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How to get lot of natural eyelashes, 7 Good tips to prevent falling

Excessive use of mascara for eyelashes could cause them to fall and weaken. To have a lot of eyelashes you have to provide daily care.

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul for women, the charming look is a part of the beauty routine. Masks for eyelashes, extensions and other products are some allies to wear abundant eyelashes. Here we will give you some easy and economical recommendations.

We will show you some tips so that your eyelashes look beautiful in a natural way. Take paper and pencil, and get ready to have a shocking look in a few weeks.

What to do to have abundant eyelashes?

Brush your eyelashes every day

Take as a habit to brush your eyelashes daily, as it stimulates growth. By brushing blood circulation improves and, therefore, the eyelashes grow. Of course, you must be constant, because you can not get abundant eyelashes from day one to the next day because it takes some time to grow.

mascara brush as eyelash brush

To start this routine you only need a brush for eyelashes. Don’t worry about looking for a very expensive brush in a beauty shop, the brush of a mascara that you do not use will work.

This brush is perfect for your eyelashes. Make sure you remove the mascara, and that’s it! Repeat the procedure every day at night. Remember to do it without having a mask on your lashes otherwise, you could end in weakening them.

Apply olive oil

olive oil for eyelashes growth

Olive oil has many benefits for our beauty. A few drops will make hair brighter and healthier. But did you know that it also helps in the growth of eyelashes?

The reason for this is that olive oil helps clean the hair follicle from the eyelashes. In this way, you can grow more easily and abundantly. In addition, they strengthen them, so the possibility of them falling or breaking is less.

  • To apply it you only need a speck of cotton and put in it a few drops of olive oil.
  • Then you should rub your eyelashes with the cotton from the root to the tip. Do it with care, since it should not have contact with the eyes.
  • Repeat the procedure every night.

Apply chamomile

The Chamomile is a plant with multiple benefits for the body. It can relieve pain or inflammation and, at a cosmetic level, strengthen your hair. It can also make the lashes longer and thicker.

  • To enjoy this benefit you only need to apply chamomile tea in the area of eyelid and eyelashes.
  • Turn this into a daily habit to see results in less time.

Eat foods that contain keratin

Feeding to show healthy skin, hair and nails are also very important. Of course, this includes the tabs. Keratin is part of the upper layer of the skin and provides nutrients to it to be healthy.

  • Eat foods that contain or promote the production of keratin. The best food for this purpose are proteins such as chicken, fish, eggs, and legumes.

Apply vitamin E with coconut and almond oils

almond coconut vitamin e for eyelashes

To nourish your eyelashes and make them grow abundantly you can also help them by applying natural preparations. One of them is based on vitamin E, coconut and almond oils.


  • 3 soft capsules of vitamin E
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (15 ml)
  • 1 tablespoon of almond oil (15 ml)


  • In a container add the contents of 3 soft capsules of vitamin E, one tablespoon of coconut oil and one of almond oil.
  • Mix well and apply with the help of cotton on your eyelids and eyelashes.
  • Repeat the procedure daily or, at least, 4 times a week.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes and try not to rub the area very hard. The use of the preparation will help you to have abundant and strong eyelashes.

What to do to avoid having brittle lashes?

  • Do not sleep with the makeup on, especially if you have mascara.
  • Do not abuse the mascara.
  • When you wash your face, do not rub your eyes too hard.
  • Avoid the use of eyelash curler, as this could weaken and split them.
  • Avoid excess consumption of saturated fats, as these affect the growth of the eyelashes.

Following these simple recommendations, you will see a change in a few weeks. In addition, the use of mascara and extensions will not be necessary, except on special occasions. It is best to show your eyelashes naturally without applying products that mistreat and weaken them.

Do you lose your eyelashes? 7 good tips to control it

In addition to avoiding the use of poor quality cosmetics, it is essential that you improve your diet to nourish the hair from the inside and reduce the fall of the eyelashes.

Have you noticed that your lashes fall more than usual? Although all people have a greater or lesser degree, we must look for ways to control it when it falls too much and it takes us a long time to grow them back.

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In this article, we share some practical and effective tips to stop the fall of the eyelashes naturally. We can also discover what is the most frequent cause of this distressing disorder. 

What to do if your eyelashes are falling?

1. Discover the cause

First of all, if you lose your lashes do not worry. Any problem will get worse if we suffer from stress. We must bear in mind that lashes have a natural life cycle in which they fall and grow back.

However, if we notice that it starts to be a problem, we can go to the doctor. The eyelashes not only embellish our eyes but also protect the eyes from external factors such as dust, sun or sweat.

2. Avoid aesthetic treatments

Nowadays some treatments are very popular to have more abundant, curved, long and thick eyelashes. Some of them use devices or chemical products that offer attractive results but that weaken the hair.

We recommend dispensing with this type of treatment, especially if we have noticed that we lose hair progressively. It is not worthwhile to get temporary effects if later we must invest much more in recovering the lost eyelashes.

3. Check your cosmetics

Eyelash masks vary greatly depending on the quality, components, and results they offer. Some are able to enlarge the eyelashes noticeably. However, this can be harmful if our hair is thin and sparse.

We recommend opting for natural cosmetics, made with plant and mineral ingredients. In this way, we manage to nourish and protect them while enhancing our eyes in a natural way.

Finally, do not forget to always make up your makeup before going to bed. Many women skip this step because of fatigue or they do not do it properly. Make sure your eyelashes are very clean and without mask remains every night.

4. Do you suffer from blepharitis?

In some cases, the fall of lashes can be caused by blepharitis. This disorder is characterized by an inflammation of the eyelids that can be accompanied by an excess of fat or dryness. These particles accumulate in the root of the eyelashes and promote their fall.

If we suffer from blepharitis we should go to the doctor and perform the relevant treatment. We must also be very careful with eye hygiene and avoid the use of any cosmetic or product that is not natural in the affected area.

5. When your hair also falls out

If you lose your eyelashes and also suffer alopecia, you may have a common cause. Sometimes it can even affect the eyebrows and other parts of the body. The reason may be some hormonal disorder that the doctor should evaluate. 

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If this is your case, the following points in this article can be very effective in stopping this problem. You will need to provide nutrients to your eyelashes, both from inside and outside.

6. A more nutritious diet

One of the most frequent symptoms of the lack of nutrients in our diet is hair loss or, in this case, eyelashes. The organism does not consider this a vital task, so it allocates the nutrients to other functions of our organism.

Some foods can help us avoid these deficits and, in turn, strengthen our health:

  • Beer yeast
  • Coconut oil
  • Spirulina
  • Wheat germ
  • Pollen
  • Hemp
  • Maca

maca for eyelashes growth

7. Castor oil

Finally, at the topical level, we can resort to a trick of our grandmothers to nourish, care for, lengthen and thicken the eyelashes: castor oil or castor oil. This vegetable oil, which is very popular as an intestinal purgative, is also a secret of surprising homemade beauty, economical and easy to apply.

  • We just have to put castor oil on our eyelashes before going to bed. The easiest way to do it is to use a mascara can that is empty and clean. In one or two weeks we will begin to notice the effects on our lashes.

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