most common is that friends and family gather with the couple for the celebration. Correct coordination of that banquet is essential to achieve the best wedding.

1. The bride and groom at the end

The room or park selected to organize the wedding banquet should be prepared to receive everyone. The first to arrive are the parents and godparents who occupy the role of hosts.

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All the assistants go there and it is the turn to wait for the newlyweds to enter. It is a good idea that, during this time, some canapés and drinks are served on the way. When everyone is at the party, the bride and groom enter on foot wearing the rings.

2. Banquet selection

banquet hall selection

The living room is essential to organize the wedding banquet for its capacity and style. Some choose more classic or traditional places and others prefer modernity. The integration and placement of the tables will depend on our choice, for example.

The organization can also vary, depending on the wedding day or night or the season of the year. In some, the interior is more imposing and in others, everything is done outdoors. You always have to foresee the possibilities of climate changes for that date, to avoid surprises later.

In this same act, you can also choose the menu that will be served that special dayTickets, main menu, and dessert are usually in charge of the banquet. In turn, a sweet table and food are added for an advanced night, in the same place.

3. Distribution of tables

There are different tables to choose from at a wedding banquet. In the most traditional, a rectangular is placed for the bride and groom, parents and godparents and round for the rest. In the most modern, there is no such clear distinction between guests and the presidential table.

This is done according to the preferences of those who are in charge of organizing a wedding banquet and how to personalize it. In the same way, it is always advisable that the woman is on the right.

As for the rest of the people, they must be grouped in advance due to closeness, familiarity or integration possibilities. The idea is that everyone has a good time during the time they are in their seats.

4. The times are marked by the bride

The attention must be placed on the bride since she is the main one entertained and responsible for marking the beginning of each activity. It begins to eat only when she takes the first bite and so on with the rest of the activities.

Not only the dress and its image are the protagonists of the ceremony, but all its behavior. Therefore, no one should step over it to get attention.

5. The toast

Before leaving the table, it is appropriate that the groom make a toast to their family and friends. For the love and for the people who decided to share that date with them.

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When the couple does not take the lead or do not feel comfortable with that, the toast is usually performed by a close relative too. Always with a short, clear and happy message.

6. The Waltz

The first dance is the waltz of the couple, with the musical theme they have previously chosen. As the song progresses, sponsors, parents, brothers and the rest are added to the dance floor.

From there, the DJ changes the music and the big party begins. Have fun is the slogan and will surely come later cotillion and other details to complement.


Organizing a wedding banquet is simple if you follow the steps indicated by the protocol. The variants are made with that base and following the tastes and personality of the couple.

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