How to make a boy jealous by text messages

Jealousy is a controversial issue; Its causes are multiple, being possessiveness and insecurity two aspects that can easily destroy relationships. The normal thing is that it bothers us that they celand us; However, there are people who like being guarded by their partner. Next, I’ll show you how to make a boy jealous by texting.

In the first instance, we must clarify that we all like to feel wanted; If you’re reading this, you’re probably not the exception.

After all, the fact that someone is aware of what we do or with whom we left is an indication that we are interested; which, in general, feels good.

If your goal is to learn how to make a boy jealous through text messages, it’s simple; you just have to take advantage of the immediacy and effectiveness of the technology and, you know, you will feel all your attention on you!

There are two options: you pay more attention or distance; we all react differently to the stimulus of jealousy, it is a double-edged sword! Without further ado, I invite you to continue reading and discover everything that a simple text message can offer you.


There is a reason why many people are attracted to police series and horror films: suspense. That feeling that there is something beyond or a mystery to be solved, is an incomparable feeling.

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Think of all the characters that are attractive in novels, series, and movies; the mystery is an essential part of them.

How to be a mystery and how to make a boy jealous by text messages?

Precisely, the lack of options that other forms of messaging have, like seeing your last connection status, if you are online or if you have seen their messages, help create such a charged environment of suspense.

With regard to jealousy, the above can be very useful; uncertainty manages to trigger insecurity and, therefore, you will always feel alert and attentive to any curious or unusual movement. Such an environment is possibly the basis for generating jealousy effectively.

If apart from that, occasionally, you mention that you want to say something and leave it to the expectation, or give indications that you have plans without further explanation, you will always have it on the edge of the seat !, and even insist that you let it in in your “unknown world”

It will surely ask you about your plans, about what you do, who you talk to, etc., a sea of attention on you!


Having the possibility to see “Last time online at …”, “Seen at …” or the double gray or blue popcorn that, usually, we see in instant messaging applications, gives us the feeling that, although a person Do not be talking to us at that moment, it’s there.

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Without those functions, the time you delay sending a message will feel like it’s an eternity. That is, with text messages you have total control of the feeling of distance you want to give.

Take your time to respond and send messages, this will always keep you anxious to hear from you! Keeping distance does not necessarily mean applying “the law of ice”. But, making him feel a little of your absence, will make him pay much more attention to your presence.

How to make a boy jealous by text messages, not only makes reference to making him believe that you are with someone; The key is to make him understand that he is not the center of your world and that there are other people interested in you. But how to achieve it? Keep reading and find out the great secret!


Usually, the competition in men is activated by the simple fact of knowing or imagining that there are other kids around you; especially those who, due to their physical appearance or abilities, inevitably provoke jealousy.

If you are telling him about your day and, suddenly, you mention something like “… and José helped me get some copies, always so attentive”, that phrase is likely to trigger his jealousy. So your man is slightly possessive, messages like that will have great effectiveness.

Releasing names spontaneously and casually will make you think you have competition. Do not let it ever take you for granted, stimulate your instincts and make yourself look like the most special woman, ideal for any man, who never lacks suitors.

How to make a boy jealous through text messages was never so easy; if you not only emit the name of a partner, friend or acquaintance but you mention a small positive characteristic, for example, that is chivalrous, funny, handsome, will take the competition very seriously


Intentionally seeking to generate jealousy in someone to attract their attention, can bring positive or negative results, it is a very dangerous game!

It is advisable to do a small test before starting to apply all the knowledge acquired here, it will be the best first move you make!

Remember that not all people have the same point of view of jealousy, it is not always a desirable or pleasant attitude. So watch carefully the behavior of your man and assess whether it is appropriate to undertake a plan to jealousy or discard it to avoid turning around and lose your attention permanently.

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