How to attract a guy you like – infallible tips

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  • Get ready and look the best version of yourself
  • Take the first step to attract the guy you like
  • Make him feel flattered
  • Look for common interests
  • Flirt and seduce the man you like

If you are reading these lines, it is probably because, for some time now, you have started to like some boy in your environment. However, either for fear of rejection or for not losing your friendship with that person, you do not know what you can do to get close to that child and, finally, come to notice you.

Although every man is a world and has his own tastes in women, there are certain details and guidelines that you can carry out to get the boy of your dreams to like it. In this article of TruthQuestion we explain how to attract a guy you like through a series of tips. Take note!

Get ready and look the best version of yourself

This does not mean that you have to wear the sexiest dress in your closet to go to work or classes but try hard to go a little more neatly. The first thing we look at in a person, if we do not know it, is in his physique and, therefore, the better you look without looking artificial, the more likely you are to attract that boy.

To look better, you can use a little more makeup in your daily looks, but without exceeding. That is, a bit of mascara and a good red lipstick can turn you into a real femme fatale. You can also look for a style of clothing that is somewhat sensual but makes you feel comfortable. For example, you can use tight jeans or a blouse or shirt with transparencies that are a pledge that insinuates and give you a touch of sensuality without showing your body.

Take the first step to attract the guy you like

It’s a bit difficult to attract that boy if he does not even know you exist. Therefore, if you still do not know him, do not be afraid to take the first step to be fixed on you. Many times, men get tired of having to always take the initiative, among other reasons, mainly because they are afraid that they will reject them. Therefore, although it is true that some like to take the first step, others are attracted to women with initiative, as they are proving to have confidence and confidence in themselves.

Therefore, show interest and dare to start the conversation with that boy to give some indication that you are attracted to him.

Make him feel flattered

As in the previous point, most times men are the ones who dare to say a compliment to the woman they like. However, they also like to be flattered. Therefore, you should not be afraid to pay a compliment to the man you want to attract. If you do not know what to say, you can follow these tips:

  • You can flatter some physical characteristic of that boy. For example, you can tell her that she has a beautiful eye color, her haircut or her dress, among other things. However, do not go too, because just as we do not like slugs, neither do they.
  • You can also make compliments on something of your personality that you like. You can tell him you laugh a lot with him or that you love how ambitious he is at work. He will feel admired and will notify you.

Look for common interests

Finding things that you both like can be a very effective way for him to start looking at you. Relationships are not only based on love, trust, sex, etc. But also, in finding a partner that is your friend and that you can do many things with that person.

For example, if that man loves cinema as much as you do, you can go one day together to watch the latest movie on the big screen or even stay at home to do a marathon of some kind of cinema. Or, if you both like the same music group, you can invite them to go together to the next concert they live near where you live. You can also invite him to go hiking or to sign up for a party. There are thousands of ideas according to the interests you have in common.

In conclusion, common interests will give you the opportunity to make many different plans with the guy you like.

Flirt and seduce the man you like

Finally, if you have followed the steps above and he has been clearly receptive, you only have the last step to feel totally attracted to you: seduce him. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  • Smile: men are absolutely attracted to a woman who smiles sincerely. Therefore, give him your best smile every time you see him since he will feel special and attracted by that gesture.
  • Look him straight in the eye: eye contact is very important if you want to seduce a man. Therefore, if both of you are in a social event and you are in different groups of people, look at it from the other side of the room and, in passing, smile before going back to your conversation. You will completely dislodge it.
  • Have a quick and light physical contact: another way to attract a boy is to touch him in an insinuating way. That is, you can rub her arm gently or kiss her a little longer than normal when you greet her. He will know right away that you have a romantic interest in him.

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