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Discover how to stop wrinkles before they appear

After 20 years we should start to take care of our skin both internally and externally. Avoiding harmful habits such as smoking and improving our diet will help us prevent wrinkles.

Wrinkles are usually something that always worries us, but that is part of our natural aging process. Today we will discover how to stop wrinkles before they appear, although we have to keep in mind that genetics and good habits will be some very important factors that we must not lose sight of.

By adopting better habits and taking the proper precautions, we can stop wrinkles or, at least we can prevent their premature appearance. To achieve this, it is important that all the keys we are going to mention below must put into practice as soon as possible, if possible, or after 20 years.

Always use sun protection factor

always use sun protection factor

It does not matter if we are in winter or in summer since the ultraviolet rays affect our skin regardless of the season of the year in which we are. Today we have creams that absorb well, that are not heavy on the skin and that do not leave a greasy feeling, so there are no excuses for not protecting the skin from the sun.

For this, it will be essential to choose the correct cream. If we have dry skin, we should opt for a cream with protection factor that is moisturizing. In case our skin is oily, we have to choose one that does not leave a greasy sensation, that absorbs well and mattifies.

The sun is one of the main causes why people suffer premature aging of the skin and that means that wrinkles appear, too, before. Using sunscreen in winter, not only in summer, will help us stop wrinkles and prevent them.

With all this, it is important to keep in mind that we should not abuse the sun since its excessive use can also negatively affect our skin. Although UVA rays are not natural, they affect us. One way to achieve a beautiful tan by taking care of our skin to the maximum is using good quality cosmetic tanning agents.

Always makeup

Many times, due to laziness, we do not take off makeup and this is not good for the skin. During the night, the skin regenerates. If it is not clean, this process can be hindered and cause the opposite effect. Instead of regenerating the skin it will cause mistreating.

The pores must be clean so that the skin can breathe. If we do not remove makeup most of the days, we run a great risk of premature wrinkles. In addition, there will be another type of consequences: loss of luminosity, the appearance of imperfections, lack of elasticity in the skin … All this due to the laziness of removing make-up.

Hydrates dry skin

Although oily and combination skin should also be hydrated, we should mention dry skin with special attention. These are more prone to premature wrinkling since lack of hydration will cause the expression marks to be fixed ahead of time.

Choose a good moisturizer or even make one in our house with natural ingredients will help give dry skin the hydration you need. Likewise, we can help her by also taking care of our diet. Drinking plenty of water will be very important.

Eliminate bad habits

eliminate bad habits

Have you ever noticed that people who smoke suffer from premature wrinkles? This is because bad habits not only affect our internal health, but its consequences affect the state of our skin.

To stop wrinkles before they appear, it is essential that we begin to discard all habits that are really harmful to our health. Smoking or drinking alcohol in excess are some of them.

Yet this also is essential to adopt good habits, for example, take care of food, increasing the intake of vitamin C. This type of vitamin favors the production of collagen and elastin and provides the skin with essential antioxidants to stop wrinkles before they appear.

Beware of sudden changes in weight

When a person suffers from excess weight and thins, their skin no longer has the same elasticity as before. This not only affects the skin of the body but also the face, causing premature wrinkles.

Therefore, do not do miracle diets and take a healthy diet trying to maintain a more or less stable weight will be very necessary to stop wrinkles before they appear. We have to take into account that once the wrinkles appear we can not do anything to go back. Therefore, the previous keys will help something that is fundamental: to prevent.

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