11 Long distance relationship tips which work: How to Maintain in 2019

Loving from a distance can be one of the hardest and most complicated experiences if you can not find the right formula to cope with it. The kilometers become the worst enemy of many couples in all parts of the world. Love from a distance is possible and can help us to realize if the person next to us is the indicated one, or not.

Surely sometimes you have wondered, how to maintain a relationship at a distance or if it is possible to build a healthy effective link miles away.

Relationships at a distance have always existed; at present, it could even be said that they have increased.

For reasons of work and seeking an economic improvement, for reasons of study and professional realization, for health reasons or specific treatments of their own or of a relative, the causes could be multiple.

long distance love


In fact, there are a couple relationships that are conditioned by distance from the beginning.

That is, you met someone while you were on vacation, making a work trip or surfing the internet you found your soul mate on the other side of the world.

The way you came to that relationship does not matter, the really important thing is that you have decided to continue it.

How? Simple is not, I will not deny it, but in the end, what relationship is simple?

Many people do not understand this type of relationship or have gone through it and it has not worked for them and, therefore, you will believe that your case will be the same.

Keep reading and you will find that help that you need so much to know how to maintain a relationship at a distance, against all odds of failure!

Tips to follow to maintain your Long distance love relationship work

1. Set an approximate date in which you can get back together. 

Long distance relationships marking for meetup

Knowing that the separation has an end, it makes sense the wait, getting dosed as far as possible the desire to see you and make plans together.

2. Do not let the sadness of not seeing your partner which cause you to take less care of yourself. 

Long distance relationship dont be sad

To stop worrying about ourselves is only the beginning of the end. Remember that the essential thing to be good with another person is to be well with ourselves. We must continue taking care of ourselves to feel beautiful every day. You have to keep your mind occupied in our favorite activities.

3. Establish a communication channel that suits both of you. 

couple chatting in whatsapp from long distance relationships

The most common in our days are instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, but remember everything in its proper measure! Do not obsess about the hours of connection or the lack of response of your messages at any given moment. We all need our space. Another tip is that you try to talk about the most important aspects of the relationship through a call. Listening to the tone with which they tell us things helps to avoid misunderstandings.

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4. Try to set up a video conference at some point during the week.

couple videocall long distance love

There are many free applications that allow you to get in touch with other people, thanks to a video-call. It is an excellent opportunity to see and hear the other and to cope a little better with love in the distance. Many times the fact of seeing the other person makes the words overflow. Try it!

5. Open up to your partner and let him know how you feel.

Whether you are sad or happy, it is best to share it. This way you will know how your partner reacts in all kinds of situations. On the other hand, the more you open the other person, the same will happen the other way around, thus being able to know and help you in everything you need. It is fundamental for the union of a couple that there are no secrets among you.

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6. Do not be jealous

If you want to sustain a long distance relationship and it works, record this inside your head. Many times, too many lovers have the biggest problem dealing with that little thing called jealousy.

For Example, you know that your partner is hot. And you really can not do anything if someone is also interested in it, or if you hear some rumors that your partner is dating someone else, or if you read a message saying “the last night was fun” on the Facebook wall of your partner.

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Stop your jealousy This person is all yours and no one else’s. It’s easy to worry about nothing, so take it easy and wait to talk with your partner about this, you’ll end up laughing.

7. Make her feel secure in her relationship

At all times, be sure of your partner and promise to stay faithful. You never know when your partner feels insecure or anxious. By reminding your partner how much you love each other, you will remember him and help him to remain calm about his long-distance relationship. And learn to expect the same security from your partner as well.


If they are far every moment counts, and every occasion to celebrate too.

Take advantage of the significant dates for both and do not forget them.

You meet them, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries; Do not let them pass and you will have one more reason to celebrate as a couple.

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9. Be intimate when you can

imtimate on long distance relationships

Do you make love via Skype or by phone with your partner during the night? Well, keep the heat at all times. One of the biggest fears of a long-distance relationship is the lack of sexual intimacy. So try when both of you have time. Hold some sexual conversations. Start with something always and jump to something more sexual intimacy with your long distance love. And if this is safe, send him some of your clothes too. Your partner will miss you more, will want you more, and will love you more!

10. Learn to forgive and forget

You have already heard before and it is very possible that you will hear this again. Always happens. Separate lovers may feel lonely at times, and with so many temptations around it is easy to fail even if they do not want to. The errors happen, and it can be completely circumstantial. If your partner makes a mistake, learn to overcome. Sometimes, no one will fail to make one of you intentionally unfaithful to the other.

Value your relationship and avoid temptations. Always remember that a mistake can feel good while it lasts, but it will never feel good once the consequences appear. And the consequences may be the end of your relationship or a permanent distrust. If you want to know how to make a long-distance relationship work, learn to resist temptations and learn to forgive and forget. This is one of the biggest secrets of a long-distance relationship.

Additional Tips to help your long distance relationship to be healthy

be like yourself girl


When the boy you love is near you, you try to look attractive, beautiful and seductive to him; Well, that can not change even if it is far away!


Dealing with the feeling of nostalgia and sadness that inevitably arises with long distance relationships can be very complicated.

You miss him all the time, yearn to spend moments with him, you think they will not see each other again or that love will be broken with distance, REMOVE THOSE THOUGHTS!

If you think like this all the time, you end up depressed and because you care less about the world in which you live.


Since you do not see your boy frequently and all those feelings that I spoke to you come up, at some point, you start to neglect yourself.

“What am I going to fix myself for if he is not here?”, “Who am I going to pluck for if I’m not going to have a crazy night of passion with anyone?”, “Why am I going to put on makeup?” … STOP !! Stop thinking like that!

looking beautiful is important even when your boyfriend is away

It is important that you do not neglect your personal appearance. For whom ?, For you, you are the most important person in your life.

It does not matter that your boy is far, you will appreciate that you do not neglect because your physical appearance also influences your psychological aspect and the health of the relationship in general.


You always have to think that maybe your boy thinks of surprising you with a short visit without you knowing, what a squeeze you will go through if he finds you without hair and all disheveled!

Go out on the street with your best look and surprise everyone with a smile.

Makeup and fix yourself even if you’re just going to talk to him on the phone; You will see how the difference in your spirit is noticeable.

How to maintain a relationship remotely will be easier than ever, continue reading and take note of the other recommendations!


Long distance relationships love yourself

There is no point in being depressed by the absence, it is just the opposite.

Go for a walk, meet new places, plan visits with him.

All this you can tell in conversations, everything you’ve seen and enjoyed that you can share together even if you are separated.

Treat yourself to something nice once in a while, or whenever you feel like it, it depends on how your economy is, although it does not have to be expensive at all.

Pamper yourself a little, take a bath of relaxing foam, or a simple shower, but adorned with aromatic candles.

The couple’s relationship at a distance, like any relationship, begins with oneself: you can not love the other if you do not love yourself first.

When a Long Distance Love doesn’t work

If distance relationships are not made for you, you have to make a decision, continue with your boyfriend or leave the relationship? Maybe that which separates you is not as strong as the love you feel and you can move one of the two to enjoy 100% of your relationship and bet on a life in common. It is also possible that, simply, it is not the moment for that relationship to take its course and it is best to break even if our heart hurts and we feel sorry. Give yourself time to think if you are able to continue your lives separately. A difficult moment but it can be crucial to actually see if your relationship is strong enough to overcome a love at a distance.

Since you learned everything you need to know about how to maintain a relationship at a distance, draw your own conclusions and dare to experience a new way of loving.

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