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Funny Drinking games for couples

If you are looking to spend a fun and interesting moment with your partner, and be able to do something different that encourages your intimacy, games with drinks are an excellent way. Without leaving your home you can enjoy together. Do not miss these fun games with drinks to make as a couple below!

“I never…”

The drinks games have many variations and you can adapt them to play something sexy and fun with your partner. The “I never” is a game known at parties and meetings, but you can give it a different touch to play with your boy.

For example, the first person starts by describing something they have never done before (such as having sex in a car), if the other person has done it then they should take it. But the trick is that if your partner has done something you have never done or vice versa, then they should do it together.

Russian Roulette

While Russian roulette with drinks is a great game to do with more people, it is also an excellent game to play two. You need to place all the shot glasses you have on the table and fill them all with water except one that you should fill with vodka. Then they should mix all the glasses and the person who takes the vodka should make a challenge. You can do it with two glasses and play sexual challenges to do between the two.

Challenge with ping pong balls

This is another game that is usually done between several teams but can make a version between two and with a small turn. What you should do is fill out papers with different challenges and place them under each glass. Then fill half of the glasses with the alcohol you want and place them on the floor. Then take turns to bag the ping pong balls into each other’s glasses. If the ball falls into the cup that means that your opponent must take and make the challenge that is under the cup.

Flip the coin

This is a simple game that requires a lot of imagination. You only need alcohol and a coin. And guess if it’s heads or tails. If you guess you should not do anything, but if you make a mistake once, you should drink a glass, while if you make a mistake twice you should take off a piece of clothing.


This is a great game to experiment with other senses. One of the two must be blindfolded while the other must be naked. The idea is that your partner (or vice versa) will guide you through your body with your fingers and you should guess what part of the body it is. If you guess it he must take, if you make a mistake, you should drink.

Rotate the bottle

Do you remember the classic game of spinning the bottle? You can do it with your man, giving him a sexy and fun touch. Instead of turning the bottle and kissing, take an empty bottle, and some sexies like chocolate, cream, strawberries or whatever they want to use. Place those ingredients in a circle and turn the bottle. If the bottle falls on your partner you should kiss it; If it falls on any of the items, you should use it the way you want and with it.

Strip die

This is a simple and very sexy game to make as a couple. You only need a few drinks and a die. The first one rolls the die and if it’s an even number he must take if he gets an odd number he should take off a piece of clothing. It is an easy and super fun game to do in the previous game.

These games with drinks for couples are simple and fun and are an excellent way to try something different and to rekindle sexuality. Do you have any other game?

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