7 tips to attract a shy girl

Not all women are equal, for each type of person you must approach differently to get their attention

Some men find a timid woman more sensual, it may be that their apparent lack of experience is what catches their attention, or perhaps because of their indifference, they see the work of conquest as a more challenging challenge.

If it has ever crossed your mind what you have to do to achieve your interest, check out these 7 points:

1. Shy is not the same as introverted. A girl with shyness has been made a kind of shield behind which is protected, even against his will is developed with a shield of defense. A woman with this trait probably faced some difficult or traumatic problem during her childhood or adolescence, at the time it worked for her to be like that and it is something that remains so far.

2. Patience. If you want to pretend to a shy woman, you must first know that something that identifies them is that they are quiet people, prefer to listen to their opinions, and also avoid making direct eye contact. If you want to earn your love, you will have to go slow, discover little by little that you are someone you can trust.

3. Good mood. Try to make her smile, humor is the key, tell jokes even if you are not very good, jokes and funny things that happen to you, try to light up your day with a smile.


4. Trust Take interest in what she likes, you need to achieve her confidence and discover her essence, what she loves, will be like a magnet.

5. Intelligence They prefer other things that other girls do not care about, how the world works, knowledge, ideas, do not pretend to seduce her with a few drinks, they are not like that, take an interest in what she is passionate about.

6. Try to be a bit indirect. Do not get to the point the first time and tell her that you like her, you can scare her and never hear from her again. Try to go knowing it, that little by little it is capturing the clues that you give it.

7. Signs With your attitude send indicators of what attracts you, use body language, that she deduces that she likes you, for example by touching it subtly, that she feels the attraction. Be brave and invite her out.

With these tips and persevering, you will be able to earn a place in her heart.

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