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15 things you can not miss at a wedding

So that we do not overlook some of the things that can not be missing at a wedding, it is important to plan ahead and write down all the suggestions and ideas.

From the moment the boy asks his girlfriend for marriage, preparations begin for that special day. The list of things that can not be missing at a wedding accompanies them during those months. However, you always have the feeling that you are forgetting a detail.

Planning the most important event of their lives requires the most attention and it is best not to do it alone. All ideas must be welcome and between them, they have to select everything. It is the way to ensure that they will be comfortable, happy and with the best memory to their credit.

15 things that can not be missing in a wedding for the tranquility of all

1. Festive traffic signs

It is a detail that helps to organize the circulation of the guests and gives a comfort that is very grateful. Put in a fun, but clear, signs that indicate each place. Tables, bathrooms, wedding games, sweet table and all the areas that will be used.

2. Organizer for shoes replacement

A corner should be used to store the heels of the ladies to be able to dance with greater freedom. In the place, you can leave slippers so they can change and go to enjoy the night. A nice gesture so that nobody ends up barefoot.

Maybe not everyone will use it at the beginning, but late at night, it is likely to be a salvation for many. Also, do not forget a couple for the bride.

3. Signature book

Foresee an ingenious book of signatures in which everyone can leave their best wishes. There are several very creative alternatives for the wedding night. It is advisable to be personalized with some image of the couple.

An example is to use a  giant Jenga and motivate them to leave their comments on each piece of wood. Thus, it is an element that has a double use: they can have a fun time and sign at the same time.

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4. Music of different styles

It is necessary to agree, previously with the DJ, the musical styles they prefer for dinner and dancing. In addition, you have to choose an important variety so that everyone is comfortable. The classics cannot miss.

  • As an option, you can pass a list so that each table makes an order. Participation is highly valued and commits all to dance!

5. Games for wedding

wedding games as giant jenga

Many people do not have the habit of dancing and could get bored if they do not find something else to do. You also have to think about them so that none have a bad memory.

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You can prepare games for weddings in a very simple and economical way, you just have to indicate an area and leave them there. One more daring will be who begins to motivate the group to go there.

6. Entertainment for children

If you have decided that families will assist your children with marriage, it is better to devise some entertainment for the children. So everyone relaxes and they give themselves to the pleasure of the party.

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It may be necessary to hire someone to be in charge of guiding the children’s sector. There are those who dedicate themselves to this type of animation and care.

7. Photocall

Having a relaxed and adapted area to take funny pictures is perfect to achieve the best memories for guests and boyfriends. People are predisposed in another way and dare to play with their postures and gestures.

You can add a contest of selfies with the devices of each guest to upload them to social networks. In the latter case, do not forget to have a page already prepared.

8. Sweet table

sweets table at wedding

Among the things that can not be missing in a wedding, the sweet table is in the traditional category. It must have a variety of flavors, colors and a presentation that matches the decoration.

It is recommended that you be personalized with special date posterior a signature of the newlyweds. All the details must be perfectly planned.

9. Open bar

Do not miss the drink is essential to keep everyone satisfied and happy. Ensure a free bar with all kinds of drinks, that satisfies the tastes of men and women.

To complement, it is possible to incorporate trolleys with cups that circulate during the night. Thus, people are served while passing and do not lose the rhythm of the theme they are dancing.

10. Cotillon

Never believe that everything that is used is always well seen and not worth taking. There are certain things that can not be missing in a wedding and the cotillion is one of those. Wigs, whistles, masks, hats and other elements generate that people get rid of their shyness.

11. More food for midnight

After a couple of hours of partying, the bodies begin to need some more energy. You can not miss a wedding tray with some food to make a cut.

Perhaps creating a themed island or walking trays with fast food is a great help for the organization. And all the guests will take a break to regain strength.

12. Sachets in the bathroom

It is very useful to place bags in the bathroom with some elements that may be needed for certain unforeseen emergencies. Needle and thread, band-aids, feminine wipes and other things to which the guests can turn if something goes wrong.

13. The toast

wedding toast speeches raise the glass

Maybe some couples feel embarrassed to speak in public, but it is very important to make the toast. Thanks should be given to family and friends who came to share that moment.

  • It is very likely that they ask for it, but if this is not the case, we must take the initiative and raise the glasses.

14. The bouquet

Although it looks old, the delivery of the bouquet never goes out of style. Moreover, there are friends who are hoping to win it to see if they convince their boyfriends to marry. A ritual widely used at most weddings that does not lose its charm.

Some girls decide to give it to a person chosen by them, others follow the custom and throw it among the single women. They can also have two different ones to fulfill everyone’s wishes.

15. Joy

The main thing for the wedding is that everyone brings joy and positive energy. Unforeseen events may arise, but that should never overshadow the happiness of the moment.

Also, laughs are contagious, so you have to be encouraged to be happy throughout the event and have fun as ever since it is what the bride and groom expect from all their guests.

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