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40 interesting questions to talk with someone you like

The most common topics in many people’s conversations are about the weather, hobbies, or about work; but when it comes to talking to the person you like, you must leave these issues.

This is where many people are left with nothing more to say.

Communication is a powerful tool, able to help us achieve our goals, so you must learn to use it to the fullest, especially when you want to form a special connection with that person you like so much.

The best way to do this is by asking interesting questions that allow you to discover more things about that person in order to know them,  connect emotionally with them and know if they would really be compatible as a couple.

If you want to know more about that special person. Next, I’ll share some ideas  with you so you can ask interesting and surprising questions :

Interesting questions ideas

1. What reasons did your parents have to give you that name you have?

This question allows you to know about the origin of your name. Surely you will have an explanation because most parents have a reason to name their children. Behind every name, there is a story.

2. If you promoted yourself as a product, under what motto would you do it?

The slogan that you use will allow you to know more about that person, as well as it will be a very interesting conversation. Well, probably emphasize the virtues that person has.

3. What is your favorite genre of movies?

This question will give you information about how this person lives his life, whether in a mysterious, dramatic, comical or some other way.

In addition, you can already know more or less what your favorite movies could be or what kind of movies you could invite them to watch.

4. When you were a child: what did you dream about being an adult?

This question will raise the best memories and smiles of the person to whom you ask. In general, childhood is usually a beautiful time, and remember it is always pleasant.

5. How do you see yourself in ten years?

The answer to this question can spontaneously generate another series of questions, due to the uncertainty that surrounds it. We can not see the future, even if we always make long-term plans.

6. If you could move through the timeline, would you reach the past or the future?

The answer to this question will help you determine if the person is more inclined towards his future and everything that implies, or if he is more concerned about things that have already happened.

7. If you had the power to change only one thing in the world, what would it be?

There are many injustices in the world, both small and large. Being attentive to the answer that the person will tell you will let you see how altruistic or superficial it can be.

The answer to this question can also cause an interesting topic of conversation to develop.

8. If they told you the news that the laws will stop working for a whole day, what would you do?

This answer will let you see what is the dark part of that person that you have in front of you, or suddenly you could also discover that you are a person who loves to live peacefully in society.

9.  With which historical character would you like to have a lunch?

This question will help you discover how much interest you have in history issues. Also, you can see who you admire and know a little more about their way of thinking.

10.  How would you conquer me?

Although this question can be uncomfortable if you risk it may be that person would try to put it into practice. Anyway, ask this question only if you think there is a possibility among you, and that person really like you.

11. Which of your senses do you think is most important?

The answer to this question will help you see what is most important to that person and how you prefer to perceive the world.

12. If no food would hurt you, what would you eat without getting tired?

By means of this question, you will be able to determine if that person takes care of his health, or if nothing matters to him. You can also determine what gastronomic tastes you have.

13. If you were granted one wish, what would you like to ask?

This question will allow you to know what is the priority or the greatest desire of that person.

14.  What is your favorite time of humanity?

Humanity has lived through different periods and periods. With this question, you will also test your historical knowledge, and you will know if you feel comfortable living in the current era or if you prefer another.

15. What do you think was first: the chicken or the egg?

You will make that person think and you will see how smart he is when using logic.

16.  What superpowers would you like to have?

This question again would help you to discover if the person to whom you make it is altruistic, or if on the contrary only thinks about itself.

You can also see if you have insecurities or if you are satisfied with your way of being. Maybe he will surprise you and tell you that he does not need any kind of power because he already likes to help people.

17. What is your most frequent nightmare?

Entering the world of your dreams will help you to know features of your personality, of which you do not speak frequently, as well as some of your fears.

18. What is your most hidden fantasy?

Most people keep fantasies that have not told anyone, but if you get that person to make this kind of revelation, not only have you gained your trust, but also that person will feel weightless to do so.

19. What actress or actor do you think you look like most?

This question will also allow you to know a little about the person you are facing, since many times we idolize certain celebrities and copy attitudes that they have.

Take the opportunity to ask why he thinks he looks more like that actor or actress. Maybe he‘s a philanthropist.

20. What would be your attitude if a stranger gave you a kiss on the street?

If you pose a common situation, surely the person would know how to respond, but when you place him before a situation to which he is not accustomed you will be able to see which side is more impulsive in different actions that are not frequent.

21. If you could put a person under lock and key, who would you choose?

These types of questions will let you know what kind of person the interviewee loves, and why.

22. What would you do if a wild animal attacks you?

These answers are usually fun, even when the issue is serious. You will test all the creativity and imagination of that person.

23. What is the strangest thing you have done in the name of love?

Out of love, many people are able to perform the most unimaginable feats, and they do it with the best possible humor.

Investigate how much that person believes in love and what he would be able to do.

24. What is your favorite part of your body?

You can determine with this question if the person is narcissistic or if, on the contrary, he has a normal behavior regarding the subject and is able to realize his own beauty.

25. What strategies would you use to make a person who is a sad laugh?

We all feel good when we make another person smile because in a certain way we are making their day happy.

This question will allow you to know what you can do to make another person happy.

26. If you could choose to have another life, would it be whose?

With this question, you will know if that person is satisfied and satisfied with his life or if he feels unhappy and would like to be living the life of someone else.

27. What things would you do if you were the winner of the lottery?

The person will give you one of the most sincere answers that a human being can give without monetary limitations.

It could well be that he squandered all his money in a second, or it could also happen that he would donate a part for the neediest, or the protection of animals.

Anyway, it will always give you a clue about your way of thinking about monetary matters.

28. If you could be an animal, what would you be?

The answer to this question will help you to know the values that a person possesses, the form in which he would like to live, as well as his defects.

This question also allows to know in depth aspects of the personality of the other person.

29. If you could choose a name again, what would it be?

You will be able to know if the person is satisfied with the name that he has or if, on the contrary, he feels displeasure and would like to change it.

If you tell him he has a nice name, he will feel more comfortable with the one he already has.

30.  Is there someone you would like to see in underwear?

This question may also be part of a list of questions that might arouse curiosity; however, his answer could also be quite funny.

31.  On which cover would you like to appear?

With that question, you can see what aspects or features of your personality you think should be recognized.

Also, this question can help you discover again if you are dealing with a narcissistic person, or not.

32. What thing have you done that has caused you greater shame?

Although at first, you may feel embarrassed to remember those episodes and narrate them, when you count them, it may turn out that what you thought was shameful was really just something simple.

Everything depends on the point of view in which you observe it.

33. If you were dying of laughter in an inappropriate place or an incorrect situation, what would you do?

With the mere fact of imagining that that person is in a math class with an ultra-serious teacher and that passing the subject depends on his good behavior, it already generates a lot of laughter.

Talking about these aspects can be very fun.

34. What is the song you most hate?

We have all hated a song at some point in our lives, but after the time passes, remembering the anger that made us feel, it just makes us laugh a lot.

Therefore, this topic is very funny.

35. In what moments do you feel more sensual?

With this question you will know at that moment you can approach with a chocolate or a good compliment. Without a doubt, you will make that person feel much better.

36. What things make you more nervous?

You already know what circumstances to avoid when you are with that person. In any case, discuss this also but it is quite liberating. It all depends on how good a listener you are.

37. If you were a lonely ghost, how would you make friends?

With this question, you can also have fun for a while, since ghosts are supposed to inhabit empty houses, to which few or no people go.

38.  What kind of jokes do you like?

You know what things cause him discomfort or anger, and with this answer, you will also know what kind of jokes you should avoid.

39. How is a great day for you?

Again, depending on your response, maybe you could plan a great day with that person and have a great time.

40.  What things of the future would you like to see clearly?

What the person responds to this question will make you see what things bother him most and which ones he would like to have more controlled.

Conversations are always the best way to build ties with other people. Remember that there are many ways to make real friends.

Everything depends on your spirit and charisma.

Tell us what you think about this series of fun and interesting questions.


Dipsita Thakkar

I am passionate about communication, studying human behavior and getting lost anywhere. I help you overcome your fears and transform your social life with the science of social skills.

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