How to attract a boy you like SUPER EASY YET 100% WORKING TIPS

To achieve the attention of the boy you like it is important to have confidence in yourself. Find out what hobbies you have and find out if you share any

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  • Dedicate yourself time and get the best version of you
  • Strengthen your self-confidence
  • Try to make the best appearance
  • Take the first step to have conversation
  • Make him feel flattered
  • Find the hobbies that you have in common
  • Take advantage of your seduction skills
  • Don’t Laugh But Just Smile, Sexy Smile

Do you feel a special attraction for a boy? Do not you know how to get their attention? If you have come this far, the answers to these questions are likely to be affirmative.

The drawback is that you do not know how to let him know about your interest because you fear to lose the friendship you have with him or you feel bad just thinking that he rejects you.

While it is true that in matters of women all men are not same, there are certain details and behaviors that increase the chances of conquest.

For this reason, in this opportunity, we have compiled some general recommendations that everyone can apply when they want to awaken someone’s attraction.

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Steps to know how to attract a boy

Dedicate time on you and get the best version of you

Before you want to attract the boy you like, you should focus on yourself. Although each man is different, most of them tend to feel physical and sexual attraction, at first sight, analyzing the appearance and behavior.

Strengthen your self-confidence

strengthen your self confidence

You need to prove to that person that you are someone you have many qualities. For this reason, try to analyze how much self-confidence you have before taking the first step.

  • Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Make those activities that feed your self-esteem and discover what are your strengths to arouse their interest.

Try to make the best appearance

It is not about wearing a dress too sexy or an extravagant makeup. However, considering that the boy will look first at the physical appearance, you should try to look your best when you are in the same environment where the boy is.

  • Strive to get the best version of you every time and fix yourself. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable, feminine and beautiful.
  • Use a little makeup in your daily looks, without looking like you’re going to a party. Apply a little mascara and lipstick to highlight the main attractions of your face.

Tips to attract the boy you like

Once you apply the initial recommendations, you can start working on other aspects to awaken the attraction in the boy you like.

You must assume it as a gradual process since things are to be followed little by little, as you try.

Take the first step

talk the first step for conversation

Does the boy you like even know you exist? Have you ever talked to him? Take the first step! If you stay waiting for him to be the one to take the initiative, it is likely that you will never have the opportunity to have an approach.

  • If you really want to awaken their interest, start by taking the first step to be fixed on you. Find the opportunity to have a conversation with him or, why not, the first date.
  • Many men are attracted to women who take the initiative, as it is a sign of security and self-confidence.

Make him feel flattered

We used to receive compliments from men. What we overlook is that they also like to be flattered.

Although at first shyness or fear makes you feel blocked if you manage to do it you can make a climate with more confidence between you and him.

  • Flatter some of his physical characteristics. Tell him he has very nice eyes or that you like his style.
  • Do not hesitate to highlight those qualities that derive from your personality. Let him know it’s fun and that you like the way he behaves.

Find the hobbies that you have in common

find the hobbies which are in common

There is nothing better than finding a person with our same interests. If you get to know which things you like, you can see if you have hobbies or activities in common.

  • If you both like movies, that’s a better way to spend a day together watching a premiere or enjoying a marathon of movies at home.
  • If you agree on the same musical genres or arts, there is also a better chance of approaching.
  • Try to know him better and take advantage of what you have in common to make him feel more interested.

Take advantage of your seduction skills

After following the previous tips if you realize that he is responding as you want, you only have to take one last step to increase the attraction: use your methods of seduction.

  • Smile sincerely every time you see him. Let him know with a simple smile that he is a special person for you.
  • Look him straight in his eyes and have a visual contact in which the looks say more than a thousand words.
  • Try to have some kind of physical contact, such as a gentle caress or a kiss.

Remember that not everything can be an attraction. If you aspire to have a relationship with that person, know it first to know if it meets the expectations you have.

Once you have confidence, speak clearly of your intentions to know if you are reciprocated.

Things not to do to attract a boy

  • Do not over compliment him this could raise him to heaven which makes him think that he could get a girl better than you.
  • Do not have an emotional breakdown before him this could cause him to think you are weak and loses interest on you.

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