5 ways to make 69 – enjoy yourself to the fullest

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The 69 is one of the most classic positions, but also more pleasant, to practice together with your partner. The best known way to do this sexual position is to place yourself laterally in the opposite direction to your partner, so that both you excite and get pleasure from each other. However, did you know that there is a variety of ways to practice this well-known oral position?

If you want to enjoy oral sex in a different way and, by the way, pleasantly surprise your partner, in this article of TruthQuestion we explain 5 ways to do 69. Which one do you prefer?

The frontal 69

The first way to do the 69 can also be considered, like the lateral position, a classic pose in sex. It is called the front 69 and consists of lying on top of each other in reverse or opposite to your partner’s.

Although it is within the classics, it is also one of the most pleasurable and exciting, since the woman can make a deeper fellatio to the man, besides being able to use his hands to caress while the scrotum. And the man, also has a lot of freedom of movement, being able to lick the clitoris of his girl while penetrating her with his fingers.

The 69 stopped

The following way is a little complicated and it is necessary that both of you be a bit in shape. It is called the 69 stopped and consists of the woman being suspended in the air in the opposite direction to the man so that it can reach the penis and he to the vagina.

To do it without any risk of falling, you can sit on the edge of the bed while the boy, leaning towards you, holds your body by grabbing your waist. To have more support during this modern 69, you can put your legs on his neck and hug your boy by the torso. It may seem a very difficult posture but you will both get an intense orgasm.

The 69 seated

This pose, compared to the one we have explained above, is much simpler to perform. They call it the 69 seated and, like in the unemployed, the woman also stays a little suspended in the air while the man is sitting on the edge of the bed.

To do it without injury you must approach the man from behind and, slowly, you have to lean down as if you were doing a somersault. While you are leaning, your boy will have to hold you from the back until you are opposite to him and with his arms resting on the bed.

The 69 on his knees

Like the previous position, the kneeling 69 also requires some physical dexterity on the part of the two members of the couple, especially the man.

To correctly do this sexual position, the woman will have to lie down on the bed or on another flat and comfortable surface, looking up. Next, the man should lean towards the girl while he goes sliding his hands to the height of his waist. When she is in that pose, the girl will have to hold him with the help of her legs while putting them on top of his shoulders. When both of you are in that position, the man will charge his girl and lift her until she is in a vertical position.

The classic 69 in reverse

The last position to do oral sex simultaneously with your partner is like the classic frontal position but in reverse. That is, the woman is below the man, both in the opposite direction.

This position can be quite pleasant for him, since it allows him to have a greater control over his girl, which, can be quite exciting for those who like to feel that they have control during sexual relations. In addition, it allows a better stimulation, not only with the mouth but with the hands.

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