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10 games and resources to break the ice

Sometimes the classes become routine, it is difficult for us to connect with the students or we find ourselves with a beginning of the course that seems complicated to us. These are 10 games – ideal for tutoring, but also for other subjects – with which we can break the ice in class without the need for many material resources. Not even new technologies … Pencil, paper, and socialization

1. Self-portrait
Why not make the students draw themselves? Gathering all the portraits and hanging them in the class will be delighted; then you can play to try to guess who is each self-portrait
2. Letters
For each student to write a letter telling their hobbies, pets, or who they are, in general, to the teacher or the teacher at the beginning of the course will provide important information, confidence, and closeness.
3. The game of questions
Give each student or student a card and ask them to write a question they would like to ask their classmates. For example, the favorite song, the sport they practice, etc. Next, they should get up and walk around the room. When you say “stop”, each person should stand in front of the person closest to them and ask the question. Then, the game continues; they mix again and ask another partner. So, you all know each other
4. “Who am I?”
Ask them to arrange themselves in a circle and give them a post-it. Each person should write a name on the note and paste it on the forehead of the person on their right. Now, the student or student with the post-it on the forehead should ask their classmate questions to try to find out who they are, that they will be answered with “yes” or “no”
5. My favorite things
On a sheet of paper, each one will write their name, their favorite television programs or any other similar item (Sports, music groups …). The game consists in that the companions and the companions guess who has written those answers …
6. Birthday alignment
Say aloud any month of the year. The students who were born in that month are at the front of the class. It is up to the students to agree on who occupies the first place, the second … depending on their standing, from the first day to the last of the month coinciding with the date of birth. Now we call another month (do not call them in order) and, once again, the students born in that month must agree and get organized. So young children work together and know each other
7. Pictionary
Let them make drawings “with little information” about what they like to do in their free time, their favorite foods, their favorite subject, etc. Each one should show their drawings to the class and the classmates should try to guess what they have indicated … for example if Pedro makes a yellow M, will he be talking about McDonald’s?
8. Show and Tell.
This – already old (but in Spain is not used practically) – resource is great. Ask the students to bring to class something they want to share and speak for 5 or 10 minutes about it, in front of the whole class. In this way, you will learn to speak in public and you will know each other
9. Snowball
Each student writes three things about themselves on a piece of paper. Then, you must make a ball with it; Then, they get into a ballot box or similar container and each student takes a ball from another or another. You should try to find out who the ball is from and, once with the other person, you should take it to the front of the class and explain what you have learned from your partner.
10. Observe me
Line students up against each other in two parallel lines. Give them 30 seconds to look very good and observe details. They turn their backs and change some detail (a headband, put on or take off the glasses, a sheet on the shirt …). The goal is to guess what your partner changed

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