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How to make a bridal bouquet DIY

By making a bridal wedding bouquet you will not only avoid higher expenses for your wedding, but also have something done for you on that important day of your life as a couple.

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If you are in the economic or DIY wedding plan, and you have time to take care of several things at the same time, you may be interested to know how to make a bridal bouquet. This element is usually quite expensive if you buy already armed, especially with exotic flowers.

To save some money and have something done for you for that special day, you just have to get down to work. It’s not as hard as it looks. You can even do some testing until you make the most beautiful and perfect for the party.

Steps to make a bridal bouquet: choose the flowers

steps to make a bridal wedding bouquet

As a first step, you have to determine what type of bouquet you prefer, what color the flowers will be and how you want the bouquet to be (more or less loaded, with accessories, vintage, etc).

To spend much less we recommend you choose seasonal flowers and local. You can buy them at a flea market or even online. One of the best is the hydrangea, which grows all year.

The anemone is available in all colors and also flowers at the wedding season par excellence: between spring and autumn. The poppies are red but there are also other tones; the gannets are white with yellow, red, purple or orange tints.

Chrysanthemums, daisies, and roses bloom all year round and can be obtained in almost any color. For the summer there are exclusively dahlias, delphiniums, and lisianthus; If you get married in winter you can opt for orchids, tulips or ranunculus.

If you do not want fresh flowers or prefer to make a bridal bouquet in advance, the best option is to use lavender. This plant is very beautiful when it is dry and will allow you to combine it with others of white or yellow tones for example. Ideal if your wedding decoration includes purple or lilac.

Once you have the flowers for your bouquet, prepare the workspace. You can choose the kitchen or the balcony, the terrace or the patio; The idea is that when you finish you can clean easily. Buy the necessary materials: scissors, ribbons, glue, needle and thread, pins, appliques, etc.

With a stems cleaner or scissors, remove the leaves and thorns of all the flowers. The idea is that they remain smooth so as not to hurt you or to puncture you and to make them more beautiful. Try that all the ropes have the same size.

It also removes those petals that are not healthy or their color has been turned off. To assemble the bouquet itself there are no rules to follow; It is simply to go ‘adding flowers’ with the combination that you like.

In the case that the flowers are of different shades, you can go interspersing them. The idea is that you start at the center and go arming the bouquet in a circular way adding more flowers around. The width you have may depend on your tastes and even the size of your hand.

Make a bridal bouquet: the handle

matching the wedding bouquet with dress

To make a bridal bouquet you must take into account the dress, the color that will prevail in your party and the style of the celebration. For example, you can make a handle with brocade or lace if you dress also takes it or even if your dress is simple, give yourself the pleasure of carrying an impressive bouquet.

Once you have the bouquet ready, we recommend that you hold it with an elastic band or ribbon and that you immediately start working on the decoration of the stems or the grip you will have.

This is where you will bring out your ‘handy’ skills as you can do it in different ways or materials. The fastest and easiest is to buy a ribbon and wrap the stems with it. So that it does not move, put some glue on one end, give all the turns you consider necessary and when finished, fix with more glue.

You can add a ribbon of another color (or the same) like a bow or decorate with pearls or some applique in the center. Remember that you should carry it in your hand and you should not bother at any time.

It is not necessary that the whole stem is covered with ribbons. Some designs only use this element in the middle so that the bride can hold it without problems (and without hurting or dying the green hand).

A good DIY idea that includes recycling is to use a cardboard tube decorated with satin ribbons. It will give greater support to your flowers and prevent them from breaking. Remember that during the wedding you will be very nervous or anxious. This option allows you to keep the bouquet always in good condition.

And if you do not like the idea of making a bridal bouquet with flowers … you can always innovate. It will be an idea more than original and with what you have at home. How about making flowers with fabrics or silks?

Even some brides are encouraged to make them with paper, brooches, pearls and even with felt. Unlike flowers, these bouquets will last much longer and you can save it among your main treasures. If you comply with the tradition of throwing it to the single women invited to the wedding, it will be a very precious memory for the one who manages to catch it.

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