8 things that long-term couples have in common

Lasting couples have learned to respect each other's individuality and to get the most out of each moment, while innovating or letting themselves be driven by monotony.

Lasting couples are admired by many people who fail to achieve a stable relationship. Each time, it is more surprising to know marriages that fulfill and celebrate anniversaries happily.

Perhaps, everyone dreams of finding a partner for the rest of their lives, but it does not seem very easy to achieve. For this reason, we have identified the things that those who already achieved it have in common.

Long-term couples: 8 things that characterize them and are a step to happiness

It is clear that there are no magic slogans to have long-lasting couples, but surely the ones that we show you below are a great base to achieve it.

1. The dialogue is not abandoned

The links that remain intact for years have dialogue as one of its fundamental pillars. It is able to talk, in a calm manner, about all the issues that concern the couple. Also about those others that involve only one of its members, but affect the relationship.

It is important to know how to say and listen not only to good things but also to those that are not so pleasant as well. It is obvious, that in so much time they will pass through diverse circumstances. Therefore, we must be vigilant to never lose the habit of the word to remain united.

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2. The details are signs of love

details of signs of love

In the beginning of a relationship, generally, the details play a prominent role. A kiss of good morning, a greeting at noon, a surprise on Valentine’s Day … Everything is worth its weight in gold.

Lasting couples choose to keep those details current along their way together. Thus, they are allowed to send a love note to the office or dedicate a song on the radio.

Similarly, being present in each achievement of the other is a priority to nurture affection and maintain a healthy relationship. If the projects did not go as well as they expected, a hug to contain may be enough.

3. The eternal discussions do not lead to anything good

Another thing that couples that last a long time have in common is that they avoid endless fightsDiscussing for any reason is not in your agenda and is worth more negotiation.

In fact, one of the keys is never to go to sleep angry with each other. If a problem arises, it is better to discuss and resolve the differences before falling asleep.

4. Trust never forgets

Lasting couples have full confidence in each other and are sure that they will always have the support of their partner. Individual insecurities are overcome between the two with simple actions.

There is no place for jealousy or to feel that they are at risk at any time. Actually, they understand that they are a team and function as such. Their relationship is so solid that it can not be broken by third-party interference.

5. Good humor is part of life as a couple

good humor is part of life as couple

Surely, if you look around and find marriages that have spent much of their lives together, you will see how they have fun together. And is that good humor is contagious and generates moments of shared happiness.

Lasting couples allow themselves to laugh, sing, dance and even ridicule in public playing as children. Those same activities that united them in youth translate into new spaces now. But the idea is not to lose the magic of feeling young and happy.

6. Sex is recreated

Sexual relationships at all ages provide a sense of renewed energy and unmistakable union. Lasting couples have learned to have quality sex during their journey in love.

There is no talk of the frequency with which they intimate sexually, but of the intensity with which they are delivered each time. Innovating and adapting sexual positions to current circumstances makes them experts.

7. Respect for individuality

As in all relationships, respect cannot be lost or there will be no turning back. And this is what the people who built long and healthy links have understood.

Speaking of respect is not just being cordial or using beautiful words. It means giving the place that the other person needs to feel good. Understand that there are spaces that are specific to the individual and that should not be invaded.

It is also about respect when considering the feelings of others before performing an action. Not all are equal or have the same reactions, therefore, it is good to put yourself in their place first.

8. Lasting couples end the day together

One of the things shared by long-lasting couples is to say goodbye each night with a kiss and go to bed at the same time. It is a way to spend a few minutes alone after the time separated during the day.

In summary

Lasting couples have many habits to imitate and they are the first path to happiness. It is possible that you have to have enough emotional maturity to manage to build these customs. However, they have achieved it and show that it is much simpler than it seems.

It is adapting, giving in and making each moment together with a ritual that allows a better connection. It is about having a vision of a partner from another perspective, more relaxed and grateful for one more day.

Sai Kiran S

Degree in Psychology from the University of JNTU. Master in Human Resources and expert in business communication and coaching. Especially interested in wellness and sports.
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