38 Signs a girl likes you – by experts

Are you waiting for that special girl to like you, but you have no idea how to know if she likes you?

Women are not always easy to understand. For that, I will give you a basic guide to the universal signs that any girl expresses when she likes you, if you are receiving many of these signals and you still do not invite her, I do not know what you are expecting.

You want to invite a girl out, but you don’t know whether she likes you or not, to know this many of you will probably prefer bungee jumping in a tall building, instead of being rejected. And yes, the rejection is horrible, but on the other hand, she could be secretly interested in you too, that’s why we arm you with courage so that you overcome your fears, take the risk and invite her to leave.

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If you have no idea what they are, keep reading, because in we explain signs a girl likes you and How to tell if a girl likes you. The signs that we are going to present to you are endorsed by researchers from different institutions such as the University of Lancaster, the Imperial College of London and the Paul Ekman Group.

Before knowing how to tell if a girl likes you read this maybe she dislikes you…

Knowing a girl dislikes you is not as difficult as you think, you just have to look at some details that can tell you that she behaves differently with you. let’s begin:

  • She will treat you badly
  • She will be distant and elusive with you
  • She will ignore you
  • She doesn’t smile when you look at her.
  • Reject your invitations several times or give you constant excuses
  • She will treat you like everyone else without you being able to detect something special.

If any of these things happen, the best thing is to get away from her or try hard to see her with different eyes because clearly, she is not interested.

How to tell if a girl likes you, Signs a girl likes you

1. She Looks into your Eyes when you turn to see her

When a girl likes you there are exchanges of looks not only from you but also from her, in those moments she will be able to smile at you several times, this gesture is not only friendly but it is a facial demonstration that we are available to start a dialogue or that we are open so that we can approach.

She Looks into your Eyes

Attention, a loose smile can be simply a kind gesture, but when there are also many looks and several smiles, it is a way of saying that she also notices you.

2. She asks you these kinds of questions.

When you are talking, she may say something positive, make a plan for the future and give a reason to end the conversation.

For example: “I like to talk to you, but I have to go now to do a job, maybe we could see each other again if you’re free.”

If it is well known that when you are the best student in science class, then it is natural for people (even her) to ask you about the assignment or a next exam. But if she asks you questions about dull ones that she could easily get answers anywhere, pay attention. If she asks you for Facebook things like: “Hey, do you know what day winter returns?” That’s not a clue, that’s a bright flame.

3. There is a special tension in the way she talks to you.

All girls may or may not be friendly when you talk to them, but if she really likes you, the conversation will become playful and flirtatious, she will laugh at your jokes and make a compliment of you. Many of the girls may be less obvious and they will tell you that they enjoyed seeing you when you scored in your soccer match, but other girls go a little further on. If she starts and whispers that you look great with that green shirt, take note that she is definitely interested in you.

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4. She will be willing to help

If a girl likes you she will be subtle in demonstrating it, but in a way that you can see it. To start she will always be available to talk with you, listen to you or help you with whatever you ask. She is interested in you knowing that you are good, so if for example you like someone in the office and you approach to ask for something, if she feels the same as you, she will agree with a smile and give priority to your request so you can have what you need fast, so you can remember it more easily.

5. Moving her legs in a nervous way

These are direct forms of body language, but romance can be a game of poker, you must be aware of the signs that she do are for you or not. That’s why we see the legs.

People try to mask their facial expressions, but they do not realize what they convey with the movement of their feet. If she is talking to you and moves one foot away from her, that is a beautiful form to project a more open posture, that is good. If you notice her foot does not stop moving and laughs a lot, that’s a winning combination.

6. She knows much more about you than you about her

A girl who has a genuine interest in you will find different ways to do good things for you. If she sees that you are depressed by a bad school grade, she will volunteer to help you study for the next test. If you are both interested in a band, she will probably buy two tickets for your concert and offer you one. A girl who likes you will care about you and show herself in a protective way with you.

Other obvious signs that a girl likes you is if she remembers important dates for you or your birthday. If your school sells candy canes at Christmas and she buys one for you, or if she brings you a cake from your favorite pastry shop for your birthday, it means you’re in her head.

7. You find her many more times lately

Does it happen to you that you are out of school working in a hamburger place and you see that the girl is standing in front of the counter for the third time in the week? If this has been happening more than usual, and when she sees you she smiles and greets you when she visits the place, it is possible that she is waiting for an opportunity to talk with you. But also, she can only enjoy a tasty hamburger, so raise your antenna well to detect other possible situations in which she is looking for you. It may be she is constantly walking near your locker between classes, or you see her regularly where you usually go. If you regularly see her in places where you usually spend free time, she is possibly trying to get your attention.

Maybe you sit in the empty place next to you or delay a little just to be able to walk with you for a moment.

8. She comes indirectly to the point.

One of the best ways to be liked is to be sure of yourself. The best way to demonstrate safety is to like yourself. Mention yourself good and that is a good way to make people love you too. If they do not, you will be belittled.

You and your affection technically speak the same language. “Technically” is the keyword. You use words from your own mental dictionary, but your method of persuasion may be totally different. It’s a frustrating proven fact. That also gives you the reason to be hopeful.

If she is angry with you, the direct interpretation is “she hates me.” If she is fluttering from you like a bird in a tree, it is assumed that she is only interested in you. But consider that maybe, just maybe, that her loquacity is a sign that she trusts you and enjoys getting close to you by sharing a large amount of information.

9. Your initials keep appearing.

When a woman is really interested in you, she will find it difficult to think of anything other than you. She wants to talk to her friends about you, she wants to listen to music that reminds you, she could even watch movies that show the similarity of the love-drama scenario in which she finds herself.

But during classes, there is no way to express the emotion that comes unconsciously from writing your initials in your notebook, book or your hand.

If your name is Michel Angelo and “MA” appears constantly on her class notes, you will have won, it is a classic way of expressing that she is interested in yourself and can not be denied. Unless her name is Maria Angela, the star player of the school is Manuel Alvarez.

10. Time will tell.

She can be a significantly observant person, but if she likes to remember details about things you have said or things that you like, pay attention. That little information can lead you to think that she likes you.

But there is a difference between liking, loving or being in love with someone. The human body behaves strangely when it is in love. It’s that amazing tingling, the feeling of being out of this world that only lasts a couple of months. This is nature making sure they are there enough for them to reproduce.

It is also a game, three months or a year from now she can see you with an empty look, realizing that there is no quality that she admires about you, in a few words, she never liked you, she was only in love with you. But realize that falling in love is like a legal drug, and three months to a year is an eternity for some youth relationships. In your infatuation with you is good enough, enjoy it while it lasts, just do not play.

11. Her friends gave up.

The indisputable sign that a girl likes you is that one of her best friends gives up and tells you her secret: She likes you.

Her friends may be breaking the friendship code, but they would not tell you such a secret if they had not realized that you also like her. It is also important to know that your girlfriends are on your side, that means they approve if they go out together. If this happens, do not give it more laps and invite her to leave.

12. You see her more often

When a woman likes you she will always try to encourage a meeting in which she can interact with you, that’s why you will begin to notice how they coincide in certain places, in social events, at lunchtime if they work or study together, etc. Although we are not always direct and obvious we are interested in making the boy we like to notice us, and therefore we make ourselves casual in the same places to encourage a conversation, meeting or contact.

If she likes you and casually you begin to see her more and more without you being the one who seeks to meet her, then it is possible that she has also noticed you.

13. Casual Touching

The physical proximity is inevitable when we like someone. If a woman likes you in the moments when they talk or meet, not only will she be willing to talk, but she will also touch you casually and delicately. It will be by your side brushing your arm, place your hand on your shoulder, brush your hand or your leg, touch your hair to make a comment about it. Whatever, a single gesture will serve to tell you that it does not bother you to be close to you and have a more intimate and personal contact if this signal occurs frequently it is important to take it into account because it is very likely that you like that woman.

14. She smiles at you much more than she should

If she smiles when your eyes and hers meet, do not think about it anymore, go and talk to her. A smile is a form of empathy among humans, go and introduce yourself to her if you see that she smiles at you.

There are many types of smile. The courtesy smiles usually look a bit fake and are accompanied by many “nod” movements, which actually mean that you do not care much about what you say.

But there are many types of authentic smiles that can express many things.

15. Ask you personal questions or many questions to get to know you more

If you see that she makes the effort to continue the conversation by asking personal questions, it is a sign that she has an interest in you.

16. Approaching her to listen to you or see you in the eyes

If you see that it is very close to you to pay more attention or if you see that it looks at you attentively to your eyes it is a sign that you like it. If it is too obvious, the attention it gives you may be a good time to kiss her.

17. Her hair is accommodated

Many women when they get nervous gives them to accommodate their hair. When they like a man many shy women get nervous and a way they manifest their nervousness is by adjusting their hair.

For girls, playing with their hair has been since ancient times a subtle way of sending a clear message of attraction.

18. He laughs at your jokes, even when they are not funny.

Many women when they like someone laugh nervously at any comment, although the latter is not funny. If you notice that this happens with the woman you are talking about, it is very likely that you like her.

When a girl is trying to openly tell you that she does not like you, it does not matter if you’re the best comedian on earth. He will not laugh precisely to not give you much hope or to try to get you away.

On the other hand, if you seem to understand your sense of humor is that you are comfortable or that you are making an effort to look good. None of the above is a guarantee that you like it but, again, at least it is going in the right direction.

19. She likes to talk to you

This might sound very obvious, but it is one of the first signs of attraction and one that we overlook too often. Whether you like it or just enjoy spending time talking to you as friends, at least you’re going in the right direction.

20. Evade your look

When a girl evades your look, it can be a sign that she feels nervous. You need to evaluate the rest of your body language to assess whether this nervousness is because you like it or that it is uncomfortable.

21. Try to make you laugh

Humor is not just a seduction strategy for men. Many girls also test the terrain in this way, so stay tuned.

22. Bites or licks her lips

Consciously or unconsciously, she is trying to attract your attention to them.

23. She does not like to see you with other girls

Let’s face it, a girl who wants to get rid of you will encourage you to go to court or to spend time with others. On the contrary, if she is upset in situations that involve other girls in your life, the most likely thing is that she wants you for her.

24. She hugs you very often

Most women do not like physical contact with men who are not trustworthy or with those who do not have romantic intentions. But there is a big difference between a brotherly and a romantic embrace.

25. Her friends give you clues that she likes you

If something does not know how to be friends, is to be discreet. When you approach a girl who is in the middle of her circle of friends and they all start to gossip, you know that there is something interesting there.

26. Develop interest in her interests

You have begun to listen to the music you like, or maybe to find out a little about the history of your favorite American team.

27. She blushes

If you see that she blushes frequently before rather innocent attitudes, it is that perhaps she is thinking not so innocent things.

28. Shows her body

Does something in her posture or in her dress make her think that you are seeking to exclusively call your attention?

29. Her body posture is relaxed while talking to you

This means that it is comfortable and open to closer subsequent approaches.

30. Interrupt conversations with her friends to talk with you

What better sign of interest can there be? If she likes you enough then she voluntarily walk away from her noisy and fun circle of friends, it is that she is ultimately interested.

31. She compliments you when you look good

Not only does it mean that she like how you look, but in fact, she look at yourself and the way you often look.

32. Let you know that she is available

If you do not ask her if they have a boyfriend, it is likely that a girl who likes you will shine at some point in the conversation that is available. If you’re trying to flirt with a girl you do not like, maybe even mention an imaginary boyfriend as long as you stop trying.

33. Is enthusiastic about joint activities

Maybe you’re not inviting her directly to an appointment, but if you mention a hypothetical exit to climb because maybe both of you like extreme sports, not only will you give a vague “yes, we should do it”, but you will be truly enthusiastic and will even propose a date.

34. She opens with you

If she start to tell you meaningful things about her life, her family, her problems, her aspirations and her goals, it means that you have gained at least her trust.

35. Talk “casually” about doing something in the future

It is not a direct invitation to leave, it is rather an invitation for you to invite it.

36. Follow you on social networks

Receiving one or two likes for no apparent reason on behalf of that girl is a great clue that she likes you.

37. Ignore the phone when it is with you

Before that it could have been a simple courtesy show, but nowadays it is definitely a very powerful signal that you are interested in.

38. Answer your messages quickly

The main reason why a girl does not answer your messages is because she does not know how to tell you straight. Let’s accept it. But if she responds and writes frequently, she is showing some availability.

There are certain Brief physical signs

In addition to all these keys that can help you to know if a girl likes you, there are certain physical signs that we do not control and that can show an attraction, for example:

  • When they talk she looks you in the eyes or look at other parts of your face, for example, your mouth. If so, do not hesitate, if she wants to kiss you.
  • When you have a conversation, she touches her hair from time to time and she does it with a certain coquettishness, and you can also see her trying to arrange her clothes to look much better.
  • Her gestures are smiling and friendly, laugh at your jokes.
  • Her shoulders are pointing towards you and her feet are slightly apart and usually in your direction. You can watch her play with her ankles or with her legs as a sign of coquetry or nervousness.

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