How to flirt with a girl you don’t know – the best tips

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  • Try to understand a woman
  • Practice your first conversation before approaching her
  • Act safely
  • Keep an interesting conversation
  • Take into account body language
  • Get your phone number and ask for an appointment

If you are reading this is because it has surely happened to you that, on occasion, for example, you have gone out to have a drink with your friends, you have seen some girl that has caught your attention and you would have liked to meet her. However, at the moment of truth, you have not had enough security to approach her and know her for fear of rejection or for making a fool of herself in front of many people.

Seducing a woman you do not know about can be quite difficult, especially if you do not know what you should do to get close to that person. That is why, in this article of TruthQuestion, we give you some clues about how to flirt with a girl you don’t know. With these tricks will fall exhausted at your feet.

Try to understand a woman

This task can be quite difficult because, in the end, each person is a world. However, there are some guidelines within feminine thinking that will help you get closer to the girl that has caught your attention. Therefore, if you want that person to also notice you, you must take into account these aspects to be successful in your first impression :

  • In general, women, even if they do not want a lasting relationship or commit to someone, are not interested in those men who only look for a sex night in it. Even if you are looking for something casual, treating it as a sexual object will not help you to flirt with an unknown girl.
  • Nor are you attracted to the typical guy who goes “macho” or who looks too arrogant. If you try to approach like this, not only will you not be able to seduce her but surely you will get a very negative response.
  • Finally, it is important that if you manage to have the first conversation, feel heard and notice that you are a sensitive person. This way, you will feel more comfortable with yourself and probably, you will be attracted by your personality.

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Practice your first conversation before approaching her

If you are in an event or a pub having a drink and you have seen a woman that interests you, it is recommended that you take a few minutes in front of the bathroom mirror to think about how you are going to approach her and get a first conversation. For this, you can follow these tips:

  • Find the right moment: if you are at the bar of the pub you can invite her to a drink or, for example, if you are in a library you can ask her if she knows where to find a certain book.
  • Be polite: it is more advisable that during the conversation you do not say bad words, as it will get away from you.
  • Treat it with respect: avoid that your first words are a comment about your body or body. Look at how she is dressed and if for example, she has on her shirt the logo of a series or a musical group, you can ask her if she is a fan.
  • If you feel uncomfortable to: if you see that she has no interest in having a conversation with you or feels uncomfortable, it is better than you let it be.

Act safely

Women are always more struck by a man who is confident and seems to have no doubt about himself. It is important that when you meet a girl without knowing her, you approach without showing any kind of doubt as if you knew perfectly what you are doing. On the other hand, if you let yourself be carried away by bad experiences from the past or you hesitate, the most likely thing is for that person to reject you.

Do not let your nerves make you miss an opportunity to meet someone. You must ask yourself “what can I lose if he rejects me?” The answer is nothing. However, if you let yourself be carried away by your fears, you will be losing knowing that girl you like or another person at another time.

Keep an interesting conversation

You have already managed to get close to her and show interest in spending some time with you. Now, if you want to get together with that woman, you should try to make the conversation interesting and interesting. Also, the more interest and curiosity you feel for her, the more comfortable she will be with you.

Try to talk about her, about her hobbies, interests, if she likes to go to the movies if she frequently goes to the gym. This will be the best way for you to find a common theme so that the talk is more lasting. You should also try that, when she asks you something, do not answer briefly, but try to tell her anecdotes and interesting facts or something funny about you.

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Take into account body language

Many times our body and movements say more than our words. Therefore, it is important that you watch your body language and observe that of the girl you want to flirt with. It is likely that, if you know how to interpret it, you can intuit if it has any interest in you, or on the contrary, it wants to stop talking with you. See if you meet any of these guidelines on body language :

  • If you keep eye contact with you. When a girl looks at you quite often and also does not look away, it is probably because she is attracted to you and is sure she wants to start a conversation with you.
  • Another gesture that indicates interest is if he smiles at you quite often.
  • She is also likely to like you if she is attentive to the conversation. On the contrary, if you are easily distracted, it is because you want to end this talk.
  • Other body gestures such as not crossing your legs or arms, are telling you that she is attentive to what you say, since crossing them is usually a sign of disinterest, rejection or protection.

Get your phone number and ask for an appointment

If the conversation has gone well and she has seemed interested in you, it will be time to get her number to be able to stay with her again. If she accepts and exchanges the phones, it is advisable that you call her or send her an SMS between one and two days after meeting them to ask for an appointment, since otherwise, she will think that you did not have much interest in having one with her.

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