196 Questions to ask a girl which makes her think from heart

Funny, interesting, Embarrassing questions to ask a girl

Today In this article we are providing 196  personal questions to ask a girl to know her better. Surely more than once you wanted to know more about a girl in front of you if you like her and to know whether she is like you and to know how she is or just to know what her hobbies are.

However, when meeting someone, there are times when the conversation becomes a questionnaire with yes and no answers and the repeated questions.

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This list will serve to put an end to those uncomfortable situations and with questions such as What is your favorite color? What horoscope are you? which almost always leads to failure on your appointment with her. It will also serve to break the ice with the girl you like or to meet someone at the bar.

In addition, these issues will keep you quiet when you go out with a group of people who were like strangers and those who were not your friends. So, by following all the steps and learning the questions and saving in your mind, you will be able to make new friendships with a girl you like or any girl.

Undoubtedly, these interesting, original, and good questions to ask a girl will help you to know the girl better in front of you, and if that girl does not open to you, at least she will remember you as an interesting person and not as a boring person and she likes to stay with you.

Here is a list of 100 infallible questions to ask a girl to open with you. Of course, you should bear in mind that later it will be your turn to answer when she asks you. Sometimes when you question a girl she answers the question and asks you for your answer to the same question. So, be prepared with best answers.

100 interesting and original questions to ask a girl

1- Which is the last book you have read?


With this question, you will know if the person in front of you is educated or interested in knowing. You can also find out other types of interests according to the theme of the book; If she is a romantic, assertive person, she likes to learn languages because she tries to read in other languages, etc. or she might love stories of fear or mystery.

2- If you could travel in time, at what time would you go?

This question gives you the opportunity to know the vision of the History that your companion has, if you are interested, if you know it well and maybe even your political ideas.

3- Describe yourself in three words

This formula allows you to know how that person sees himself, how he has his self-esteem, what are his greatest virtues from his point of view.

4- What would you like to improve or change yourself?

This question is related to the previous one, it is a good continuation since both are connected.

We all have shortcomings, and this question lets you know if the person in front of you is honest and realistic, also if you have a self-esteem problem or if you have a bad self-image since there are people who want to change everything and now they are accepted as they are.

On the other hand, depending on whether you give more importance to the physical than the psychic, it makes you see if that person is superficial or not.

5- If you have to choose and live without one of your five senses, which would you choose?

If you are a loving and sensitive person, touch will not be removed. If you choose the view, it is someone who is not prejudiced or superficial and who has a great capacity to listen. If it’s the taste, you may not like too much to eat or you may not be picky about food.

6- If you were given the opportunity to obtain a superpower, what would it be?

This question shows the hidden needs and emotions of the other person. For example, if someone tells you that they would like to be able to fly, they like to feel free.

If she prefers to have the ability to read the future, she may be a person who likes to have everything planned and well tied. You feel comfortable in the situations when they are under control.

7- What do you value most in a friendship?

It is an easy way to know what the other person needs and if you, with your character, can contribute it.

8- How is your relationship with your family?

It is important to know if you are a person attached to your family members or if you are an independent person, which does not mean that you do not appreciate your loved ones. You may also have a bad relationship and want to improve it.

In any case, you can see if it fits with your perception of the family and the place it occupies in your life, if you can complement in some way or if you have nothing to do with each other.

9- What would you never joke about, for being too serious?

This way you will know the sense of humor of the person in front of you, and also if you know where to stop when you are hurting someone or if it is the funny guy on duty, who does not take any aspect of life seriously.

You will also know, if he is a person who likes to laugh and laugh and take the positive side of things, or if his sense of humor is absent.

10- If you had the opportunity to meet someone, alive or dead, who would you meet?

It’s a fun way to meet your idols. As well as knowing if they give more importance to keep an intellectual talk or have a good time flirting.

11- If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with that money?

If you consider a serious relationship with that person, it is important to know how he or she invests the money, if it is someone saving or wasteful.

Also, it will help you to know what your values are, if you are a supportive person, that you would use your money to help others, if it is realistic and coherent, because you would use it to settle debts, if it is someone curious or adventurous, who would use it to go around the world or travel or if it is someone materialist, who would spend it on luxury and jewelry.

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12-  What fictional character would you be?

In this way, you will be able to know if with whom you are speaking has the same tastes as you. If you like the same series as you. In addition, you can relate aspects of the personality of the fictional character with those of your companion, which will give you more clues about how that person really is.

13- What songs would form the soundtrack of your life?

This way you will know if who you are meeting has the same musical tastes as you, or discover songs that you did not know and that may interest you.

14- What was the most recent thing you learned?

Every day you learn something new, with this question, you will discover if that person is curious, how he faces his mistakes, if he gets positive experiences and learns from them, or if on the contrary he sinks.

15- What do you think about sharing social network passwords with your partner or friends?

This question is quite compromised. However, it will let you know if you are facing a controlling or jealous person.

16- If you knew that you are going to die tomorrow, what would be the last thing you would do?

With this question you will know what is most important in life for your new friend. If your family, a love of the past, or if you like to enjoy the moment, with a party or practicing an adventure sport.

17- What do you like most about your work?

With this question, you can know if that person is someone vocational. If you answer your salary, you will know that what matters most is money, which helps you to know what kind of priorities you have in life.

18- What do you hate most about your work?

It is a way of knowing your work situation, if you have a good atmosphere with your colleagues and their bosses. In addition, you can take an active part and if you have an idea, help him change what he hates.

Also this question and the previous one, will help you to know if you are a competitive and selfish person or if on the contrary, you help your colleagues and have a good relationship with them.

19- What country would you like to travel to?

If you like to travel, you will want to find a person who also likes to travel with you. So, this question is fundamental for you.

You can know if you like to know the world and the priority that gives you to travel in your life. In addition, people who travel tend to be more tolerant and more open-minded.

20- Would you sing in a karaoke?

This way you will know if that person has stage panic, if she is introverted or on the contrary, extroverted. Also, if you like music, you will discover if it is a budding singer. Maybe you’ve met a future star.

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21- If you could only eat one menu for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It’s a fun way to find out what that person’s favorite food is, just in case you want to surprise her with a dinner at home someday. If you bet on that menu, success will be assured.

22- What radio stations are the most listened to in the car?

Based on this question, you can reaffirm what musical tastes that person has or if he is a person interested in current affairs.

You can also know if you are a person who strictly follows the progress of technology, for example if you answer that you use other devices instead of the radio, or if, instead, you are a nostalgic person, who likes to enjoy things of always, like the radio.

23- What do you miss the most when you were a child?

So you can know if that person had a happy childhood and, at the same time, know more aspects of his personal life, or if on the contrary, he does not miss his childhood or has no good memories of it.

24- What advice would you give your yo child?

This question can show several personal aspects of your interlocutor, such as their main values in life, their learning or the opportunities they have lost.

25- What are you most grateful for in this life?

Although at first sight it seems a simple question, it will show you what is most important for your interlocutor; health, money; the family; friendship or love

26- If you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you use it?

It will be useful to know the priorities of the other person and if it is someone active, someone who likes to try new things or if he has a calmer personality or likes to spend time at home or with family.

27-  Do you have a good relationship with your ex-partners?

This question lets you know if you are a person capable of forgiveness and if you have overcome your previous relationships. Of course, you have to be careful because you can fall into the loop to talk about other relationships and spoil the moment. Maybe it is better to ask this question, when you have stayed several times.

28- What is unforgivable for you in a relationship?

With your answer, you will know how the interlocutor is involved in a relationship or even friendship. If you are before someone understanding, that gives value to loyalty and fidelity or how important it is for him or her respect between two people who love each other.

29- When you are in a bad mood, do you like to be alone or do you prefer to be encouraged?

Communication is the best way to know the most appropriate way to treat a person, especially in the face of negative experiences such as anger, knowing how to act in this situation is an advantage not to screw up.

30- What has been the best and the worst gift you have ever received?

In addition to knowing the tastes of your interlocutor, this question generates a good atmosphere.

We all remember with love some gift, which is usually related to someone very close.

The worst gift also generates a funny situation, since there are people who receive very absurd things as gifts, sometimes, even unimaginable.

31- Where would you like to live?

It will let you know if it is someone adventurous, who likes changes, especially if it tells you several sites. Or if he is a person attached to the place where he lives and reluctant to change.

32- What would be your first ideal date?

This question gives you clues about the personality of the person, if it is more adventurous or calmer, depending on whether you prefer to watch a movie in the cinema, go for a walk or go partying. Above all, you will notice whether or not you are in the right place. If you are not, you will have time to propose a better plan and give a turn to your appointment.

33- What food from abroad are you willing to try?

They may not have money to travel to the site and try that food. Maybe you can recommend a place, recreate that dish at a dinner in your home, or who knows, if the relationship goes ahead, give him a trip and try that dish with him or her.

34- What is your favorite drink?

It is a very important question, especially if you are abstemious or do not like too much to go out with people who drink alcohol.

You may like to have a drink once in a while or that you like to go out for beers with friends.

If you are two wine lovers, you will have a conversation for a long time and you may be validated with a degree in winemaking.

35- What song you cannot refuse to dance?

It’s a good question if you find yourself somewhere where you can play music and have an excuse to get that person to dance and see if what he says is true.

36- Do you prefer to read in an electronic book or in a paper book?

This way you will know how this person reacts to technological progress, what things of the past he misses and if there are things he thinks should not be lost. This question can lead you to a beautiful and nostalgic conversation.

37-  Where would your perfect vacations take place?

You may prefer to relax on the beach, go cultural tourism or practice adventure sports. You can check if your tastes fit with your perfect vacation.

38- What would be your ideal residence?

You may choose a house on the coast, in the countryside or a flat in the center of the big city. This allows you to know if you like more the quiet life, if it is someone spiritual, who gives great importance to rest and have time to reflect or if you prefer an active life, in a city where you can attend large shows or go shopping.

39- What was your favorite series when you were a child?

In addition to knowing more details about this person, will give you an excuse to talk a good time about childhood series if you are both from the same generation.

40- If you could choose an animal as a pet, which one would you choose?

It is important that in this question all kinds of animals, to know more about the tastes and the personality of the other.

For example, people who have dogs are usually individuals who like company and social life. They are usually fun and, in many cases, athletes. They like to be outdoors with their pet.

In contrast, people who have cats tend to be more independent and like to spend time alone.

If your companion chooses something more exotic, like a panther, that explains why he has chosen it. It can be very fun.

41- What would you like to achieve in the future?

With the answer to this question, you will know more about the aspirations of your interlocutor, and if some of them, are similar to yours. For example, it may be a person who wants to form a beautiful family or who is more focused on their professional success.

42- Tell me about an episode of your life where you said “land, get me”

This question can lead to funny anecdotes and share defects and misunderstandings with your interlocutor in a cheerful way, without falling into past experiences that can give a dramatic turn to your appointment.

43- What subject or discipline would you like to study more thoroughly?

We all have a pending issue, about which we would like to deepen. Knowing the person in front of you will help you to know what your interests are.

44- How would you define love?

This question can be formulated with other topics such as freedom, hope. The important thing is to see how your companion addresses the philosophical issues. In addition, they are usually subjects, which take the most personal side of an individual.

45- If you had to dedicate yourself exclusively to a project during a whole year, what would it be about?

This assumption reveals what is really passionate to the person in front of you.

46- What is your favorite saying?

With the phrase that tells you, you will know one of the principles that govern the life of your partner. For example, if you choose one as “not too early, dawn earlier”, is that it gives importance to things to flow and that you do not have to run to achieve what you want, rather go step by step.

47- What risk sport would you like to practice?

It will show you the most adventurous side of your interlocutor, and also what he is most afraid of.

48- If your house burned down and you could rescue only one thing, what would it be?

It is a disguised way of asking which is the material object with the most value for your companion.

49- Which of your friends could become an important president of the government or in a reference of opinion?

It will help you discover which of your friendships you most admire.

50- What song makes you cry?

It is good to accompany this question with a why to give an emotional turn to the conversation. It will show you the most intimate side of the person you are talking to, therefore, you must know when to use it properly.

51- What do you like most about your city / country?

Normally this question usually causes your receiver to be excited when talking about where he was born. It will help you discover to what extent you take pride in your roots and if you also have a critical opinion. If not, you can move on to the next question.

52- What do you like least about your city / country?

No place is perfect. But for certain people it is, revealing a certain chauvinism that can be worrisome. With this question and / or the previous one you will be able to discover to what extent you can count on her to travel or experience experiences in other places.

53- What is the last opinion article that you have read?

For many people it may be relevant to know what the political tendency of their receiver is. With this question you can subtly find out some clues knowing the means of communication that you consume and the ideology that you manifest.

In turn, it will help you to know the degree of general culture that person can have, discovering when it was the last time you read a newspaper and the interest you have to stay informed.

54- To the question of who are you missing at this moment, Who is the first person that comes to mind?

It is a very direct question and it will expose some of the receiver’s feelings. Maybe I can tell you a relative who died years ago, showing that he is a deeply sensitive person with a memory, or perhaps a friend or family member with whom he frequently visits.

The latter may be an indication that the appointment is not entirely comfortable for your receiver, giving you hints that you would be more comfortable with that other person instead of with you.

55- Have you ever been afraid of death?

Being afraid of death is neither good nor bad. In fact, it is rare for the person who affirms with completeness not to worry about this inevitable fact.

However, taking into account the answer and your degree of fear, you can find out if it is a person who lives in the present and wants to enjoy it, or yet lives with frustration and fear and with certain levels of hypochondria.

56- A smell that takes you to your childhood?

For many scientists, the sense that most quickly activates memory is the smell. Surely you have ever eaten in a restaurant and smelling a stew reminded you of your mother or father, awakening in you many feelings.

If your receiver answers the question with smells linked to food, flowers or clothes, he is showing you that he had a happy and rewarding childhood.

If, on the contrary, he remembers unpleasant odors, he may not have a complete childhood, developing some traumas that he may have impregnated.

57- Would you go back to school?

After the student stage and having returned to work, most people forget about training forever.

Some simply because they did not like to study, they were bad students or maybe they could not directly and they are unable.

If the receiver tells you that he would like to go back to school, try to find out if it is due to work, for pleasure or because he did not have an opportunity at the time. Whatever it is, it is indicative of his way of wanting to develop in this life.

58- What is your favorite colony?

This question is used to find out the degree of hygiene that a person possesses. Being a little brusque to ask if you are clean or not, with this question you will subtly find out the degree of importance that it gives you to take care of yourself and to stay clean.

59- Do you prefer to be white or black or gray?

Currently the accepted in society is to declare neutral and avoid radicalism, something that represses many people to declare their ideas out of fear or shame.

With this question we will not possibly find out any of his clear ideas, but if he is really a determined person he will tell you that he chooses black or white, being an indication that he is honest and will not hide in any compromised situation.

60- If you were offered 1 million dollars for never seeing your best friend again, would you accept it?

Uncover this question if your receiver is faithful, logical, interested, empathetic, sensitive, etc. Whatever your answer, play the “devil’s advocate” and try to convince him otherwise. With this you will also determine your degree of conviction, your ethics and your morals.

61- A utopia for you?

It could be a bit synonymous with the question about your dreams, but in this case it is more aggressive, because it can indicate your determination in life.

An enterprising person may not believe in their possible limits, which will give you an indication that to what extent is an ideal partner or not.

What three things do you think you have in common with me?

So you can put things in common and know them.

What is the best memory you have?

You will make me remember beautiful situations from the past and you will know the most important ones.

What do you think is too serious?

This way you can find out what is taken more seriously.

What do you value most in your friends?

You will be able to know what pleases him in the people he has around him.

If you could live to be 90 years old and have the body or mind of someone 30 years old during the last 60 years of your life, which of the two options would you choose?

It is a way of knowing important values of the other person.

What would a perfect day be like for you?

This way you can know what pleases the other person, their hobbies and their tastes.

Would you like to be famous? How?

So you can know what kind of values you have.

What would you change in your life?

This way you will know what displeases or displeases him.

62- If you could choose who to dine with. Who would you choose?

This question will help you to know which person you most value the person you are talking to.

63- What do you thank more than anyone else?

With this question you can even make the other person feel better. In addition you will know one of the most important intimacies.

64- Tell me the story of your life in 5 minutes

Giving you little time will make you tell you the most important thing.

65- What is the best joke you have spent?

You will know the type of jokes that he likes.

67- When did you cry last?

You can know what emotional situations he has lived.

68- What have you always wanted and you have not achieved?

You can know what dreams you have.

69- What is your favorite food?

70- What is your favorite word? And the least favorite?

71- What has been the best day of your life?

72- If you could be of any age which one would you choose?

73- Do you prefer to be ugly and live forever or be attractive and die in 10 years?

74- What person do you prefer to ask for advice?

75- What happened to you and has no explanation?

76- What would you be willing to do for a million dollars / euros?

77- If you could get up tomorrow in the body of another person, who would you choose?

78- What did you do on your last birthday?

79- If you could ask me anything, what would it be?

80- If you could be an animal which one would you choose?

81- What is your plan in life?

82- If some extraterrestrials would ask you to go to your planet, what would you say?

83- Would you go to space if you could or would stay on earth?

84- If you could have a superhero quality what would it be?

85- What superhero would you like to be and why?

86- If you had a wonderful lamp, what three wishes would you choose?

87- If you could make a movie with an unlimited budget, what would it be?

88- What do you prefer to spend the money on?

89- If you had 100 million euros / dollars, what would you spend them on?

90- Do you prefer the mountain, beach or be at home?

91- Do you prefer small, large groups or be alone?

92- What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

93- With whom would you like to be locked in an elevator?

94- What season do you like best and which one less?

95- Describe to me how is the person of your dreams.

96- If you worked in the circus, what character would you be?

97- What was the last thing you bought?

98- What have been the best vacations you have had?

99- What would your favorite holidays be like?

100- What do you like most in the world?

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