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325 YES or NO questions (funny, uncomfortable, for friends, )

Here are the best list of Yes or No questions for friends, couples, boyfriend, girlfriend, for childrens to break the ice when you are spending time at get togethers, at vacations and more.

I leave you the best yes or no questions on various topics such as fun, fidelity, interpersonal relationships and moral dilemmas among others. These Tricky Questions can be used in meetings or in a free time, with your friends, family, kids or your partner.

In the same way, they are ideal to create controversy, since by only answering yes or no, without explanations involved, these answers are open to interpretations. This gives a fun touch since in many cases this simplification is very difficult to answer and understand.

We have divided them into different categories so you can choose the one that best suits the moment and the person / s with whom you want to spend a really entertaining time and possibly full of surprises!

Yes or no questions for friends

– Would you return to someone who has been unfaithful to you?

– Have you ever made any of your parents cry?

– Do you usually follow your brain more than the heart?

-Do you usually be friends with your ex?

-Have you ever written someone a love poem?

– Have you fallen in love at first sight?

– Have you ever been put behind bars?

– Have you ever fallen asleep at school or work?

– Have you ever run away from your house?

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-Have you ever laughed so hard that what you were taking came out of your nose?

– Have you ever fallen in love with a friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend?

-If a stranger suddenly arrives and kisses you, will you let him?

-If you had to move to a place where you didn’t have your family or your friends, would you do it?

-Have you ever told someone that you hate him and spread a rumor about them?

-What would you do with a million dollars?

-Do people usually form the wrong idea of ​​you?

-Can you sleep peacefully at dawn?

-If it were possible to colonize Mars while we are still alive, would you go to a colony?

-Are you usually prejudiced towards people?

– Would you date a hairy man?

-Have you ever lost someone close?

– Have you ever been surpassed in intelligence by another person?

-Do you live with your parents?

-If you won the lottery, would you tell your family and friends?

-Have you ever hit one of your friends?

-Do you like someone right now?

– Have you ever been to school or work the next day without having slept a little?

– Have you ever felt on the verge of moving from your parents’ house?

– Have you ever escaped from school / work to do something fun?

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– Do you think men and women are equal?

– Have your parents caught a lie of great caliber?

– Would you share your last piece of food with me?

– Have you got in the car of people you just met?

-Would you be able to forgive the betrayal of a friend?

-Are you happy studying what you are studying or working on what you are working on?

– Have you ever been arrested?

– Do you get along with your parents?

– Have you ever fainted from drinking so much?

– Would you be with someone whose beliefs (religion, spirituality) are not the same as yours?

– Have you ever witnessed a crime?

– Do you think confessions are a way to strengthen relationships?

-Have you ever kissed or been kissed in the rain?

– Do you think your friends are at the same level of importance as your family?

– Do you think that a man and a woman can be exclusively friends?

– Have you ever invited someone to go out for fun or to get attention?

– Have you ever liked someone?

-When are you in bad hair, do you prefer to be left alone?

– Have you gone out into the street in pajamas?

-Do you know how to play at least one musical instrument?

-Have you ever liked a neighbor?

-Have you ever stolen money from a friend?

– Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

-Is there any person in this room that you like?

– Would you get involved in an open relationship with someone?

– Do you think that white lies are justifiable?

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-Are you doing what you always wanted to do in your life?

– Have you been cruel or mean to someone on occasion?

– Do you consider yourself a religious/spiritual person?

-Do you believe in life after death?

– Have you ever exceeded someone?

-If you knew that you only have one year of life, would you continue with your normal life?

– Would you kiss someone inside your circle of friends?

– Have you ever fallen in love or had feelings for your best friend?

-Have you ever cried until you were tired and fell asleep later?

– Do you consider yourself a controversial person?

– Have you ever judged someone for a secret that I told you?

– Do you think that living in this era is better than living 50 years ago?

-Do you still have contact with your childhood friends?

Yes or no questions for children

-Do you fear insects?

-Do you believe in miracles?

– Have you ever had your hand or tongue stuck to something?

-Have you ever got your parents in trouble?

– Have you ever pretended to be sick to stay home to play?

-Do you have a nickname so dumb that you are ashamed when people call you that way?

– Have you been in any band?

-Have you ever forgotten someone’s name?

-You like to exercise?

-Do you like uploading photos to your social networks?

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-You know how to play a musical instrument?

– Have you ever yelled at your parents?

-Have you ever been working on the computer, did you lose your work and had to start it all over again?

– Have you ever lost your cell phone?

– Have you ever failed a class?

– Do you feel that you are a brave person?

-Are you afraid of the Dark?

– Have you ever broken a bone?

-Have you ever cried so loud that you ended up vomiting?

-If a friend is being disturbed, would you defend him?

– Do you wet your bed?

-If a friend asks you to keep a secret that you don’t feel comfortable with, do you do it?

-Have you ever been too scared to watch horror movies alone?

– Have you ever left the country?

-You have a pet?

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– Have you ever cheated on an exam?

– Have you ever been pushed into the pool with your clothes on?

-Would you sing in a karaoke?

– Would you have an exotic pet?

-Do you like rock?

– Have you ever taken money that was not yours?

-Do you fear snakes?

-Have you ever belched or threw yourself a gas in front of your friends?

-Have you ever blamed someone else for something that was your fault?

– Have you ever broken a bone?

-When you drop the food on the floor, do you pick it up and eat it in the same way?

– Do you consider yourself an intelligent person?

-Have you ever seen a horror movie for people over 15 years old, without permission, and you got so scared that you couldn’t sleep?

-Have you ever passed the exam questions to a friend in need?

-Are you afraid of spiders?

– Have you ever accidentally broken your pants in a public place?

-What makes you happy?

– Have you ever been broken or have you broken your heart?

-Have you ever asked for something to eat?

– Do you consider yourself a social media addict?

– Have you ever played a joke on someone?

-Have you ever lost your glasses?

– Have you ever been a week without taking a bath?

– Do you hate someone?

-Have you ever hurt someone by accident?

– Have you cheated in a game?

-Do you believe in Santa Claus?

-Do you like to share your lunch with your friends during the break?

– Do you think you are selfish?

– Have you ever drowned with something that you were not supposed to eat?

-Do you consider yourself popular?

– Do you hate or hate school?

-Have you ever lied to a teacher?

Funny Yes or no questions for couples or lovers

– Am I your biggest priority right now?

– Have you ever finished someone with a text message?

-Have you ever dated someone your parents hated?

-Do you think that love is simply chemicals in our brain?

– Have you ever been planted on a date?

– Would you be willing to try new things in the intimate plane with me?

-Do you trust me?

-Have you ever thought of cheating on me or another couple you had?

– Do you see yourself in this relationship in 5 years?

– Have you ever told someone you like without feeling it?

-Have you ever been cheated?

– Have you ever been unfaithful?

-Do you like to party?

-Are you a feminist?

-Do you regret something you’ve done in life?

– Would you feel jealous if I talk about my ex boyfriend?

– Do you ask your partner for forgiveness even if it is not your fault?

– (For boys) If you found out I’m pregnant, would you leave me?

-Would you let me see your WhatsApp conversations?

– Have you ever fallen in love?

– Have you ever written a cheesy poem?

– Have you ever thought about cutting with me?

-Would you like to have children?

– Would you change something about yourself for your partner?

– Would you forgive an infidelity?

– Would you travel hundreds of kilometers just to see me a couple of hours?

– Do you accept me as I am?

– Is money a decisive factor when choosing your partners?

– Would you tattoo your partner’s name?

-Is this relationship serious for you?

-Are you willing to put your happiness at stake to make our relationship successful?

-Is communication the most important thing for you in a relationship?

-Does the silence bother you when we are together?

– Have you ever forgotten an anniversary or an important date?

– Would you change something about our relationship?

-Is it in your plans to get married?

– Have you ever done nonsense for love?

-Do you think people change?

– Do you feel comfortable stripping in front of me?

– Would you leave your partner if in return you won a million dollars?

– Do you easily forget the mistakes your partner has made?

-Do you like someone else?

-You are happy?

– Have you ever been harassed by an ex?

-Would you let me see your Google history?

– Would you make a trip in a backpack and no money with me?

-Have you had a friend with rights?

– Have you ever been bothered by something that I have told you or done?

– Would you lie to your partner to protect her?

– Do you consider important or relevant birthday celebrations?

– Have you hidden things from me or another couple that you had?

-Have you ever brought your partner breakfast to bed?

-If you could choose a new partner, would you choose me one more time? (without changing anything about me).

– Have you forbidden something to your partner or has your partner forbidden something because of jealousy or anger?

-When you harm your partner, do you apologize?

Awkward Yes or no questions

– Have you ever been seen and despised for giving off a bad smell in a public place?

-Your feet stink?

– Have you ever thrown yourself a gas during an intimate moment?

-Have you ever been with someone to forget someone else?

-Have you ever kissed one of your friends?

– Have you ever caught your friends doing it?

– Have you ever passed out in a public place?

– Have you ever felt like killing someone?

-Do you like pineapple pizza?

– Have you ever fallen in love with who you shouldn’t?

– Have you been involved with a friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend?

-Have you ever fallen in love with a friend’s partner?

-Do you rub your nose or ears in public?

– Would you leave your companion on a half date if the latter was a complete disaster?

– Have you ever woken up with someone you don’t know and have you felt so confused about it?

– Have you ever been caught evading your responsibilities?

-Have you thrown up someone you don’t know?

– Have you ever been discriminated against?

– (For boys) Have you ever been linked by a girl?

– Have you ever run out of toilet paper when you have gone to a public toilet?

– Would you kill if you could do it and be free of repercussions?

– Have you pretended to be sick at work to take a vacation?

– Has it ever happened to you that you have laughed in the wrong situation and everyone has been watching you?

– Has it happened to you that you have not managed to reach the bathroom and urinated on top?

– Have you got drunk so much that the next day you have been laughing stock among your friends?

-Do you have something on your computer that would embarrass you for others to see?

– Have you ever been about to die because of your imprudence?

– Have you ever lied to say I love you?

– Have you ever been hooked with a very bad television series?

-Do you feel comfortable with your body?

-You exercise?

-How tall are you?

– Would you have a son with a celebrity if you had the chance?

– Have you gotten into trouble with your partner for messaging with people you shouldn’t?

-Do you brush your teeth every day?

-Are you an egocentric person?

– Do you urinate in the shower?

-Have you ever been so drunk that you’ve ended up defecating on your clothes?

– Would you go back to your ex?

– Do you think that women are responsible for housework and children?

– Have you ever recycled gifts (eg, you gave away what someone had given you)?

– Have you ever urinated in a pool?

-If anyone like it or invite her out?

– Do you consider yourself superior to the rest?

-Would you be in a poly love relationship?

– Would you drink your own urine if you didn’t have access to water in any condition?

– Do you usually wear the same garment several times before washing it?

– Would you change the most important person in your life by having an economically determined life?

– Would you have relations with your boss for a promotion?

-Is the life you are living the life you would like to be living?

-Do you reuse your underwear several times before washing it?

-Would you have cosmetic surgery?

Yes or no spicy questions


Have you enjoyed these best funny yes or no questions for couples, partner, friends, colleagues, co workers, family, neighbors and kids. These questions are in good, bad, funny, awkward, uncomfortable, naughty, dirty types so enjoy asking them accordingly. If you have any new unique yes or no questions in your mind. Please post them in comments section and please follow our Facebook page TruthQuestion and stay updated. Thanks..!

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