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10 beautiful love phrases to conquer your partner in summer

One of the most important things of a couple is romanticism and with these 10 romantic phrases you will keep alive the flame of love.

Love and summer are something that always goes hand in hand. We have all had that special person, who becomes our life and our perdition, and who, when the dreaded winter arrives, must start by breaking our souls and leaving us empty. But neither distance is a problem nor that has to be your case, your love of summer may become the love of your life and for this, you must make use of romanticism.

The phrases can help you, but you must take care of many details, the context, the weather and the right moment. You can recite them in person to see how your partner reacts, you can send them with a gift or you can tattoo them as a sign of your unconditional love, but whatever the mode you use, you must choose the appropriate phrases. I propose you ten examples:

– “If you were a sea I would like to be a sailor, if you were sun I would like to be a lizard, but on both occasions, I would leave my choice in the hands of fate, only if I knew that whatever it was would be with you “.

With this first sentence you can declare to your partner, show him that you love her and that you do not conceive life without her, because you would not care what body or being you had to live, you would renounce being a person, in order to be, with her.

If this phrase has not convinced you, calmly I have many more that can serve you:

– ” When I see you, my love, I see in you the love of my life, the person with whom I want to share all the days of my life, my joys, my good and bad moments, and many more experiences.” Forever and ever, I promise to make you happy and be your faithful companion with all my devotion and love. ”

I go with the third one but if you still feel that you have not found the perfect phrase I have to tell you that you are the living image of romanticism. Pay attention, another comes:

– “My life, never forget that I adore you with all my heart, and if I had to die to show you, my eternal love, I would die a thousand times, to give you peace and all my candor”.

– “At your side, I learned that love is something more than a caress, something more than a desire, more than a kiss, I learned that love should be watered, like flowers in a garden, with affection, with sweetness and tenderness. I did not die, and I learned that I must trust in myself and not close the doors of my heart so you can enter. ”

– “A kiss from your mouth, two compliments would give you, three hugs that express my joy four times and in the fifth symphony of my sixth reason, seven times I would say the eight letters of an I love you because nine times for you I live and ten times for you I die. ”

– “You are that person for which I am capable of doing what I promised never to do, all those things I called nonsense, typical of people in love, to whom I always criticized”.

– “Talking with you makes my day, night, life, and then when we separate, remembering what we talk fills me with happiness “.

– ” For a kiss from your mouth, two hugs I would give you, three sighs that demonstrate, four times my joy, and in the fifth symphony of my six burning dreams, seven times I would tell you, eight times I love you, nine times I live ten for you I die. ”

Eight sentences I have already, I have two more with which your partner can delight or dazzle. Romance is a basic component in life with your partner. While not everyone understands romanticism in the same way. Creativity and sincerity are two components that should be key in your attitude.

– ” And one day I woke up and I had fallen in love, and I realized that and I could not get you out of my thoughts, that I breathed thinking about you.” And I realized that I was trapped, that you had put me in a sweet cage of love I never wanted to leave. ”

– ” Your eyes are the balm I need to feel better, thanks to them and their light, my path is always illuminated, now do not let go of my hand, do not let me go and walk together in search of destiny”.

– ” Every time I hug you, a new smile is born in me, a feeling that confirms that what I feel for you is true and I will love you all my life”.

I run out of resources, the ten sentences have come to an end. I hope you have found the perfect piece to show your romanticism to your partner, but if it is not, do not despair, take care of it and get away for it. If you want it you will notice it but if something is clear it is that if you use a phrase of this with your doubts you will end up. Much faithful luck in love!

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