137 Hilarious cheesy pick up lines which makes your crush smile with love

If you were looking for the best cheesy pick up lines which you have ever read, look further, because in this article you will find the best and most beautiful pick up lines that exist. They are so great that they will make that girl or boy be amazed at you. Enjoy these romantic words and make the other person also enjoy your beautiful words!

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Best Pick up lines ever read

We will start the article with a list of original and totally cute pick up lines that our writers have prepared exclusively. We hope you like them as much as we do!

1. 24 hours a day I divide them like this: They are 8 dreaming about you and 16 hours that I spend thinking about you.

cheesy pick up lines

Exclusive: I want to fly without wings and leave this universe, enter yours and love you in silence.

2. “Love” is for English, “Ti amo” is for Italian, and how much i love you, I tell you with my heart.

3. Hey, Are you a magician, because whenever I see you everyone disappears.

4. If the moon were a woman, it would shine at night only. You are like the sun that shines during the day and illuminates at night.

5. Maybe my home is not a palace, but I would like you to be my princess.

6. Poets need a pen to write with. I’m always in need of your kisses to be able to live.

7. I think with my head, I breathe with my lungs, I walk with my feet, and I have the heart just to remember your skin.

8. You must be tired since you’ve been running through my mind all day.

9. You are my Google because you have everything I want.

10. An old man full of wisdom told me that only with a kiss of my disease would cure me.

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11. In this life, everything seems to be going too fast. But everything stops when I’m with you and I enjoy your smile.

12. If you had to pay taxes for being pretty, you would have ruined yourself.

13. The planet is our greatest treasure, and nature our most precious asset. That is why you are my planet and my nature.

14. I love to kiss you, hold you and not let go, caress your skin, touch your whole body until sparks of passion and love jump.

15. I think with my head, I breathe with my lungs, I walk with my feet, and I have the heart just to remember your skin.

16. I would like to delve into your thoughts, just to know if you keep feelings for me.

17. Where is a taxi to take my love to the doors of your heart.

18. I love you too much, I want everything with you. That’s why I go crazy when you’re not with me.

19. The angels are angry with me because now I dream of you.

cute pick up lines

20. Who told the Kohinoor Diamond is in the museum when I am seeing it in front of me.

21. From the sky stars fall at your feet I get the most beautiful.

22. I was thinking of some compliment to fall in love with. I would tell you that your eyes dazzle me and that your skin seduces me. But the truth is that finding a woman like you, makes in my subconscious everything they see is light.

23. You were not born as a man or a woman. You came from heaven, and I am grateful to be able to touch you with my fingers.

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24. I wish it was the water that evaporates with the heat to meet the tastiness of your whole body.

25. I have enough heat with the one that emanates from your gaze, my love.

26. If I was an airplane and you are my airport I would land every day in your exquisite body.

27. For a kiss, I can give you the sun, but I do not know what I would give you to make love with you.

28. Life is a game against the clock. Everything is going very fast, until you appear, the time has stopped.

29. I wish you were by my side, but whenever you are away I still smell your roses.

Short pick up lines

As we promised, in this article you will know the most beautiful and charming pick up lines which makes your crush smile.

We will begin this section with a list of short cheesy pick up lines to make anyone in love. Nobody will be able to resist.

1. When I met you, I knew the reason to love.

2. It’s strange, I had no reason to love and you showed up.

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3. When you came to my life, you came with everything, with all your love that filled me.

4. You are the most affective and amazing person that I ever seen in my whole life.

5. When they made the line for lovely and beautiful women, you were first in line.

6. When they shared the beauty of women you were first class.

hold my hand and love me pick up lines

7. How beautiful you look when the sun shines when the moon shines and the stars come out.

8. Your face radiates a light brighter than the sun.

9. The sun, the moon and your face, but your face has no comparison.

10. Your hair is like a frayed coconut that drives me crazy.

11. I burn like the sun in love for you heart.

12. Have you seen a shooting star? That lights in the night but I can see a star moving in the day that is you.

13. I could say many compliments but there is none so beautiful than you.

14. You asked me why I loved you and I could not answer you. Today I understand that true love is indescribable, it can only be felt.

15. Although the place of the angels is heaven, if you leave I will miss you too much.

16. I wish I was paper so I could wrap you, candy.

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17. For the square root of the derivative of the cube of x by and match between thirty, you are the most beautiful girl in all the Earth.

18. I thought my heart was opaque and closed, until you arrived. What did you do all my life with the key? Who gave it to you?

Pick up lines for women

Are you looking for 100% original cute pick up lines for beautiful women? So keep reading because we have the best love compliments of the whole world.

1. If your beauty were a brief moment you would be eternity.

2. You are the woman of my dreams, the owner of my heart so today I give you all my love.

Exclusive: I would like to be a chessboard to have a queen like you.

3. I would like Kiss you and love you better only if you let me into your heart.

4. I would like to be the owner of your whole body and thus be able to give everything I offer to my heart.

5. OMG! Angels are falling from heaven.

cute words to say to your boyfriend

6. Science advances but still today the flowers walk.

7. You with so many curves and me without using brakes.

8. Maybe for this world you are just a person, but for me you are the world.

9. I want to tell you that I love you more than yesterday, but much less than tomorrow.

10. If Adam for Eve was able to eat an apple, I would eat you a whole greengrocer for you.

11. I’m not Cupid, but I want to hit heart at you.

12. You must be an atheist woman, because you are as you want and not as God intended.

13. If you were an olive I would swallow up the stone.

14. I found an embroidered handkerchief and in each corner said “Your mother will be my mother-in-law”.

15. If beauty was sin you would not have God’s forgiveness.

16. I know that I am not the most beautiful or even the most desired but I know that I can spend the rest of your life by your side, because I love you.

17. Two people and one way … Two hearts and one destiny.

18. If I was a judge, I would sentence you to life imprisonment but with me.

19. If I was an astronaut I would take you to Saturn, but since I am not I can always carry you in my heart.

20. If your feet hurt, it’s because all day you were walking in my mind.

feelings of best friend in love

21. If your eyes were jail and you are a jailor, I would like to be the prisoner.

22. If you were a beach watchman, I would like to be that person who is drowning, to see your beautiful face after waking up, thanks to your mouth to mouth.

23. If I was a pilot, I would take you by plane, but since I’m not, I’ll take you in my heart.

24. There is no need to be a painter, to draw a smile on my sad face. Just look at you.

25. Sprigs of pins look like your eyelashes, which every time I look at them, they dig into my insides.

26. You’re like coffee: sweet, hot and you take away my sleep.

27. When you looked at me with your eyes, I became like stone; and at the same moment, I fell in love with you.

28. If for every moment that I think of you, I will gain a second of life, I am sure, that I would not die because I think of you night and day.

29. If for every time I think “I love you”, they give me money, I would be the richest boy in the world.

30. If you did not exist, Ill invest everything I have to invent you!

Pick up lines for men

Do you want to attract a man? Then keep reading, because you will find the funny, cute pick up lines for the most wonderful men you ever heard.

Any boy will love these fabulous pick up lines!

1. You are the butter that my bread needs, the slice that my flag lacks.

2. You are my chocolate, that drives me crazy for its rich flavor.

3. By chance, don’t we have a mutual friend who can introduce us?

4. Go, go. But look what God does when he is happy.

5. It seems you’re so sweet that just by looking at you, my teeth get stung.

guy excuses to girl to stay with her

6. Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to go back and look at you closely?

7. I swear you will not believe me But I was a lesbian 15 seconds ago!

8. How advanced is science today… That even chocolates walk!

9. Men seem to be like photographs: They reveal themselves in darkness.

10. One question: Are not you tired? Because you keep walking through my mind.

11. Your parents must surely be thieves, because they have stolen two stars and placed them in your eyes.

12. If mathematics is an exact science and Pythagoras does not lie to us, you are the most handsome boy in this continent.

13. Lately, I have not managed to sleep because every time I see a sheep I just talk about you.

14. But look how pretty those pants. I bet they would look great on the floor of my room.

15. My eyes have been lost on your shirt, can you help me find it?

16. You have something to do? Can we do some sightseeing in my bedroom.

17. You call me a gallant, do I study you or work for you?

18. If you were an ice cream I would eat you up to the wood.

19. You are like an iPad: Very thin, very beautiful and I feel tremendous desire to touch you.

20. The attraction I feel for you is bigger than the football field.

21. You are located at C: / My / Heart / by / Forever.

22. You are the HTML of

23. You and I, when we are together, we are like a dual-core processor.

24. You are the trending topic that lives in my heart.

25. Your heart and mine are synchronized by the connections.

26. I would like to be a pirate to take the treasure you have between your legs, love.

27. It’s too hot, can you cool me down with your hose?

28. Who the sun was to tan that skin.

29. I would like to be a girl again to play with your doll!

30. Are you a secret police? Because you notice the sexy.

Good Pick up lines for your love

Before finishing this article, we will leave you another list of pick up lines of love to attract and fall in love, and without doubt, you will love it. Our editors, with a lot of effort, prepared it exclusively for

  • If beauty were sin you would already be in hell.
  • Sunny those are your clear eyes, with a look as beautiful as snow, but as hot as the tropics.
  • You are as beautiful as the horizon is, and as beautiful as the rainforest, more as hot as Hawaii’s volcano.
  • Your beauty is so immeasurable that every day I want to conquer you to have you by my side and to be my other half.
  • My eyes cry to see you, my heart to love you, my mouth to kiss you, and my arms to hug you.
  • For you, I would climb to heaven by bicycle and descend without brakes.
  • You may not be perfect, but your flaws are charming.
  • What happiness of my eyes that you can appreciate your beauty, more blessed is the wind that caresses your figure, but poor my heart that you have despised and walk to his grave.
  • How sad is the world without a loved one, but sadder to have it and not be by its side.
  • To love you is to conjugate the verb love in solitude.
  • I want to die in the arms of this angel.
  • I want to become water to evaporate, become a cloud and winter fall from the sky on your body and travel it completely.
  • I want to be water to brush your body when you shower.
  • Who was the bronzer to melt in that skin.
  • I want to be a bus to run on the curves of your heart.
  • Who was your daughter to tell me a story and take me to bed … Daddy!
  • Who could be the blood that runs through your body to reach your heart.
  • I want to tell you that crazy man who told you that you are beautiful. It fell short you are a goddess.
  • I want you to be the last wave of my Mediterranean.
  • I want to be a hand bag to walk on your arm.
  • I want to be an ant and climb up your balcony to whisper in your ear: handsome, pretty and chocolate.
  • I would like to be born again so as not to miss even one of your dawns.
  • I would like to be a butterfly to fly towards you, and tell you, beautiful life, that I am dying for you.
  • I’d like to be a little bird with cotton legs, to pose on your chest and steal your heart …
  • I would like to be a chessboard to have a queen like you.
  • If that’s the way of hell, let the devil take me!
  • If every time I thought of you a star would go out, there would be no star in the sky that would shine.
  • If with the look you could say what it feels and you were my boyfriend because what I feel is strong.
  • If natural beauty had a personified representation, I can not doubt that I am before it.
  • If beauty paid taxes, you would be full of stamps.

How and when to use the above pick up lines?

We recommend when using these pick up lines measure the trust well you have with the person and the type of the pick up line that is used.

What am I referring to is? You have to understand that some of the lines are more provocative than others. There are some that have more polite characteristics, and those can be used with any woman, even strangers. But, in the other case spicy, it is convenient to dedicate it to girls that you know better.

Thus, you will be able to intuit before answering them.

You also have to keep in mind that you can not repeat them very often, because pick up lines must be original and surprising, as the case with jokes. If you use them often and do not vary them, that condition is lost.

Finally, you also have to keep in mind that pickup lines should go according to your personality. It does not make much sense that you use a provocative line being very shy, because if the girl answers you in a bad way, you may feel unsuccessful.

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