How to Invite A Girl Out in 6 Easy Steps (With Examples)

Inviting out a girl you like should be an easy task, in short all you have to do is just ask her.

However, this task is complicated when most girls reject you and this is an indicator that the problem is not them and really the problem is not you either, but the way and strategies that you are using before, during and after inviting to leave.

That is why in this article I will show you the best techniques of how to invite a girl out, how you should not do it and invaluable tips to achieve your goal.

Before inviting her out

This part is the most important of all, since in it is the beginning of everything. Pay a lot of attention.

1.  The initial question

Before thinking about inviting her out, you should ask yourself if she feels attracted to you, if the answer is YES, we can continue to the next step. What happens if the answer is no?

If she does not feel attracted to you it’s almost a guarantee that she will refuse to go out with you, it is at this point that most men fail, since they invite us to leave because of the emotion of the moment, being really positive and I say, this is Super good.

However, if we still do not feel attracted, you should do a little homework and provoke with simple details that we want to leave.

How can you measure your interest?

You should observe if she looks at you a lot, if she smiles at you, if she has fun when she is with you and if she says phrases like: How fun you are! Woo, I love to joke with you!

Observe how he looks at you. When you’re interested in a girl, she can not help but look at you, although each of us is different and we do it with our own style.

For example, if she is a shy girl she looks at you and as soon as you discover her she will turn her face immediately or she can do it out of the corner very often, if she is an outgoing girl she can hold your eyes for a few seconds, smile and look away calmly as if nothing will happen

Or there is the other possibility if each time you look at her, she stares at you in an aggressive way and keeps it until you remove yours, it is a sign that she does not like you and that she feels uncomfortable or intimidated because you are probably looking at her too much .

In the last case, it is advisable to pause your strategy of conquest and give it its own space so that it changes the perspective on you and does not believe that you are a stalker.

If you do at least 2 of these things I guarantee that you are on the right track.

2.  Make it clear how fun you are

Before inviting her out, you must make sure she knows you are a fun guy with whom she will have a great time, this will help prevent her from rejecting your invitation.

Girls love men who are fun, this is a quality of men that is in the top positions of the ranking of what we look for in a boy.

Too shy kids often seem completely bored, because their insecurity and nervousness does not allow them to be themselves and appear to be the least fun people on the planet.

If you are shy do not despair, just remember to be yourself and control your emotions, avoid sweating seas or stutter when you are with her.

3.  Be a leader

Women are attracted to the boy who is leader among the others, it is usually the “popular” guy who has the respect of the rest, to increase your points with her you must get her to see you develop in the role of leader at least a couple times.

It may be that you do not give much to the fact of sending others or directing an activity, if so, do not worry, it will be enough for example, to focus attention on you either at a party or meeting, telling an anecdote.

4.  Break the ice

In the first approaches with that special girl it is natural that you feel a bit embarrassed, what you should do is create a pleasant environment and the ice will break by itself, try to be as relaxed as possible and avoid acting as a hunter or as the typical “I can with all”.

Try to emanate positive emotions, remember that all human beings “absorb” (to put it in some way) the emotions that are around us, here lies the importance of correctly choosing our social circle.

For example, have you ever gone to a family meeting where some are upset with others? Or do you go to a party but all your friends failed the semester and do not feel like celebrating? What happens in these cases?

It does not matter if you go with the best desire to celebrate, in the end you end up catching these feelings or at least they lower your energies.

The same thing happens with that pretty girl that you like, that is why you must radiate positive energy, so that she feels in a captivating environment and increases her confidence towards you.

5.  Look her in the eyes

There is nothing more uncomfortable for a girl than a guy she has not even left with watching the “Bubis” on her own face while she talks.

Make an effort to look her in the face, all the time you have her in front, believe me she will take much into account if you see her in the eyes or look at her breasts.

If you are going to look at her butt, try to make it when she is at least 15 meters away and that she can not notice, we do not want her to think you are a pervert.

While it is true that girls like us to look at us, however this is completely in another role, as when you are your formal partner or have “something” as friends with benefits etc.

The point is that she approves, otherwise it is a very delicate situation that makes many feel uncomfortable.

6.  Be gentlemanly

Try to be as kind as you can with her, try to help her with something heavy that she is carrying, walk on the side of the street where the cars pass while they walk, offer her something to drink, bring her something to eat at school or the office.

Try that the latter seems casual, for example, if they run out of work or school buys 2 sandwich, one for you and one for her, so you will see the most natural and you will also be like a gentleman.

Once you have managed to establish a trusting environment with her and in which you make sure to at least like her and she does not see you as a stalker and does not think you are obsessed with her, the great moment has come:

Ask her for get out!

You must take into account the following points for the big moment:

  • Choose the time and place

If you are going to invite her to leave in person (which is the most indicated, since by message you will not be able to put in your favor the elements that I will describe below) make sure that it is the right time and place is one of the most important aspects to be able to get that appointment.

Avoid inviting her to leave when she is with her friends, since our reactions tend to change when we are with people who have a certain “influence” on us.

Try to find the time when she is completely alone and nobody can listen to them so she feels free to say “YES” without any problem.

Invite her to go out in a suitable place, you can not ask her for an appointment in the middle of an exam or when they are at a wake.

Also, do not do it when you are already getting into your car and you are about to leave, because you will not have time to think and will not be able to tell you the details of the place where you intended to take it.

She, knowing nothing and taking her by surprise, will tell you that they talk to her later and this would become a huge delay since you would have to approach her again on another occasion and if you do it too soon she might think you are desperate.

  • Avoid being inaccurate about the details

The worst thing you can do is not know before inviting her to where you would like to go with her, imagine the scenario, invite her out and she says “Yes” without more, without buts or doubts, but when she asks where they will go , you tell him you have no idea.

The women who want least to go out with an indecisive boy, that conveys to us that they do not know what they want and this could ruin your date.

It is in this moment where you will make use of the information obtained from the previous investigation that you should have done about your tastes and hobbies.

You must have a couple of options and you must also take into account your tastes and try to combine a place that she likes with one that you like so that you feel comfortable and you can feel in a comfortable environment and have control full of the situation.

So your confidence will increase by not feeling in a place outside your environment and act more naturally.

  • Use a fun and informal tone of voice

Try to be as relaxed as possible, remember it’s just a date! You will not ask for a marriage either, so it’s not the big deal, use a funny voice tone, tell a joke, if you manage to make her laugh a little before asking for the date she will be much more relaxed and increase your chances of obtaining a yes.

Avoid planning a big date or something that may sound too formal, otherwise she might feel that you are going very fast and you can scare her, try to make it as casual as possible.

For nothing in the world you can think that the first appointment can be in a restaurant outside the city or something that is too far from home and implies that the only one who can take it back to your home would be you.

With this you would activate your means of defense, you could have a certain degree of distrust and reject your invitation.

  • Flirt with her

The easiest way you could get a girl to agree to go out with you is to flirt and show that you are fun.

Flirting with a girl is actually very easy, all you need is a little confidence in yourself and know how to properly combine the playful jokes by letting her know you are interested in her.

If you put this in your favor she will notice that you are a happy, entertaining and sociable guy, which will make you a challenge for her and you will automatically gain her full attention.

  • Express yourself with confidence

The confidence in themselves enamored to the people who are around, speaks with security and without worries.

Start the conversation informally, joke with her, try that all your jokes are on a proper topic, you can not joke about her acne or issues that could make her feel uncomfortable.

You should express yourself with confidence both at the time of asking for the appointment and at the appointment itself, show your interest in her by asking questions on trivial topics, avoid being intrusive or try to find out information on topics too personal.

Women are very expressive, you can start to ask about their hobbies and go forward trying to know a little better, at the time you ask something that she considers personal or simply does not want to tell you (if you are attentive you will notice immediately).

Your tone of voice will change instantly, the expression of your face will be different or try to change the subject, this is a warning signal for you and in the future you should avoid the subject until you feel that the trust between them has increased.

  • Address it

Try to make the invitation something casual, try to make the first date look like a simple event.

Invite her to an activity that you are going to do even if she goes or not, you can tell her that you will go to the mall for some new tennis, that you will go to the city center to buy the material for the school project, etc.

Another strategy that works quite well at the time of making the invitation is to subtly ask some of your favorite activities or hobbies.

If she, for example, tells you that she loves to skate, you must “admit” that it is one of your favorite activities, and that “coincidentally” you will skate on Friday afternoon. If she likes to accompany you, she most likely will not be able to refuse .

  • Treat her with respect

Make sure that absolutely all your interactions with her are respectful and that you notice that you take into account her opinion and respect her point of view.

Do not make assumptions about it before you know it, an example is that you think that because she is a woman she has to know how to cook and that she loves to be inside her apartment. Clear these ideas from your mind!

Remember that today women do the same activities as you and we love challenges, of course many of us do not know how to make a well-made rice and that does not stop us from being women.

The value of a woman does not depend on how many dishes she knows how to cook, how white the sheets are when they are washed, or whether they know how to sew or not.

If you show this mental openness, she will see you as a different and worthy guy, but if you have sexist thoughts, it is likely that she will get away from you.

  • Be sincere

You must be honest with your feelings towards her, do not put yourself in the worst place that you could choose “The best friend” once you are inside the “Friendzone” it will be very difficult to leave her and during that time she could find a partner.

Be honest, if she asks you, are you inviting me to a date? Answer him yes, without more, if you want to go out with her for a romantic date, be clear about it.

  • Use body language in your favor

When you invite her out your words must match your body language, make sure you stand up straight, maintain a relaxed posture and smile.

If you are one of the guys who are nervous when they start to sweat, try to use a deodorant that prevents perspiration and keeps you dry all day long.

Avoid bending, crossing your arms and lowering or looking away while you talk to her, otherwise she could interpret it as a lack of interest on your part.

  • Your image is vital

While it is true that girls love enters us by the ear, the physicist is still important, and for women a boy who takes care of his personal hygiene is very attractive.

-Bath before an appointment

-Use perfume or manly cologne

-Use clean clothes and appropriate to the occasion

-Use deodorant

-Fix your beard

-Fix your hair

  • Avoid saturating it with text messages

Be clear and concise, avoid saturating her with questions prior to the appointment, if you ask her all about her on the phone, you will exhaust the conversation topics for the appointment.

If she already agreed to go out with you, do not confirm with her 5 times what time they will meet because I might think that you are obsessed with her or that you are a weird guy.

What happens if he rejects you?

If you do everything that is within your means, carefully follow these tips and she still rejects your invitation:

Do not be sad!

There are hundreds of things that can make a woman reject an invitation even from the boy she likes, maybe she does not feel encouraged that day, that she is “in her days” or simply that at that moment she does not feel like go out with anyone.

This has nothing to do with you, there are factors that are beyond your control and you must understand that you can not force anyone to like or love you.

If you prove to be a great guy and she does not value it, that’s not your problem, it’s hers, and later on she will realize the great guy she let go, however by then you will be with another girl.

  • Avoid looking harassing, you must understand when it’s time to surrender

If she rejects you in a strong way, where you do not have the option of reading between the lines, you must accept that her stomach did not hurt that day, if she was clear with you, you must accept it.

Do not do the impossible to run into her trying to make it look like a coincidence, do not be disrespectful, just go on with your life and find another pretty girl whom you can invite out.

Errors when requesting an appointment

Although you do not believe it, without wanting to do and say things that instead of adding to the situation, they do the opposite, that is why you should keep these points in mind and try not to commit them.

1.  Invite her to something too formal

If you invite her to dinner with your parents or a rather expensive restaurant far from impressing her, you will make her uncomfortable because she might think that you are looking for something too serious and she does not even know if she wants a kind of relationship like that with you.

2.  Be imprecise

Not knowing where you want to go out with her, or asking her if “some day I want to go out with you” if you do not give her a date or place she could take you for an insecure or uninteresting child.

3.  Be boring

Can you imagine going out with a girl who spends all her time silently? No, right? A person who has no topic of conversation, spends his time talking or bragging about his personal achievements, is a very boring person.

If before the appointment you do not do more than just say hello and when you have the opportunity to be alone with her you stay silent, she will not go out with you.

If she accepts your invitation and you make the blunder of not speaking or doing it only of you even if your intention is to impress her, I assure you that she does not go out with you again. Presumed guys do not fall in love, they even end up looking unpleasant.

4.  Act as “he all mine”

It is one thing to know how to use self-confidence and a very different thing is to overreach and act pretentious. If you make her feel that you are all a gallant, that you go out with many girls and that many of you are looking for her, she will think that you only invite her to go out and take her as one of your games.

She will not want to risk being hurt and will decline your invitation.

5.  Misreading the signals

If you have invited her to go out 3 times and she has said “NO” to all of them, she is not sending you signals of interest nor is she making herself difficult with you.

The fact that she answers your messages does not indicate that she is interested in you, it may be a girl educated enough to leave you in “Visto” or maybe she sees you as a friend and you as the Juliet of your life.

6.  Pray for attention

Surely it has happened to you that a girl in love with you, seeks you all the time, sends you many texts, and you find her even in the soup, she is present in all your publications on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

What’s wrong with her?

The only thing you want is to let you breathe, you feel that it does not leave you for a minute, you begin to ignore it and think about how to get rid of it.

Well, guess what? With the girls it happens exactly the same, when a man seeks us by all means, is present everywhere, does not leave us neither in the sun nor in the shade, we begin to tire of him and the least we want is a date with him because we overwhelm with so much attention.

7.  Invite her to your favorite place

If you do not know what kind of places you frequent, you do not have the slightest idea of what their tastes are and even then you invite them out, you could ask their opinion about where to visit and everything would be great because you would participate.

The error is when you invite her to a soccer game where your favorite team will play, to play Xbox or to your reading club, if she does not draw attention to any of these sites it is obvious that she will reject you (it’s common sense).

This invitation is equivalent to a girl inviting you to look at how they put hair extensions in the beauty salon, put on acrylic nails or watch that TV show where they choose the perfect wedding dress.

Would you go? If you have an interest in the girl, you probably make the sacrifice on one occasion, but if she is a girl who only likes you, even if she has a chance with you, her proposal is so boring for you that you would not hesitate to tell her that you have a life commitment or Just death for that afternoon.

In summary

To invite a girl out and be successful you must be yourself, act with confidence and behave like a gentleman.

Follow these tips and comment how many appointments you managed to get with these tips.

Dipsita Thakkar

I am passionate about communication, studying human behavior and getting lost anywhere. I help you overcome your fears and transform your social life with the science of social skills.

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