10 signs a Shy girl likes you, how she acts, discover her

How to know if a shy girl likes you? How do they act? Quiet, you can discover it because there are several signs of a shy girl in love. You must bear in mind that a shy woman dreams of exploring, they have many fantasies and they want to find someone they trust and take them to the limit.

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 Most men look for more ambient, more extroverted, more partying women. Keep in mind that shyness is only a barrier that isolates them, but within them, there is an immense inner world. They are usually very intellectual women and an ability to engage in a serious relationship.

If you are very observant you will notice the signals of a shy girl in love. Just keep in mind that if you are looking for a temporary relationship, a shy woman is not appropriate. They like to establish very strong bonds and make a selection very slowly. Though not always.

The signs of a shy woman in love, how they act, as they are

There are many ways to know if a shy woman likes you. Women can be complicated, but even timid, imagine when they like a man. How can you tell a shy person that you also like him, if he barely speaks to you and you do not know how he will react?

Luckily there are some reactions of a shy woman in love that you can meet. Some of these signals are very subtle, it’s just about putting a little more attention.

Some shy girls also want to be free and have a relationship without commitment. If you like a shy girl you will have to explore her feelings. Keep in mind that they are very discreet with very intimate topics. Do not be too uninhibited with them. Arm yourself with patience if you like a girl like that.

1. If she likes you a lot, she will always seek to be close

Whenever a girl does something for a man it is for a reason. If you notice that a girl appears more than the account where you walk, it is not a coincidence. A shy girl does not look for a man unless there is a powerful reason. He likes you, but his social skills are scarce to make contact.

Actually, very few girls are able to take the initiative when a guy likes them. But a shy girl will try to make you realize just because she appears close to you. Many times he will not even make eye contact, but they deeply want you to notice and take the initiative.

2. A shy girl always looks for her friends to accompany her to see you

One of the signs of a shy woman in love is that they are afraid to share their feelings. It is likely that even her friends do not know that they like a boy. But they can search, for other reasons, to accompany her to the places where she hopes to find you.

Friends may not realize this strategy, but sooner or later they discover it. A shy girl has this behavior because of her lack of security, with her friends they feel better. Just talk to them, even if your other friends are your friends.

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If you like it too, I hope you’re not too shy, just invite her to take a walk. Talk and give him the opportunity to know you better.

3.- If a girl starts to act strangely, she may like you

A shy woman, when she likes a man, can act strangely when she is around. Especially if you’ve known her for a long time. For example, I may ask you strange and meaningless questions. Another behavior of a shy girl in love is to talk very fast and without making eye contact.

It can also be marked, out of the blue, in the middle of the conversation. Or she becomes restless, sighs, bends her head and seems to want to say something but can not. She really wants you to know that she likes you, but she does not know how to express her feelings without exposing herself. If you like it, invite her to spend some time together without anyone interrupting them.

4.- One of the symptoms of a shy woman in love is to smile or laugh a lot

Nerves win. The smile or exaggerated laughter are signs of a shy woman in love. No matter what you do or say, if your friend smiles too much, she might like you. When a woman smiles for no specific reason, she is meaning to say that she likes your company.

girl laughing and smiling

Another reason why a girl smiles near the boy she likes is because in this way she releases her anxiety. If she also likes you, you just have to keep encouraging her laugh. You do not have to be especially funny, just communicate more with her. That way you’ll make her fall in love with you more.

5.- A way of acting of a shy woman in love is the brief visual contact

We already said that one of the signs of a shy woman in love is that she always walks close to you. Without you noticing, he looks at you. If you catch her looking at you, she will turn her head very quickly or she will pretend she is looking the other way. If he is talking with you, he will look you in the eyes insistently but for brief moments.

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Keep in mind that if you realize that a girl does these things, it is not a declaration of love. Do not take it for granted that she likes you or that she loves you. Well, she’s just making an invitation for you to conquer it. If you like it too, show her your best smile, come and invite her out.

6.- Behavior shy girl in love: can cause accidental physical contact

Another sign of a shy girl in love is that she can touch you accidentally while they talk. It can also happen when you are passing through the place. Women are more aware of their bodies and like physical contact with people they admire.

Your friend can burn you, but that does not always mean she likes you. It may be that you consider yourself a good friend, that you have a lot of confidence in you and it touches you, it burns you. It may be that she feels comfortable with you and shares her feelings, but if she also likes you, do not feed those “best friend” feelings.

7.- Observe if you happen to be jealous of you

Another sign of a shy woman in love is that you can get jealous if you talk or flirt with other girls. If she is your friend, she may also feel hurt that you are not for her as something more than a friend.

A shy woman can show her jealousy by becoming depressed. For example, if you are not present in a very special event where she participates. Where were you? Why were you not present?

8.- You can blush when you pass by or meet her

One of the reactions of a shy woman in love is that she is prone to blushing near someone she likes. If you like it and want to know if you have good options keep your cheeks and face attentively. If you blush when you talk to him, or just when you pass by, he may be hiding deeper feelings.

9.- When they are leaving, take care to get well

One way to know if a shy woman likes you is by the way it is arranged when you go out with you. Pay attention to the care he puts on his clothes and how he combs his hair. If you put on makeup out of the ordinary, if you wear special clothes and add some special touch, it may mean that you want to impress yourself.

If you observe her looking at a mirror, she arranges her makeup and polishes her hair, obviously, she wants to look good. This is a strong signal that it keeps loving feelings towards you.

10.- A shy girl in love notices the changes you make in your clothes and behavior

Another sign of a shy woman in love is that she is always attentive to your way of dressing and behaving. It might not seem important to you when it compliments you on some change you make to your dress or hair.

A woman does not do compliments for pleasure, because it could be her way of telling you that she is sufficiently interested in you to be something more than friends.

If you like a shy girl, just be natural and ask

Now that you know how a shy woman in love acts and also like you, the next step is to go out with her more. Do trust these signs, do not consider it as being in love and you just have to take it. To ensure you simply ask. For that, invite her to leave.

Find out what he likes, whether reading, eating ice cream, walking in the park or going to the movies. Do not embarrass her with a direct question, remember that she is shy, therefore very reserved with her feelings. Just be sure to be polite and cut and let her know that you like her and would like to hang out with her more.

– Try not to get too much attention from a shy girl. Remember that they are very reserved.

– You must be very honest with her so as not to hurt her.

– Be very confident and be yourself.

– Some shy girls give contradictory signals. They do not know how to react well and can be uncomfortable in some situation.

– They love that you ask them what they like to do the most.

– For nothing in the world try to mock, because it bothers them a lot.

– If you do not want to talk about a topic, do not force it.

– Sometimes nerves can make you irritable or a little weird.

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