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Good Truth Questions for truth or dare game

Hello friends are you feeling bad of asking some stupid, weird, adult truth questions in your truth or dare game. So do you need some good truth questions ??? OK then here are the good collection of questions to make your gameplay move smooth and steady with out any embarrassments and angry moods. So please make a note of this questions or simply bookmark this page in your browser and visit again.

20+ Good Truth Questions : to make you gameplay smooth

  • What is your life ambition? how you want to achieve it.
  • Do you love your father or mother more ?
  • What is your bad dream?
  • Do you sing in bathroom while shower?
  • Which is your favorite romantic movie? and why?
  • Who is your favorite pop start?
  • Which is your favorite moment till now?
  • If you become president what will you do first?
  • Who is your role model? explain why in few words?
  • Do you have any marriage dream? if yes then explain about it.

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We provide truth questions to all types of age group people from Kids, Teenagers, Young Adults, middle aged persons(Adults), Senior citizens. And truth questions to the people who are in crush, love, newly married. truth questions for parties are pretty and very interesting.
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