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10 ideas for a wedding in the autumn (fall)

When celebrating our wedding in the autumn it is convenient that we adapt the decoration and the adornments to this time of the year so that our celebration has a bucolic and special touch.

A wedding in autumn is the faithful reflection of delicacy and romance. The natural tones that surround the environment form the best background for any photograph. A balanced climate, the nostalgic gold of the landscape and the brides that bloom in the center.

Choosing this season to celebrate an eternal commitment is an idea you will not regret. In the plans, it is necessary to include all the natural beauty of the moment. Without a doubt, it is an excellent way to combine feelings, reason, and nature.

10 ideas for an autumn wedding that guarantee absolute beauty

1. Invitations for a wedding in the fall

autumn colors leaves

These months are characterized by simplicity and mystical elegance that covers the environment. Everything is dyed gold and the best thing is to be in tune with the outside. Therefore, the invitations should pay tribute to the season with a personalized style, but cozy.

It is possible to opt for cards with the design of the sheets that cover the floors and more sloppy or casual letters. Similarly, do not omit details that serve as information to the guests.


The lace is one of the highlights at a wedding in autumn and they look especially delicate on the sleeves of the bride. It can also be combined with another gender on the back or neckline.

The volume of skirts is not advisable at an autumn wedding, although it is not prohibited. Each girl has devised the dress of their dreams and must satisfy their wishes this day.

3. Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet, so desired by the single women who attend the ceremony, charges a different value in the fall. The attributes of nature allow extremely elegant floral arrangements in this era.

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Florists recommend the use of peonies, chrysanthemums, but they can never miss the dry leaves in the group. For the more traditional, cream-colored roses are contrasted with others.

4. Ladies dress

In the parties attended by the bridesmaids, the ideal is to wear purple or violet dresses. When faced with the lights and ambiance of autumn, there is a magical effect as in fairy tales.

The contrast of the bridesmaids dresses with the decoration of the landscape is a celestial effect. Cameras fall in love with these images and do not need many more elements.

5. Wedding decoration

Candles are the trend within other decorative elements and surrounded by fruits of the time. For the centerpieces and to signal the way to the tables are the trunks or wood.

In the autumnal weddings, it is customary to use natural cuts on the tablecloths. The branches of dried leaves and cuts of trees of the place are economical and help to make a difference.

6. Personalized sweet table

Following the trend of the woods for the presentation of the sweet table marks a style of its own. Everything becomes rustic, without losing a line of sobriety. In a corner, you can light a fire and let everyone come freely to spend a few minutes of sweetness.

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You can also prepare mini tarts of different tastes, with and without cream, with nuts and all the combinations you know. Nuts, hazelnuts, and apples are essential for this type of sweet tables.

7. The wedding cake

Having a cake distributed in several molds and joined together by wreaths of dried flowers is beautiful and original. Even, there are those who choose a bridge of mini tarts to distribute among all.

Gold ribbons and ribbons are special for this type of cake. They grant them a fine gallantry to the delight of all who attend their court. To personalize the cake and finish the detail you can use an arrangement similar to the bridal bouquet.

8. Beverages of an autumn wedding

Certain drinks, such as sparkling wine, are always at all weddings, beyond the station. In the same way, we must take into account others to satisfy all the guests. Some like hot cider or other types of wines and liquors are ideal to fight some cold nights.

beverages for autumn wedding

To help keep the spirit festive, offer fruit cocktails of all kinds and you will not be invited thirsty. Artisanal craft carts can tour the room with these details.

9. Personalized gifts

Deliver personalized memories, in the form of thanks to the guests, is the detail that closes the event. A good option may be golden bags with spikes and the seal of the couple, with chocolates inside.

They can also opt for practical containers to be reused at home. The initials of the couple can be engraved and filled with aromatic salts. There are hundreds of ideas to modify and adapt in a link.

10. The matrimonial car

In an autumn wedding, it is better to abandon the idea of the limo and think of something older. A carriage or a collection car with autumnal plants are excellent for the occasion. Make sure you have a roof, to avoid going too cold.

If you get married in the fall …

An autumn wedding planned with time ensures romanticism, delicacy, and sensuality. The environment with the magnificent colors of its nature is a privilege that can not be missed.

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