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Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

Hello friends here are some dirty truth or dare questions for adult gamers and want to make the game wih dirty truth questions and dirty dares.

Dirty Truth questions :

  • Have you ever peed in swimming pool?
  • Have you ever had a s*x in a car?
  • Have you ever spent a whole day on underwear?
  • Have you ever swimmed naked?
  • Did you gone to a slut any time?
  • Have you ever licked a banana?
  • Have you ever sucked an ice cream?
  • Have you ever slept with opposite sex naked whole night?
  • Have you ever licked a chest?
  • Which sex toy you would prefer if someone gifts you?
  • Have you ever worn under garments of opposite sex?

Dirty Dare Questions : 

  • Pour wine on person of opposite sex and lick it, slowly.
  • Go to slut tonight and stop in between.
  • Run on the road with undergarments.
  • Lick the banana with moaning.

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