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7 techniques to erase negative thoughts from your mind

Obsessive and recurrent thoughts: do not let them end up consolidating in your mind.

We all have some negative thoughts to a greater or lesser extent, but if we allow them to take over our minds they can be dangerous for our mental health.

Recurring negative thoughts are consolidated in our brain and can become very annoying if we do not do something to get rid of them.

The strategy of “forcing us not to think about it” is counterproductive

The moment we start thinking about negative things, we try to immediately expel these thoughts. However, eradicating bad thoughts is not as easy as it seems, and it is even a strategy that can be counter productive.

Combating this kind of negative and recurrent thoughts can even anchor these thought patterns, with which the problem, far from improving, gets worse. The truth is that the more we try not to think about something, the harder it is to get that out of our mind.

In order to free ourselves from these thoughts, it will be crucial to approach the problem in a different way, with the right techniques and strategies to cleanse our bad thoughts once and for all. Here are seven ways to achieve it.

1. Modify your body and gestural language

Pause a moment to observe how you move and what gestures you use when communicating with other people. Do you seem more stooped on account or do you have a closed body posture? Are you frowning? Do you cross your arms?

If you notice that this is so, be careful because you are more likely to have negative thoughts. In fact, bad body language can damage your self-esteem and undermine your self-confidence. When our emotional state is not optimal, negative thoughts can easily arise.

Try to smile more often and improve your body posture, opening yourself up to others. This will help you to have a better non-verbal communication and to promote a better mental state in which the recurrent negative thoughts do not fit.

2. Do not be afraid to talk about the topic that concerns you

It is not uncommon for bad thoughts to arise because we have emotional or other problems that we have not been able to communicate to anyone. When we keep these sensations to ourselves, things usually get worse.

If you consider that you need to express to someone what torments you, do not hesitate to do so. When we talk to someone about what worries us, thoughts take on a new dimension, we make them visible, and this can make it easier for us to put into perspective. A good way to start erasing them from our mind.

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3. Do you know meditation and Mindfulness?

The stress and anxiety with which we have to face the frenetic pace of everyday life can make our thinking does not rest or oxygenate enough. It is almost impossible to manage to manage our negative thoughts when we do not have a minute of relaxation.

There are different techniques and philosophies that help us to put our minds blank and encourage our brain to restructure thoughts and emotions. For example, meditation or Mindfulness philosophy.

4. Change your perspective on things

Sometimes, negative thoughts are the reflection that we are looking at reality from a wrong perspective. Try to reflect on your point of view, perhaps you realize that you are not totally rational when it comes to assessing what happens in your environment.

For example, instead of thinking “I am living a complicated moment in which I have a lot of problems” , you can try to change the frame and focus it like this: “It seems to me that I am facing certain challenges that are demanding a lot but I am on the way to find solutions “ .

Fundamentally the message is the same, but using the second formula you can approach the problems in a more optimistic way. This small change of attitude can cause a great improvement in your perception of things since you will be modifying some mental structures.

5. The importance of creativity

Sometimes, negative thoughts become encyst in our mind and it is difficult to channel them out to erase the bad influence they have on us.

One of the ways to do this is to find an artistic or creative expression: writing, drawing or playing a musical instrument can be a good way to channel these bad emotions through creativity. In addition, it is demonstrated that  art can be very therapeutic and manages to improve your mood.

Creativity is liberating. When we are able to express ourselves through art, the negative dynamics generated by your thoughts will begin to weaken to give way to new experiences and sensations.

6. Strolling and practicing physical exercise

Some people think that our body and our mind are two clearly differentiated elements that carry out their processes separately. Therefore, they assume that thoughts are formed in the mind and that the body has nothing to do with it.

This is not exactly like this. Our thoughts are also a product of the environment in which we live, the quality of the interpersonal relationships we have, and many other factors. You may have noticed that if you are close to negative people for a long time, the most normal thing is that they gradually “infect” your attitude and your emotional state gets worse.

Temporarily moving away from the environment that creates discomfort can help you a lot. For example, taking a walk will activate brain regions that remain almost inactive when we are sitting. Another good idea to erase negative thoughts is to practice physical exercise, since it is shown to improve our mood and we report a good dose of positive hormones and relaxation.

7. Ask yourself what makes you happy

Some recurrent thoughts that disturb us have their genesis in a sense of existential emptiness. But are you aware of all the positive things you have around you?

It is not uncommon that, immersed as we are in the daily routine and in our respective labors, we lose the general perspective on the relatively positive things we have in our lives. It is essential then that we give value to these good things, and give them the importance they deserve.

If you make a list of these things that you can feel happy and grateful about, your emotional state will improve. Keep in mind that, on occasions, many positive aspects of our life go unnoticed. It is your responsibility to return to them and value them.

Andy Johnson

Degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. Master in Human Resources and expert in business communication and coaching. Postgraduate in Nutrition and Sanitary and Social Feeding by the UOC. Especially interested in wellness and sports.

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