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We can all make mistakes, but what we cannot do is try to continue as if nothing had happened. It is very important that we go through a process of repentance, reparation and forgiveness.

Apologizing is not a simple thing and less if we do not start by acknowledging our own mistakes; We need to leave behind our pride, accept our weaknesses, strive to improve, repair the damage caused and finally, ask for forgiveness.

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If even after all this you do not know what to say to the person with whom you want to apologize, then you have nothing to worry about because this time we bring you some excellent phrases that will be very useful to you.

Cute Apology messages for a loved one

-“My immaturity led me to make many mistakes and now I recognize it and I apologize for everything I have done to you.”

– “It is very sad that we have moved away because of my mistakes. Forgive me and let me have a chance to remedy all the wrong I have done. ”

– “Forgive me, my actions are quite reprehensible and you should never have been a victim of my selfishness.”

– “I admit that I was very stupid to hurt you, you have no idea how sorry I am and believe me that I am willing to do anything to earn your forgiveness.”

– “It is the last time that I ask your forgiveness, please grant it to me and I promise that I will stay away from you to never hurt you again.”

– “I have been the cause of your pain, so I beg you to forgive me and tell me what I can do to solve this situation.”

– “Excuse me, I am very ashamed for having abused your trust, I will show you that I will never do something like this again.”

– “I hope it is not too late to accept my mistakes, but all I want is to earn your forgiveness.”

– “I consider that perhaps I do not even deserve your forgiveness, but I am terrified to think that I have lost you because of me and I ask for forgiveness with much humility.”

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– “Once again I misbehaved and it will be very difficult for you to apologize, but I beg you not to hold a grudge because that way you would suffer more and I would be responsible.”

– “You must feel very disappointed in me and it is not for less after having behaved so badly with you. Sorry!”

– “I need to ask you to forgive me because I have failed you and I do not want more time to pass without seeing you again.”

– “Maybe I can never look at your eyes again for everything I did to you. Forgive me, I ask you! ”

– “I am dying of shame for my bad actions and I would like you to apologize for having acted so badly.”

We hope that these phrases are very effective in your purpose of asking for forgiveness and that you continue visiting our different sections because we always strive to keep them updated. See you soon!

No matter how hard we try, it is inevitable that we make mistakes and that these end up affecting the people we love the most, but what is within our reach is to correct our mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

We will all have to ask for forgiveness throughout our lives and we will also have to forgive those who offend us, so we must understand not only our feelings, but also the feelings of others.

If you are looking for a phrase with which to ask for forgiveness, then you can use any of the ones that we bring you, completely free, this time. We hope you find one that fits your situation perfectly.

The best words of forgiveness for a loved one:

– “I am still alive, but inside I am dead because you were my reason for existing and you are no longer by my side. I hope someday you can forgive me! ”

– “I love you very much and I do not understand what went through my mind for having acted so reprehensibly. Excuse me, you didn’t deserve to be treated like this! ”

– “I’m not going to justify myself in any way, I’m just going to ask you to give me your forgiveness and that someday we can forget about all this.”

– “I am afraid of your rejection, but I apologize because it is the least I can do, after all.”

– “It may be impossible to earn your forgiveness, but I hope to get it someday, meanwhile I will not be able to live in peace.”

– “I don’t understand how I could have rushed and judged you without knowing the truth. Excuse me for the harsh words I use against you. ”

– “I was being deceived by malicious people, I am very sorry, I hope I can see you to explain everything that happened.”

– “I am guilty of all the bad things that have happened lately and I ask that you forgive me because I did not do it badly, I was just selfish.”

– “I am feeling very bad for your indifference, but I deserve it. Forgive me, I assure you, for the most sacred thing, that it will not happen again. ”

– “The days go by and the pain I feel in the face of the serious situation I caused becomes greater; Excuse me, I should have been more careful with my words. ”

– “I am writing to you because I cannot cope with what I feel, excuse me and give me the opportunity to remedy, in some way, everything I have caused.”

– “I abused the trust you gave me and if you no longer want to believe in me again, I will understand you, but please forgive me before even though I don’t even deserve it.”

– “I hurt your beautiful feelings, I hurt you a lot and I really regret it. If only you would forgive me and give me a chance! ”

– “Let me fix this mistake I made, let me show you that I really care about you. I am not perfect, but I recognize my faults. I am so sorry!”

Don’t feel bad if you don’t get forgiveness right away because you have taken a first step by apologizing. Don’t give up and start freeing yourself from guilt, after all you’re doing it with complete sincerity.

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