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10 techniques to improve your way of kissing

We have dreamed it. We've seen it in movies. We have idealized it so much that when the time finally arrives we do not know what to do. Kissing is one of the most significant demonstrations of affection. Here 10 techniques to improve your style.

Kissing is almost always a special moment. These rubs when kissing help to alleviate the depressive states, stimulate the liberation of the hormones of the welfare and benefit the physical and psychological health.

Kissing is much more than putting your lips on someone else’s and moving your mouth wildly. Since ancient times it has been studied, but for many, it is an art that requires time and practice.

However, if you do not master some techniques, the situation can become extremely uncomfortable. So that it does not happen to you, we share with you successful strategies to improve your way of kissing.

What happens to you when you kiss

couple kissing learn how to kiss

Unlike most animals, humans kiss in the mouth. It is said that one of the first cultures to perform this practice comes from a Hindu tribe of more than 3,500 years ago. In it, kissing meant “inhaling someone’s soul”.

Kisses today are a common action in Western culture. For many, the first kiss of their life or the first time they kissed their partner is unforgettable. In fact, people can remember in more detail what their first kiss was like than their sexual relationships.

“In a kiss, you’ll know everything I kept silence”. 
– Pablo Neruda-

Kissing connects the world of two people, erase any distance between them. The kiss is the most decisive element in the process of choosing a couple. This caress usually indicates how you can know if a relationship will work or not. On the other hand, behind a kiss, there are numerous neurotransmitters and biological issues of evolutionary theory.


Sometimes people are guided by what they see in the cinema, television or what others tell. However, to surprise your partner and the experience of giving a kiss is unforgettable, follow these tips:

  • Slowly. Take the time to get closer and discover the terrain.
  • Take breaks. Do not do all the movements at once.
  • Take the opportunity to breathe close to his lips, but without kissing him.
  • Petting. While you kiss him, brush his hair, face, neck and, even, delicately lower your hands and touch his arms.
  • Nibble. But do not make it so intense and at first, your partner may not like it or be scared. Better try something soft and by the edges. Although it is not such a hygienic practice, viruses and bacteria can be transmitted that can be deadly.
  • Let yourself go. Learn to relax and wait for things to happen.
  • Try to vary the pace to avoid boredom and monotony.
  • Language. It is not about putting it to the back of the throat. Make subtle movements.
  • In addition to the contact, he plays with his hands, moves his head, exchanges looks, plays with his lips.
  • Try not to end abruptly. Do it with a look or a caress. Surprise your partner with an unexpected and different kiss each time.

Extra points

extra tips for techniques to improve kissing

In the art of kissing, not everything is technical. As always, the moment, the place, the aspect and, above all, the attitude, will influence whether the experience is pleasant or not. So add these recommendations to the meeting.

  • Cleanliness. It is imperative that you prepare yourself with good breath. Keep mint tablets with you.
  • Nice lips Dry lips do not encourage you to kiss. Wet them constantly and, Always wet your lips before kissing.
  • Being well-groomed produces a positive sensation that increases the desire to kiss.
  • Knowing the other person and sharing secrets are good ways to break the ice to build intimacy between them.
  • Context matters. It is important to choose a good place.
  • Learn what your partner likes and what not to know if it is passionate or romantic, risky or careful.
  • The first kiss should not last more than a minute. Leave room for expectation.

Kissing helps you get closer and gives you a taste test of the aroma, taste, and pheromones involved in the duration of a relationship. Kisses open the door and the path to where you can continue. Knowing chemistry in a kiss will help you understand why a kiss worked and why not.

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I am passionate about communication, studying human behavior and getting lost anywhere. I help you overcome your fears and transform your social life with the science of social skills.

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