How to live as a happy couple: 8 Pillars to make relation strong

Advice on how to live together as a couple, with keys so that the love bond does not wear out.

In this article, I am going to explain to you how to have a good relationship of a couple putting into practice the following 8 fundamental pillars.

How to live as a happy couple: 8 pillars to build your happy relationship

Feel at ease with yourself

The first pillar to have a good relationship is to feel comfortable with yourself and with the life you lead.

Otherwise, you will most likely end up blaming the other for your own problems and vital discomfort.

If you need to change jobs because the one you have now does not satisfy you, do it as soon as you can.

If you need to make new leisure activities, do them but we can not make the mistake of holding the other responsible for our own existential malaise.

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Why are you with your partner?

The second pillar is to be very clear about the reasons why we are with our partner.

That is, do we really like our partner? Do we feel that we grow next to her or do we feel very limited? Do we have enough common interests to make satisfactory joint plans?

Good communication with your partner

The third pillar consists of good communication with your partner.

Whenever the other does something that makes you feel good, express it and thank him/her. For example, imagine that the other makes you a great meal.

Well, in that case, express how rich it is and how grateful you feel because in reality the other has no obligation to make it.

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When you need to talk with your partner about something that she did to you and that made you feel bad, it is good to ask her why she did it in a respectful tone instead of making assumptions that can generate a conflict between them.

Also, you have to think that if your partner has an opinion different from yours in some matter, you do not have to take it as a personal attack or as a signal that you are incompatible in everything.

Good communication avoids any misunderstandings. That is why it is important to talk to your partner looking him in the eyes and express clearly what you want to say.

And remember that it is as important to know how to communicate well with her as to know how to listen to her because you are really interested in what she says.

And if a conflict arises when you speak among yourselves, you know that it is very good to use humor to get the two airy of it and thus soften the differences.

Good effective contact

The fourth pillar consists of good emotional contact. The caresses, the kisses, the smiles, and the daily hugs, help to nourish and strengthen your relationship.

You can also show affection by being a retailer.

For example, you can send a message from time to time to your mobile with words that you feel at heart and that are positive for the other.

In other words, what is involved is that you do not always send only pragmatic messages to your mobile phone to ask you to go shopping or wait for you in such a place, etc?


The fifth pillar is, to be honest with the other. Sincerity is the basis for trust in the couple. And if you really trust your partner, there is no reason to keep many secrets about you and your past.

In fact, when you quietly express to your partner your past and who you really are, you feel much more relieved and the couple can know you much better.

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Renew common activities

The sixth pillar consists of renewing that common space that you have with your partner to share new activities that are useful to you and you may like them both.

It is very positive to surprise her and surprise yourself with new activities so as not to fall into routines.

Respect your spaces and your own interests

The seventh pillar consists of respecting the spaces of the other.

Our partner does not always have to be aware of us at all times because she also has her own interests that are not always going to coincide with yours.

In fact, it is very important that you have your own interests and your own space in which you can enjoy life without the need to always have your partner by your side.

It is just as important to have a common time with your partner as to have it for yourself.

Form a good team with your partner

The eighth and last pillar consists of being good companions.

It is essential to form a good team with your partner so that the coexistence is positive.

The division of the tasks of the house, you should like both.

If you have real mutual affection, you will know how to forgive some specific negligence that you have in the performance of your domestic tasks.

However, if one of the two feels that the other does little with his part, then you must speak calmly to solve it and not accumulate anger.

And from time to time, you can exchange the tasks of the house so that both of you can appreciate the effort that the other makes.

Similarly, if you have to plan the family budget, it is advisable that you do it together and it is also very important that you make joint decisions about leisure and family responsibilities.

How to have a good relationship is a question that many people ask and I hope that with these 8 fundamental pillars you already have a first orientation to maintain a healthy relationship.

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