25 ways to say “I love you” without saying a word

You are never old enough or you have been married for a long time to show that you still have something between you.

Recently, in a fight on a flight across the country, my husband and I sat on opposite sides of the aisle. Several times, he would come up to me and ask me, “Do you want a bite of my sandwich?” “Do you want me to bring you some water?” He also offered to share the last bite of his biscuit. A little later, he came up to me and put his hand on my arm, just to say: “hello.”

At the end of the flight, the woman next to me told me, “your husband really loves you. I can see it”.

And it’s true. He does.

As couples, we express our love for daily actions – our gestures of affection, our generosity, our attention, our caresses.

We say, “drive carefully”, “carry an umbrella”. We kiss each other good night …

And our husband hears, “I love you” in a way that touches him deeper than words.

holding hands while driving

We all have our favorite ways to show love. Here are some of mine:

1. Do what neither of you wants to do. Someone has to call the bank and solve the mysterious surcharge of the credit card. Ahead. Do it.

2. Be more tolerant with your partner. We all forget things, lose things or do things wrong. Why go around this?

3. Flirt. You are never old enough or you have been married for a long time to show that you still have something between you.

4. Be patient. Like it or not, many times we just have to wait. Leave the ugly look that says: what took you so long? Take a deep breath and relax.

couple in snow

5. Pay attention. Completely or partially Not every minute of every day, but it shows interest when it’s important.

6. Clean even if it’s not your glass.

7. Stay strong, especially when things are difficult. 

8. Let be warned. Vulnerability and intimacy are one and the same.

9. Receive and understand your partner’s love actions. The happiest couples are those who notice and respond when their partner seeks them. A thank you and a smile is all you need.

10. One of the best things you can do is to stay calm when your partner is getting upset.

11. Look for humor in all those unlovable behaviors. What can you expect from someone who does not believe the GPS?

12. Leave enough gas in the car, enough hot water to bathe, enough milk for coffee …

13. Cook dinner. You do not have to be an artist. Just do it the best you can. I love when I come to work and my husband has made me a simple sandwich. I find the best food in the world.

14. Embrace Kiss. Smile.

15. Give your partner a little space.  Space to go running, call a friend or read a book.

couple in grass



16. Accept sleeping with the window open a little more than what you like.

17. Accept sleeping with the window closed a little more than you like.

18. Keep in touch. You are busy. I’m busy. No one is so busy writing kisses.

19. Your husband wants to go back to college, eat more fruits and vegetables and train for a marathon. Your answer: good!

20. Be the first to give in after a fight. Do not ever think that the first person to give in is accepting the guilt. Marriage is not a game. It takes courage and kindness to maintain it.

21. Choose – at least once – do not disturb your husband for snoring. There are chances that you snore, too.

22. Make your relationship a priority. Marriage is not sweet by itself, year after year. Have an appointment or a weekend getaway. And please, when you are together, turn off your cell phones.

23. Do you think your husband deserves a round of applause? Tell someone who is so talented, intelligent, loving and funny. How patient is he with the children. And make sure he hears.

24. Do what is necessary to stay healthy and healthy.

25. Keep in mind that life is short. Do not waste your time concentrating on unnecessary things.  Focus on the way your marriage is beautiful and good.

Dipsita Thakkar

I am passionate about communication, studying human behavior and getting lost anywhere. I help you overcome your fears and transform your social life with the science of social skills.

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