Games for children from 5 to 7 years old

The effects of activities that favor the development of children are enhanced when the playful side is added. Thus, you will take advantage of their enthusiasm and desire to practice it and enjoy a beautiful afternoon of fun.

Games for children from 5 to 7 years are fundamentals to learn to socialize and establish friendships with others, as well as to interact with various family members.

Many of them put their physical skills to the test. While others point to the development of their cognitive capacity and the empowerment of their social skills.

If you are one of those who find fun playing with your children – something that all parents should necessarily do – what we tell you next will be very useful.

We propose six excellent options to spend time outdoors with them and collaborate in their progressive and rapid growth process.

With these games for children from 5 to 7 years old, you will enjoy your little one’s childhood as much as he will appreciate your company.

In addition, you will help him build friendships and integrate into society. Do not miss this excellent chance to become a phenomenal evening entertainer.

6 games for children from 5 to 7 years of age

1.- The bowling

Traditional, but extremely entertaining. This game consists of placing ten bottles in the shape of a triangle  -as in the bowling alley- so that the children try to knock it down with a ball.

A tip: put some water or sand in the bottles to make them more stable. You can take the score and, at the end of the rounds set at the beginning, calculate who was the winner.

kids bowling

2.- The decomposed telephone

If you have a group of moderately large children – four, five or more per team is ideal – this game is a fun alternative. It consists of saying a difficult phrase to remember (or at least have complicated words).

Then, each participant should whisper the word into the ear of the closest partner until they reach the end of the row. The set that best remembered the initial words will win.

3.- Treasure hunt

Like the hiding place, this game is excellent to develop the spatial location of the little ones. In fact, it is one of the games for children from 5 to 7 years more entertaining for them.

What does it consist of? The instructions are the following:

  • Draw on a piece of paper a map of the yard or house that guides you to find an object. The difficulty may vary according to age.
  • The participants can play alone or in groups.
  • You can divide the game into stages by hiding new clues for the first maps.
  • Whoever finds the most objects wins.

A variant of this game – like to get out of the way if you have not prepared a map – is to indicate if the seekers are near or far from the target with the words ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, respectively.

“Many games put their physical skills to the test, while others point to the maturation of their memory or cognitive capacity.”

4.- Sports

As your kids are at an age where they can master their body with greater coordination, stability, and strength, it is ideal for them to start in sports practice.

While the most popular sports attracts all the attention, remember that there are very complete and healthy alternatives: swimming, badminton, and tennis are some examples.

On the other hand, remember that the selection of a sport is exclusive to the child. In no way can the preferences or ambitions of parents interfere in their choice of the activity that they like the most.

5.- The tree house

If you have the necessary materials and infrastructure, especially in terms of security, it is not a bad idea to consider building or buying a house for the tree or patio.

Children love it: you will see that just by letting them explore it they will find a thousand uses and they will have fun afternoons. It is an excellent way to encourage your creativity.

kids playing in tree house

6.- Racing with balloons

The games for children from 5 to 7 years old that consist of races are the favorite ones for many children. However, you can add some difficulty to increase the fun. In this case, we leave you a great alternative for it:

  • Inflate several water balloons and divide the children into two teams. They should be formed in rows.
  • It establishes an exit point and another arrival point.
  • Place the balloons in a kitchen ladle and children has to run to the point of arrival and return without falling the ballon from the kitchen ladle.
  • If the balloon bursts on the floor, that participant must find another one from the exit and start over.
  • Once you return to the exit, leave the instruments for your partner.
  • The winner is the team which completes the tour before with all its participants.

spoon waterballon game

The options are many. You can also go to board games or construction games. The important thing is that you take advantage of the playful methodology in your favor, with all the benefits that this implies for children.

Andy Johnson

Degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. Master in Human Resources and expert in business communication and coaching. Postgraduate in Nutrition and Sanitary and Social Feeding by the UOC. Especially interested in wellness and sports.

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