20 brutally honest questions every girl should ask her boyfriend

Asking your partner does not mean you doubt him or the love he has for you. On the contrary, by doing them from time to time, it helps you to see your relationship from another point of view, to improve as a person and above all to know you better by knowing how your partner perceives you, what are the acts that have fallen in love with you and what still bothers him but he is not able to tell you.

We invite you to know what it is that holds you together, if there is a future or why there is not yet and what things should improve as a team. It serves, above all, to trust in yourself, because in the end, love can do everything.

1. Which bad habit do I have?

honest questions to ask a boyfriend

Maybe thinking too much can bother you a little, take a little longer each day.

2. What was your first impression of me?

This response will change many ideas, fill them with laughter and you will even know things you did not even imagine.

3. Tell me one thing that you would change about me

Sometimes what you think your partner likes may be the opposite.

4. Is there something you would not tell your family about me?


You will definitely have nothing to hide.

5. Have you complained about me?

Probably he did, just like you when they have a fight.

6. How did you realize you were in love with me?

Discover the moment when you simply could not get it out of your mind.

7. When did you notice that I loved you?

When you started to show it with messages, calls, and surprises.

8. Have you ever doubted our relationship?

If your answer is affirmative, do not bother; Probably you have done it too, especially when there are fights.

9. Is there any godly lie you told me?

Remember that we have all lied.

10. Do you think we are soulmates?

Maybe you realize that you have a pretty mystic boy.

11. What were you thinking about during our first date?

Tell him what you felt, surely both died of nerves.

12. What has been our best kiss?

Kiss him when he finishes answering!

13. What have you thought about our future?

If you have already made plans together, you could skip this question.

14. Are there people who make you jealous?

He can disguise more than you.

15. What have we not done and could we do soon?

Prepare a weekend to do it.

16. Would you like to spend more time alone?

We all need a space just for us.

17. What do you like most about me?

Tell him what you like most about him, leave the penalty aside.

18. Where would you like to travel?

Start the savings.

19. Do you think we will always be together?

Your answer can change many things. However, live the moment.

20. If today were our last night together, what would you say to me?

Tell him how much you love him.

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